The Video Capture Software


The video capture software is getting lots of attention as you can use it to capture anything that runs on your computer screen. With the software, you can spread the knowledge as you can capture the videos and watch them repeatedly. You also can use it to capture the online streaming videos that seem to be difficult to save to your computer hard drive and more.

There are many things that you can do with video recording software. The following are the top 3 reasons that people use video capture programs.

1. Create nonfiction ‘how-to’ videos


Non-fiction how-to videos are captured from computer screens and it is seen by many people as a troubleshooter. People face trouble in doing various works on computers for their lack of knowledge of the processes. So to allow them to learn how to do a certain process you can prepare some ‘how to’ videos that will get sold as your video tutorial. Certain sites sell such videos for you like on your behalf.

Therefore, you can understand the quality of the video should be excellent. We must ensure that the video quality is excellent especially now many people prefer to watch the video in HD or 4K. Therefore, it is important to choose the best software from the various options in video capture software.

2. Capture any gameplays, online tutorials, etc


Well, you can just capture anything that plays on your computer screen. This includes the online training or tutorial lessons, any of your favorites movies or live games match, and more. This is a very convenient way to help you backup or capture the movie that you like to watch.

With some powerful software, you even can schedule the recording for any live events i.e. sports matches. This is very good for busy people or coincident that during the specific time you cannot watch the live event then use the recording software to capture or record it.

3. Capturing BIOS screenshots


If you are operating for a medium or large-sized company where your employees need to take care of computers, then it is your duty to teach them how to operate the systems. The most important is to install BIOS settings and you have to do that every time.

However, you might know how easy the task is and it needs no professional. So if you can train the employees a little and they will happily install it themselves. However, neither of the options will help you much. As in the first case, you will have to install it yourself or in the second case go around and teach every employee. That is why, the many options in video capture software helps you to make videos with moving screenshots and train all your employees at one go and from time to time, thus saving your precious time and effort.

When you are in need to train your employees about the BIOS settings it is almost impossible to do so with simple software. That is why; you need to have some special device that will do the work. To get one go through the various options in video capture software. Some devices though can capture such BIOS screenshots but it is meaningless because the quality of the video is very bad. So you must try to capture with something that will definitely perform well and give good results. DIV2USB is such a device that can cater to your need of capturing BIOS screenshots with adequate resolution.

The Recommended Video Capturing Software – Camtasia


There is plenty of videos capturing software on the internet and they can be opted for free. However, for capturing or downloading online streaming videos it is better to get the orbit downloader, which is like an add-on to your browser, and as soon as a video starts to stream the orbit downloader gives an option for its recording.

If you are willing to save screenshots in motion then Camtasia is obviously a very good one and popular too. This software by Techsmith is very powerful that can capture the video that run on your computer screen with high quality (including HD).

Besides, you also can use the program to do some editing on the videos. For example, you can open the Youtube video and do some editing on it before finalizing the output files. You also can import videos created by other applications to Camtasia for editing.

The program also offers a friendly user interface and it’s very stable as the program already in the market for almost 20 years. However, advanced features or settings may be confusing for beginners.

Alternatively, you also can use another software by Techsmith called SnagIt. Initially, this is a screen capture software but later the company expands it to video capturing capabilities. Both programs are not freeware and hence you need to pay in order to use their features.

For more information about the paid video capture software, visit here.

The Recommended Free Video Recorder


In the market, there are many freeware video recorders available. If you are looking for free video capturing software, there are two reliable programs – Bandicam and OBS Studio. Both programs are pretty good and it’s free to use. The OBS studio is also open-source software.

Both programs can be used to record or capture anything that plays on your computer screens such as live streaming movies, live games or tutorial lessons, sports, and more. They have a simple to use user interface and hence any computer newbie can handle it.

With OBS Studio, you also can become a broadcaster as it allows you to broadcast on a software platform on Youtube and Facebook. We highly recommended you download the free software and see for yourself how far you can go.

Of course, if you compare with the paid alternatives, the free software may lack of some features and functionalities. So, it’s up to you to choose which software is most suitable for you.


The video capture software is very useful as outline in this article. However, the free video capture program may not come with rich features and hence limiting what you can do with it.

Hence, if you are serious about your works, you should get paid or premium video capturing software that comes with many functions and features. You also can get better user support from the software developer.