6 Benefits of miraDry Treatment

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In case you struggle with too much sweating under your arms, which can cause an unpleasant odor smell and uncomfortable feeling, there is a solution to this problem. The miraDry represents a revolution in terms of the prevention of excessive sweating, which is using electromagnetic energy to remove the glands. Also, you should know the procedure is completely safe because only a minor percentage of glands in your body are placed underarms. Therefore, there will be no issues with the elimination of toxins and control of the temperature of your body after miraDry treatment.

When it comes to the procedure, you must know that it is fast, and there are no potential side-effects. The plastic surgeries like Nazarian are using the most recent techniques and tools to provide you with safe and quick removal of glands under your arms. You can visit this site to read more about the miraDry procedure and how it can help people with an excessive sweating problem. Moreover, you won’t feel anything during or after surgery besides numbness from anesthetics. Nevertheless, this procedure is much safer than other options that include antiperspirants and toxic chemicals. Here are the main benefits of miraDry surgery.

1. Elimination of Underarm Odor

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Many people are struggling with deposits of moisture and bad smell under their arms, even when they are not too physically active. While you can wear another t-shirt under your dress, hiding the smell is difficult, which means that you will need antiperspirant, that can be toxic to the environment. By choosing the miraDry treatment, you will solve the problem with over sweating and bad smell. After the process is done, you will be able to feel much more comfortable and less worried about what to wear when going out.

2. Less Need for Deodorant

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One of the easiest ways to cover the bad smell under your arms is to use an antiperspirant. However, that is only a temporary solution, and some of those deodorants might have some toxic ingredients that could irritate the skin. Also, these products won’t reduce the amount of sweat. Therefore, gland removal surgery will allow you to use less or no deodorants any more, by reducing the production of sweat by over 80%.

3. Everlasting Results

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When it comes to cosmetic surgeries, it is not rare that many of these processes would require constant treatments at certain time intervals, which makes them much more expensive and time-wasting. However, miraDry treatment provides the patient with permanent results, which means that you will never gain problems with sweating underarms ever again. The fact that the results are permanent is one of the main advantages of this surgery. Moreover, another benefit is that you won’t feel any irritation or side-effects after the treatment. The results are visible right after the surgery. Also, miraDry does not require any time for recovery.

4. It is Safe

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When it comes to safety, this process is completely harmless, and there is no chance for any sort of complications during or after the procedure. Also, the Public Health Organization considers this process as completely safe. There is only a possibility for some minor side-effects like redness or swelling, but it can only last for one or two days.

5. Fewer Pit Spots on Clothes

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People who have issues with over sweating often face the problem where they immediately get the strains of sweat on their clothes right after they leave their home. The sweat and deodorant combined can damage your clothes, especially lighter colors, by adding yellow marks or black shirts, which could gain bleached-like marks on the area underarms. In that matter, buy investing in this simple surgery, you will save a lot of money on your clothes.

You can check here one of the best antiperspirant for excessive sweating.

6. Non-Invasive and Non-Surgical Treatment

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Before you decide on this procedure, be sure to choose a well-known plastic surgery like Nazarian, where you will get treated by well-experienced experts in this field. When it comes to the operation, you should know that it is not like other types of surgeries because it does not require any invasive methods. Because of that, there are even fewer chances for any sort of side-effects. You can even continue with your work after the surgery is done, with results that will be noticed right after you get out of the clinic. Also, the average duration of the whole process is less than one hour, which means that you can get your sweat glands removed during a lunch break.


As you can see, the miraDry represents a completely safe method to remove the irritating sweat glands from your underarms and prevent the production of smell and sweat deposits on your skin. Most people would choose to remove their glands on this part of the body because it is the main source of the odor. A lot of people have this problem, and it is not unusual that someone is embarrassed to raise his hands in public or walks a little faster because that will cause him to produce even more sweat. If you are one of those people who often need to carry an additional t-shirt in his backpack, and always use a lot of deodorants, you should get an appointment, and solve your problem easily with this treatment.

After the process is done, you will feel the results immediately and feel satisfied with yourself, and more comfortable in public. You will notice the difference during the first day after you remove the sweat glands. For example, you will no longer need to worry about sweat marks on your clothes and that the heat will cause you to get an unpleasant odor. Moreover, you won’t need those expensive and toxic antiperspirants that are bad for you and the environment. Some people might even get lower self-esteem because of this problem, and miraDry is the best possible solution. The average price for a miraDry procedure is around $3,000, but you should know that this type of cosmetic surgery does not require several procedures because it is permanent.