6 Benefits of HIPAA Compliant Texting 2024

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Confidentiality and private are the two most vital factors when it comes to dealing with your client’s information. When patients visit a hospital, communicate with their mental health specialists and their doctors they expect that all of their information will be safely kept. In these digital days we live in, our information can be easily exposed to an attack. However by using secure systems, the chances of it happening are very low since it can be very difficult for hackers to break through, so they can steal our confidential information.

Being compliant with the security regulations regarding your client’s data can increase the chances of keeping your client’s information safe from any external attacks. Healthcare professionals and institutions in the United States are subjected to HIPAA- compliance. And this is also important when communicating or texting with your clients. Here are some of the benefits you can see if you are HIPAA ready when texting with your clients and the risks if you are not.

Risks of Non-Compliant Texting

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Like a lot of  things, all forms of communication have a chance of being attacked or interrupted. There is a number of risks that come with texting, as we have seen on news in the past with various scandals. Texting can usually be accessed without any level of authentication, leaving all of your messages on y our device accessible without any prompt for a password.

The privacy of your customers and their PHI or Protected Health Information should always be your number one concern. Clients themselves will not be prone to communicating if your security is not high enough.

If you want to safely keep your client’s information while communicating with them, you can check out Curogram to find out more about HIPAA-compliant texting.

Benefits of using HIPAA-Compliant texting

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There are a lot of benefits you can see after you make sure that your text messages with your clients are HIPAA-compliant and your client will be grateful that they will be able to communicate with you safely.

Secure data

Ensuring your clients that their personal information is secured will give them peace of mind, providing them with less anxiety and stress of being exposed during their treatments.

Number Distribution

One of the better benefits as a doctor using HIPAA-compliant texting tools is the reduced need to share your personal phone number. Being interrupted while you are relaxing at home is now a thing of the past, as doctors can now communicate through the HIPAA-ready communication tools.

Faster and convenient

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Several studies have shown that there is a growing prevalence in the use of texting when patients and doctors communicate. A study in June 2018 surveyed 62 staff surgeons, showing that 62 percent of the staff preferred texting to communicate with their clients over email. Most of the people that prefer texting over email are because they believe it is a lot faster and more convenient.

A lot of apps to choose from

If you want to send secure text messages to your patients or to your staff, you can easily start by using one of the many texting apps that are HIPAA-compliant. Some applications can only be used as appointment reminders and others for basic texting to patients.