Tips for Understanding the Technology behind Automatic Doors


Do you love automated doors as much as I do? I honestly think that there is no better invention than this type of door, especially when it comes to public places, such as supermarkets, malls, all kinds of shops, hotels and many other public places. Lately, especially with the corona pandemic, I have avoided grabbing door handles because it is a place where bacteria get stuck. Every day these handles are touched by thousands of people and by touching we endanger our health if we unconsciously touch our hands on the face. That is why I respect the good doors that work automatically, there is no touching with the hands.

As such automatic doors can be found in many shapes and types. So there are three basic types of automatic doors. These are sliding, swinging, and revolving auto doors.

Sliding doors are one of the simplest and most used types. This type provides passable movement in both directions at the entrance or exit of the building. They are practical for places where there is a permanent entrance and exit from the building, such as a supermarket. These doors make it possible not to create a fuss in any case and to keep the entrance or exit from the supermarket free.


Swinging Doors. This type is a bit more complicated because it offers the ability to move in only one direction. Doors can be single or double depending on the space available to the facility to install this type of automatic door. Companies mostly avoid swinging doors precisely because of their lack of space, they take up too much space when open, whether inside or out, and are not functional for smaller rooms.

And finally, we come to my favorite, and those are revolving doors. You can mostly find these at the entrances or exits of the malls. They usually have two, three, or a maximum of four rotating wings. Their biggest advantage is that they allow heat to remain in the building in winter, or in summer prevent heat from entering the air-conditioned cold room. This would further increase electricity savings. Its rotating mechanism allows more people to enter or leave the building, so it is ideal for shopping malls. We now turn to the more exciting part, or the topic of our article today. And these are tips that will help you more easily understand what is behind the technology in automated doors.

We can list a few. So let’s get started.


The first thing you need to know is that the door is raised or working on a signal. In order for this signal to reach the engine and start the opening or closing process, when we are talking about sliding doors, the motion sensor must be activated first.

There are several types of sensors with which the mechanism receives a signal that there is someone in front of the entrance or exit of the building. They can be infrared sensors or sensors that work for example with hand gestures. What type of sensor the facility will use depends on the needs, how many people need to enter or exit during the day.

When it comes to closing the automatic door, it can be set to a timer, for example, three to five seconds after opening it will close automatically. Such as with elevators. However, in addition to this way, sliding doors can be closed on a sensor as well as opened with the help of the same. These sensors are called safety sensors and help to prevent injury to anyone, ie to prevent the door from hitting someone when closing. The sensors can be photoelectric, beam reflecting, or with ultrasonic waves.

Photoelectricians use a laser that extends horizontally from one end of the door to the other. And when this laser is interrupted then it gives a signal to the mechanism that the door should be left open.

When there are people or things in front of the entrance, the beam reflector recognizes them through the reflection of infrared rays.

And in the latter type, if ultrasonic waves are recorded, the door will be left wide open.


If you need a service technician, a trusted repairman, or someone who will maintain your automatic doors in the best order, we got these on our sleeve. Feel free to contact them at any time as they offer 24 hour service. So if you have any problems with your sliding door, do not hesitate to look for them. They will be the solution to your problem.

What I almost forgot to mention is that these automatic doors have the option to stop working if there is any obstacle between them. Especially with rotating ones. For example, your scarf may have fallen off and remained under the four rotating wings. There is a good chance this will cause the wings to stop rotating. But there is no room for panic, all you have to do is call the service technicians, I have already suggested someone who will do his job professionally.

Automatic doors are one of the best inventions in humanity. It certainly has its pros and cons that we can debate for days. But the fact is that it makes our lives easier and better.

As one of the biggest positive features, which I already mentioned at the beginning of the text, is exactly their automatic mechanism of operation, and the lack of handles that we will be pulling or pushing. It has happened to me many times and surely to you too, so I pull a doorknob, and literally in front of me is a sticker that says push in huge letters. This is never the case with automatic doors.

As some additional advantages, we can mention that they are extremely easy to maintain, for cleaning you only need a tool and a glass cloth. They are functional for smaller spaces, especially since sliding automatic doors are ideal for small spaces.

Oh yes, and there is no way you can be knocked on the back, thanks to the safety sensor that will cause something like this to happen.