Best 1.5 Ton Split AC (Air Conditioner) in India 2024

Best Air Conditioner in India 2018
Best Air Conditioner in India 2018

Hey Guys, looking for the best 1.5-ton split air conditioner (AC)? here we list down some great split ac and reviews which help you to choose your dream ac.

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Best Air Conditioner in India 2024 (Split 1.5 Ton) – Reviews

1. LG 1.5 Ton 3 Star Inverter Split AC (JS-Q18CPXD2)

The three-star inverter split AC consume an 1140 w power. Also, there is use DUAL inverter compressor that ensures save energy with a faster cooling.

Compared to non-inventor 1 star AC this 3 star AC saving a 15 % energy.

Other features of this LG split ac include micro dust protection filter, 100% copper, gold fin condenser, low refrigerant detection, eco-friendly refrigerant and monsoon comfort technology.

LG 1.5 Ton 3 Star Inverter Split AC
LG 1.5 Ton 3 Star Inverter Split AC

This monsoon comfort technology provides the right cooling at a time of the monsoon season.

This features compared to other models of AC that technology prevents overcooling and saves energy up to 36.4 percentage.

This Ac suitable for medium size room i.e covers a 121 to 179 sq ft room area.

Additionally, you can enjoy 10 years of warranty on the compressor and 1 year comprehensive.


  • Energy Efficiency 3 Star
  • Auto Restart Yes
  • BEE Rating Year 2018
  • Remote Control Yes
  • Power Consumption 1840 W
  • Cover Room Area 121 to 179 sq. ft.
  • Noise Level 31 dB
  • Warranty 1 Year

2. Whirlpool 1.5 Ton 4 Star Inverter Split AC

Whirlpool is one of the best four-star inverters split AC that saving a power.

This 1.5 ton AC has a 3D cooling technology that burning summer heat means faster remove hot air and delivers maximum cooling.

with this remote control, you can handle the remote settings from anywhere in the house.

Whirlpool 1.5 Ton 4 Star Inverter Split AC
Whirlpool 1.5 Ton 4 Star Inverter Split AC

Connected features like:

  • 3D cool technology for faster cooling.
  • Delivers 12-meter long air throw.
  • 40 % faster cooling compared to 1 star AC.
  • High-efficiency Dual fan compressor.
  • Auto restart system for manually reset the settings when power on/of.

Its 12-meter air throws more cooling at each corner of the medium size room. Another bunch of features of this 1.5 ton split AC are removing harmful bacteria and allergens.

This is superior temperature control with power sever AC.


  • Energy Rating4 Star
  • Cooling Capacity 5300 W
  • Condenser Coil Aluminium
  • Anti-bacteria & Dust Filter No
  • Power Consumption 1310 W
  • Suitable For  Medium Size Room
  • Noise Level 35 dB
  • Warranty 1 Year

3. Carrier 1.5 Ton 3 Star 18K ESTER PRO Split AC

This Air conditioners appliance comes in the best cooling with easy maintenance. There’s also comes with features like auto clean, auto restart, super turbo mode, auto swing mode, sleep mode and leakage detector.

Carrier 1.5 Ton 3 Star 18K ESTER PRO Split AC
Carrier 1.5 Ton 3 Star 18K ESTER PRO Split AC

If any time accidental power cut, it will automatically restart with its auto restarts function. so, there is no need to start again.

One feature I really like an i.e auto cleanser.

Because this process activated indoor unit cooling mode with a low fan speed that ensures removed the dust from the evaporator & slightest traces of bacteria.

The NexGen dehumidifier technology reduces the moisture in the room and maintains the temperatures. It comes with a small 7-segment digital LED display.

It has five layers safeguard coating that protected from rust and making a safe.


  • Compressor Rotary
  • Remote Control Yes
  • Auto-Air Swing Yes
  • Temperature Display Led 7 Segment
  • Power Consumption 1436 W
  • Material  Plastic
  • Noise Level 35 dB
  • Warranty 1 year on product and 5 years on compressor

4. Voltas 1.5 Ton 3 Star Split AC 2018 (183CZA)

This AC consumes less power with making your room cool in all time.

It kills bacteria and removes odours very effectively. So, It creates a clean and fresh environment at any time of the day.

Its condenser coil is made of 100% copper for sturdiness, longevity and effective cooling which is much better as compared to Aluminum condenser.

Voltas 1.5 Ton 3 Star Split AC 2018 (183CZA)
Voltas 1.5 Ton 3 Star Split AC 2018 (183CZA)

Before buying this Air conditioners check some points:

  1. The instant cooling room even at 50° Celsius outside temperatures.
  2. It removes dirty smellings from your room.
  3. Made of 100% copper for sturdiness and fast cooling.
  4. It uses high EER rotary compressor.

This has an also intelligent heating features that help to room temperature warm in winter season. with provides a 3 D airflow system for congruous cooling.


  • Star Rating 3 Star
  • Cooling Capacity 3550 W
  • Panel Display LED
  • Self Diagnosis Yes
  • Features  Auto Restart, Sleep Mode, Turbo, LCD Remote
  • Warranty 1 year on the product

5. Billion 1.5 Ton 3 Star Rating 2018 Split AC (AC145)

The Billion 1.5 ton split AC is a lower range on our list. This is doesn’t made in India but, made for India. This AC offers high-speed Cooling range and also operates silently.

You know guys, this is environmental-friendly AC and also presents 10% lower electricity bills.

Remember that the higher energy-efficient product only on available in Flipkart.

This comes with features like sleep mode, auto restart and vitamin filter.

Billion gives a 1-year warranty on the entire AC part and five years on the compressor excluding the grill & plastic parts.

Its comfortable and provide perfect cooling in all seasons.

illion 1.5 Ton 3 Star Rating 2018 Split AC (AC145)
Billion 1.5 Ton 3 Star Rating 2018 Split AC (AC145)


  • Star Rating 3 Star
  • Cooling Capacity 5217 W
  • Dehumidification No
  • Condenser Coil Aluminium
  • Anti-bacteria/Dust Filter 
  • Warranty 1 year on product

AC Buying Guide

It’s that time of the year again – the time when we wait desperately for rains to arrive. As much as we love winter season, we hate the fact that the Summer is a very tiring season.

And, the sweat through all our pores starts the moment you step outside. The Summer in India is one of the most brutal seasons you can witness.

With so many different options lying around choosing the right one becomes a tedious task. So, we decided to create a buying guide for you that will help you choose the best AC. 

The key to getting the right product be it Air Conditioners or anything is the knowledge. Before jumping to a particular Air Conditioners, you should be aware of latest trends and key factors.

There are certain terms which will confuse you first but after reading this guide you can put an S on your chest because you now know everything about ACs.

Types of Air Conditioners

Air Conditioners are divided into two types – Split AC and Windows AC. The very first step is to choose the right type of AC for your household.

Compare the pros and cons of all these two types and pick the one which suits you best.

Split Air Conditioners

  • Faster Cooling – pushes out higher volumes of cool air
  • Energy-efficient when compared to other types
  • Split AC works without making any noise
  • You don’t need a window in your room, unlike windows AC.

Window AC

  • You do need a window in the room as the name suggests
  • Perfect for smaller rooms
  • They are not that expensive when compared to Split AC
  • The in-built heater keeps you warm in winters
  • Window AC makes noise because the condenser and compressor are in a single unit.

Capacities of Air Conditioners

After choosing the type of AC, next thing which comes is the capacity. This is one of the most important aspects to consider when purchasing an AC. They largely depend on the size and height of the room.

  • For Kids room (10ft * 9ft): AC with the capacity of 1 Ton is a perfect choice.
  • For Study Room (10ft * 11ft ): 1.2 Ton -1.4 Ton is the best choice
  • For the Bedroom (10ft * 15ft ): 1.5 Ton 
  • For a room as large as Living Room (10ft * 20ft), ACs with 1.6 Ton – 2 Ton will be enough for you

If any 2 or more condition from below list applies in your case, increase the capacity by 30%

  • Average city temperature is above 35 degrees
  • Your room height is more than 9.5 feet
  • The room is on the third or higher floor
  • Multiple door or windows for the heat flow

Energy Star Rating or Power Consumption

With the help of energy ratings, you can get an idea about the power consumption of an AC. The ratings begin from o to 5. Higher the rating means less power consumption or vice versa.

Of course, Air Conditioners with a higher rating is going to cost more. Air Conditioners with 1.5 Ton capacity and 3-star rating are one of the largely preferred by an average Indian consumer.

Inverter Technology

Speaking of power saving, how can we forget about the Inverter AC. They are the new type of AC which is becoming more and more popular. It is a smart AC technology which consumes less power and gives you better cooling.

The thing which makes Inverter AC different from the regular one is its compressor. The compressor in Inverter AC works differently to save you power and give you more cooling.

Advantages of Inverter AC over Regular AC

  • More power-efficient
  • Consistent Cooling
  • Less noise
  • Cool rooms quickly
  • More lifespan

Some features you should know about

Now you know everything about the Air Conditioners ALMOST. There are still some smart features you should know about before buying your favourite AC.

  • Anti Bacterial Filter – This is the main feature of the fresh and clean air which you receive from the AC. It eliminates tiny harmful substances and microorganisms leaving behind fresh air to breathe.
  • Active Dehumidifier – Moisture content is high? get rid of it using this feature.
  • Auto Restart – As the name suggests, your AC will restart automatically with the previous settings. It becomes a time-saving feature if your power cuts quite often. 
  • Copper coating – Now, this is one of the important features which your AC should have. When it comes to which coil is better for AC, copper wins over Aluminium. It is more durable, easy to maintain, and high heat transfer.
  • Leakage Detector – If by any chance your outdoor unit detects any refrigerant leakage, the AC will display you a message and it will stop to avoid compressor failure.
  •  Self-clean feature – The self-cleaning feature is a real life saver and an icing on the cake. With this feature, you will be able to receive clean and healthy air for a long time.
  • Good Night sleep – This feature lets you sleep comfortably by changing the temperature every hour.
  • Turbo cool mode – This feature will cool your room as fast as possible. This feature is largely found in Inverter ACs.
  • Intelligent eye – This feature controls the temperature according to human movement. If you’re not in your room and AC is on, this feature will up the temperature to save you the power.
  • SMS Gone, AC on – With this mode, you’ll be able to fire up your AC just by texting it. Just shoot a text before you reach the home and you’ll find a cool and refreshing room.
  • Room heater – An AC not just gives you cool and refreshing air but it can keep you warm in winters. This feature comes with almost all the AC but still be double sure before getting one.

Different ACs will come with different features. The best way is to prioritize what you need more and look for those features in your future AC.

With that being said, Just keep in mind all the above checklist when purchasing a new Air Conditioner and you’ll be able to get yourself a perfect AC.

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