What’s the Best Age to Start Investing and Stock Trading

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Investing and stock trading is more popular than ever. Not even the inception and later the boom of cryptocurrencies managed to put down the popularity of standard ways of investments.

Many people are into it for years and decades, and many want to start now. Someone started in their twenties. Others started once they turned fifty, or even entered their retirement years. There are no strict rules regarding trading and investing. You already know this much. But, even if we’re talking finances, this is quite a bit of a philosophical theme.

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Are you planning to enter this domain, or is your plan to enter it later on? Whatever the case might be, you probably have the same question as many of our contemporaries. It is a simple one: what’s the best age to start investing and stock trading? Do you know the answer? Probably not. That’s why you’re reading this article.

It is a tough question. Nonetheless, we are going to try and provide you with an answer. Or at least to get close to the subject as possible. As we said, there are many opinions. You’ll have t take a stand regarding this one, even if it means you disagree with what we have to say.

One thing that we’re going to tell you before we start this piece, is that sometimes it is not about when you start, but how you started it. In the end, the results are what matter the most. You can earn more in the year of investment and stock trading than someone made in a decade.

To ensure the best possible result you need to surround yourself with good partners. So, if you want to explore forex trading for beginners you’d be wise to check out  guerrillatrading.co.uk and see what they have in store for you. If you’re unsure if it’s the right time to do it, keep on reading and find out.

Is There a Right Time?

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If you are thinking about getting involved with investing and stock trading it can only mean one thing – you haven’t started yet. To get real about investment in the majority of countries you need to be at least eighteen years old. Yes, parents can invest in your name, but let’s focus on you as an individual.

Starting at eighteen if you have any funds to put towards it is ideal. But, let’s be honest. How many of us had any money at eighteen? Probably no one. Do you know what they say about trees in China? The best time to plant a tree was twenty years ago. If you haven’t done it back then, you have another opportunity and it’s right now. If you think about it, it makes perfect sense.

For all of you, who haven’t started investing yet, start right away. People who started younger have a huge advantage over you. For one, they have piled up experience in their early years when they had less money. They had less to invest; they had less to lose. What they gained is knowledge.

That knowledge reaps benefits later on. When you’re an experienced investor or trader the margin for error shrinks. With more years behind you and smart investments, you’ll be reaping dividends that will set you for early retirement. This sounds great, right? But, you are reading this article, and are probably thinking, but I haven’t started yet, is it too late now? The answer is no, it is not too late. Below we are going to tell you why.

Why is Now The Best Time?

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Yes, we already stated that starting early is what you should do. If you’re a youngster in your early twenties, think no longer about it – go and start your adventure. Great things await you. You have many great platforms, as we suggested, that can lift you up and off in no time.

For the rest of you, who are in your thirties or forties, it is not too late. It is not too late even if you’re fifty. It is never too late to invest. You might be thinking that you missed a great opportunity because you haven’t started when you were twenty, but rare are those who have that luxury.

Today, you don’t have it. The luxury you have is of a different kind. It is called the internet; it is called technology; it is called computers and smartphones; it is called social media networks; it is called podcasts.

Choose any of those things and it can help you get a flying start. Back in the day, you couldn’t even get your hands on books about trading and investment. Even if you did, it would take you hours and hours of studying without any guarantee you’ll learn anything. Also, all of your dealings had to go through a broker.

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Things have changed. They have changed for the better. Today you have various online platforms that can be your starting point in trading. You don’t need a middle man. You’re your broker and investor. Starting from scratch doesn’t need to happen to you. No, you can start with great knowledge.

All you need is a few online lessons from a great mentor, or you can listen to podcasts that focus on these subjects of finances. The knowledge is basically on every step. You have the internet, you have a computer and a smartphone. You’re set to go.

Research and analysis were never easier to conduct. You can do it all by yourself. You have millions of articles written on the subject of all things investment. Also, you can follow various influencers who are highly adept in what they do on social media platforms such as Instagram or Twitter.

You don’t have to focus on a viral character such as Andrew Tate and his brother, but you can certainly learn from names such as Elon Musk or George Soros, and even Jesse Livermore. The old school knows how to do it. But, if you’re a bigger fan of TikTok, you can take that route. With a few right investments maybe you’ll ask other people: which color is your Bugatti?

Regardless of the path you take, it is important to know that if you haven’t started your adventure in this field yet, the best time to start is right now.