Top 5 Best Punching Bag Under 2000 in India 2024

Gyms are incomplete without a heavy punching bag. After 36 hours of research, we select the top 5 best heavy punching bag in India. The punching bag is sports equipment. A heavy punching bag develops your strength and good for the practice. Also, good for burn calories, release stress and helps to shape your shoulders.

Our Top Picks 2024

#1 Aurion Synthetic #2 Hard Bodies #3 BODY MAXX
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This is one kind of stress relief bag to the individual. Here is a compiled list of the best punching bags you can find other than the examples we provided below. The all bag select based on Amazon best selling list and customer review. Heavy Punching Bag Workout Improve stability & Power, helps to increase your stamina and to build muscles. Punching bag workout keeps you fit which helps to lose weight & manage body shape.

LEW Classic Synthetic Leather Punching Bag

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Lewis a renowned name in the fitness industry. The always preferred provides the best quality of their customers. This punching bag is made from synthetic leather and it comes with gloves and hand wrap. Its height is 42 inches and weight is 40 kgs. A chain is little shorter but height is 6 ft so, no need to need to buy an extra chain. This is best for a professional or intermediate boxer.

  • Use a heavy-duty cover.
  • Really heavy weight bag.
  • Include free boxing hand wraps.
  • High-quality synthetic leather for durability.

BODY MAXX Boxing Filled Punching Bag

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Another best punching bag from BODY MAXX. Its outer layer made of a beautiful combination of red and black colour. BODY MAXX punching bag quality is undoubtedly top notch. Its height is 3.5 ft and weighs around 28 kgs, which is amazing. Suitable for intermediate and beginner boxers. The best part about is it is available in all size like 30 30 48.

  • 48-inch boxing punching bag extra large size
  • Filled with cotton
  • Approximate weight of the bag is 20kg
  • Available in assorted colors red, blue, black
  • In-Box Contents: 1 Punching Bag

Hard Bodies Synthetic Leather Punching Bag

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If you want to buy a middleweight punching bag then the 20 kg weight of bag suit for you. The high-quality punching bag is very durable and fills with solid punches. A chain length is quite good. Package contains includes 1 punching bag & 1 hanging chain.

  • Comes with hanging chain.
  • Great length of a punching bag.
  • Beautiful finishing.
  • Made of synthetic leather.

 Aurion Synthetic Leather Punching Bag

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This impressive punching bag best for an intense workout. Its outer layer stitching is wear-resistant. The height of the bag is around 4 ft. and weight is 20 kg. The use of high-quality synthetic leather for longest durability. The best for a beginner boxer.

  • More user-friendly.
  • No doubt in quality.
  • Stitching work more strongly.
  • Comes in 4 sizes and various colors.

Prospo PPP1 Boxing Combo

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This is an affordable range punching bag just for you. The best combo pack made of very strong material. In the punching bag with added a 1 pair boxing gloves and hanging chain. With this chain, you can be hanging top on the wall and punching well.

  • Good material.
  • Highly durable.
  • Exclusive price range.
  • Suitable for adult and kids.