7 Things All Cryptocurrency Traders Should Know About Swing Trading

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The most popular trading tactics are likely to be trend trading and day trading. Thousands of traders are exercising both around the world, in various markets. Swing trading, on the other hand, does not have the reputation it deserves.

The basic trading approach has the potential to make a lot of money and may be used with a variety of asset types. Cryptocurrencies are the type of asset that may be traded in a swing. Let’s take a closer look at all you need to know about swing trading so you can determine whether it’s right for you.

What is Crypto Swing Trading?

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Swing trading is a method in which traders attempt to profit from market fluctuations over a short to medium time frame. The goal is to capture any market swings,’ which might last days, weeks, or months. Traders keep an eye out for two types of swings:

Swing Highs – When the market reaches a peak before reversing, allowing for a short trade.

Swing Lows – When the market dips and recovers, creating a long trade opportunity.

Trending markets, such as forex, equities, and cryptocurrencies, benefit from swing trading methods. Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Tether are the finest crypto coins for swing trading, especially if you’re a beginner. This is due to the fact that they have the highest market capitalization and are among the most actively traded and volatile coins available.

In order to detect daily and weekly trends, successful crypto swing traders generally utilize technical analysis to examine short to medium time frame charts. Fundamental analysis is also necessary because economic events might take days or weeks to unfold.

1. Make a detailed plan

Isn’t that the case? However, this is a critical step. Many procedures benefit from having a clear grasp of your objectives. Swing trading is no exception to the rule. Most effective traders organize their transactions and strategies using a plan.

This strategy could include the prices they want to enter at. Or the rates at which earnings will be taken away. Alternatively, the rates at which they will quit trading for a loss, but more on that later. Finally, having a defined plan can assist you in sticking to your objectives and trading more efficiently. It’s even better if the plan is written down.

2. Keep Bitcoin in mind

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Because most altcoins are tightly tied to the price of Bitcoin, when BTC rises, the price of cryptocurrencies tends to fall. This is due to people abandoning altcoins in favor of riding the Bitcoin wave.

In contrast, if the price of BTC falls abruptly, the price of cryptocurrencies usually falls as well. As a result, while Bitcoin is gradually gaining over time, it is frequently the best moment to trade altcoins.

3. Fees and Costs

Because swing trading cryptocurrencies entails making fewer trades over a longer period of time, the spread is charged less frequently and is generally smaller. Swap costs, which are daily interest rate charges assessed on overnight holdings, will be accumulated by swing traders. Check for hefty commissions and other account-related expenses before joining up with a broker. You may be subject to crypto trading taxes depending on your jurisdiction.

4. Education

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Swing trading crypto is popular among beginners who want to ease into medium- to long-term trading. Having said that, you will still require access to high-quality educational resources and additional tools to assist you in expanding your knowledge. This might be anything from a cryptocurrency training course to a community forum to an online swing trading book. It’s critical to consider this while selecting a cryptocurrency broker.

5. Find the appropriate cryptocurrency to invest in

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According to Coin Market Cap, there are already over 7,000 cryptocurrencies available. This implies you have a large number of coins to choose from while trading. But how can you select the best currency for your trading requirements?

The best cryptocurrencies for swing trading are those with the greatest market capitalization. Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), and Tether (USDT), for example, are frequently the most actively traded coins on cryptocurrency exchanges and marketplaces.

Swing traders see these coins swinging dramatically high or low in volatile marketplaces. They profit on the volatility of these cryptocurrencies by investing for a few days or weeks on one side of the trade and then switching to the other when the price swings in the opposite direction.

6. Locate a reliable and safe cryptocurrency exchange

Pick a secure and trusted online exchange or marketplace after carefully selecting which coin to utilize. It’s a good idea to look at its security features, user count, trade volume, transaction fees or other costs, and other important details. This information can assist you in determining whether or not a platform is appropriate for your trading needs. Visit this site to start trading cryptocurrency.

7. Choose the appropriate time

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Because cryptocurrencies’ prices fluctuate so much, it’s critical to be cautious when deciding whether to trade. It’s not always easy to foresee the next prospective changes in crypto markets due to their volatility. Although the price of a cryptocurrency may be rising right now, no one can predict if the trend will continue in the coming hours, days, weeks, or even months. Swing traders might use this “waiting period” to take advantage of more opportunities for short or long-term up or down moves.


You can think about the ideal strategies to swing trade crypto if you comprehend these things. Choose a trading platform that provides timely support and documentation to assist you in getting started with swing trading and other crypto trading tactics. Check to determine if the platform allows you to choose from a wide range of crypto assets available on the market.

After all, diversifying your cryptocurrency portfolio is a good approach to stay in control. However, you should devote more time to analytics. We hope that we were able to assist you in understanding the broad notion of swing trading in the context of cryptocurrencies.