5 Best Badminton Racket Under 5000 in India 2024

Hi Guys! are you interested in buying the best badminton racket under 5000 in India? There are lots of multi-brand rackets available in the market.

These below badminton racquets are mostly for professional players and not for kids or children or just for sake of playing they are highly designed to get the best shots and are unbreakable for badminton champions.

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#1 Yonex  #2 Li-Ning  #3 Apacs 
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It’s vital that you select the right kind of racquet based on your skill level so you don’t ruin the experience of playing the game. There are some basic fundamentals to select the right kind of racquet the most important are frame construction, weight, balance, flexibility, head shape, grip size, and string configuration.

In this article we have selected Top 5 Best Seling Badminton Racket under 5000 on Amazon India for you, please have a look and make your decision wisely

1. Li-Ning US988 Graphite Badminton Racquet

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The market is flooded with multiple brands when it comes to badminton racquets, but you should always invest in high quality and sturdy bat which offers excellent game control.  The Li-Ning US988 Graphite Badminton Racquet is one such amazing badminton racquet that is dynamic and the frame is optimum for those who enjoy smashes.

Perfect and durable badminton for all the intermediate and expert level players.

Key Features:

  • Dynamic-optimum frame
  • Aerotec-beam system
  • Super-high tension (30-32 lbs)
  • Ultra-strong
  • The high tensile slim shaft
  • Material: Graphite

The material used is graphite which ensures long life and durability of the bat. The Aerotech beam system is commendable and the super-high tension range is between 30-32 lbs only.

2. Yonex Voltric 10 Badminton Racquet

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Your search best badminton racquet at pocket-friendly price ends here, Yonex Voltric 10DG Badminton Racquet is the most reliable choice among badminton players who prefer aggressive game.

The net is close-knitted and ensures that the shuttlecock gets a gentle bounce and you have the best gaming session with your counterpart. The maximum tension range is 20-30 lbs, which is ideal for both intermediate and expert level players. Each box contains 1 badminton racquet.

Key Features:

  • Strung with Yonex bg80 at 20-22lbs with yy logo
  • Weight 88g +/- 2 (3u-g5)
  • Frame material super-high elasticity carbon, high elasticity carbon fiber, tungsten

The material used for the manufacturing frame is high-quality carbon fiber and tungsten. The overall life of the badminton racquet is high.

3. Yonex Duora 77 Badminton Racquet

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Yonex has launched another great badminton racquet for aggressive players, it is the Yonex Duora 77. The entire frame is made of graphite and the grip size is G4 so that you can have a better game control. 

The badminton is highly durable because it is developed in Japan and guarantees sturdy performance.  Each package consists of 1 sturdy badminton racquet and a full cover to protect the racquet from all the extreme factors include dust and rusting.

Key Features:

  • Frame – Graphite
  • Shaft – H.M. Graphite
  • Built-in T-joint
  • Grip Size – G4

This strung racquet from Yonex is a must-have by all the badminton enthusiasts. The racquet is the right fit and matches the playing ability for expert players.

4. ARFA Combo of Badminton Rackets Set of 2

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This is the best badminton racquet if you want to buy it for the team. It is excellent for both children as well as adults. The combo of sturdy racquet offers great grip and is made with durable carbon fiber which is extremely light weighted. 

The brand ARFA assures high quality and excellent gameplay, the frame has vital balance points to give a gentle bounce to the shuttlecock. It is an excellent racquet if you want to start with gaming, the grip is sturdy and badminton is light weighted.

Key Features:

  • Carbon Fiber
  • Light Durable Racquet
  • For Adults Children,
  • Large Carrying Bag

The frame is well constructed too.  The set of 2 racquets with the bag is the best combo that you can get.

5. IRIS Carbon-Steel Badminton Racquet

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Finding the right badminton racquet for an aggressive game can be a real struggle, but not anymore. Li-Ning TB Nano 8000 Badminton Racquet is one reliable racquet which is best for all the competitive games, it suits well for both intermediate level players and experts. 

The shaft is high tensile and super slim. Gives the much-needed bounce when the shuttlecock touches the net. Moreover, the racquet is strung with 23-25 lbs and is superb in the market. It is an excellent choice for a doubles game. The racquet is overall less weighted.

How To Choose Best Badminton Racket

If there is one thing that is considered the most essential badminton equipment that would without a doubt be the badminton rackets. People can probably play the sport without a net, clothes, and shoes. They could just build a makeshift shuttlecock out of some cheap material too. But, without badminton rackets, folks cannot really do anything.

Step 1 – Frame Construction Select

First up is frame construction. The most affordable kinds are made from steel but they do come heavy. Graphite model rackets are made with lightweight aluminum offer more control, gives off excellent speed, handling, and control.

Step 2 – Weight

Most racquets weigh between 80 to 100 grams. A heavy racquet will be more challenging to move through the air, but it will be more stable than a lighter racket. A lightweight racket will offer more swing speed and maneuverability, at the cost of power and balance.

Step3 – Balance

When it comes to the balance of the racket, a person can select from 3 kinds- headlight, balance or head heavy.

  •    The headlight racket is more easy to handle
  •    It offers the players swifter mobility too.
  •    A headlight racket is recommended for beginners.
  •    A balance kind is obviously balanced on the head and handle the weight.
  •    This is commonly used by mid-level skilled players.
  •    The head heavy type is normally for skilled or advanced players as it is more challenging to use.

Step 4 – The Flexibility

Stiffness can be categorized as extra stiff, stiff or flexible. A stiff racket is for experienced users, while the flexible types are suggested for beginners.
Flexibility adds speed to every swing, more flexibility means more power a racket could generate. Creating more power so new players will definitely need more flexibility from their rackets to generate more speed and power while they are still on the learning curve.

Step 5 – Head Shape

The shape of the racquet head is also a factor. Oval heads have a smaller sweet spot but they do pack more power for experienced players.

Step 6 – The Grip

Grip size is also an essential element of the game. Players ought to weigh upon the grip size as well. The grip size is the diameter of the racket handle. It is important for people to actually try the grips themselves.

Step 7 – String Configuration

  •    Nylon strings are more likely to break but they do have a higher level of response which allows for more control.
  •    PVC coated steel strings are the most powerful type of strings by their responsiveness is sometimes too low for experienced players.

While buying a badminton racket, one must be very cautious. Keep in mind there is no definite concept which says that an expensive racket will help you play a better game. Your badminton set should have a racket that suits your style of play.

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