How to Save Money When Developing a Mobile App – 2024 Guide


The world we are a part of can no longer function without modern technology. People have become too reliant on everyday gadgets and the features they offer. Software and hardware that we access and utilize is so advanced and it changed the world so much that only our way of life is rapidly improving and becoming easier.

In such a climate, where everyone has smartphones with themselves at all times, it is not difficult to understand why applications are so popular. Have you noticed that there are apps for virtually anything these days? Why is that so and how can that be? Are mobile apps really so dominant?

Well, the answer to this question is a simple yes. Since everyone has phones, everyone is also a potential customer regardless of what the product or the service is. As long as they can download it for free from the app store and have some use of it, the business that owns it will prosper.

It is a good way to get the name out there, to attract potential customers, and to simply spread the word. Such combination of marketing and actual use cannot really be found with other media. This is why app development is something every company needs to have. Including you.

Having an App Developed


Knowing that you need one is hardly enough as there needs to be some action taken before you reap the benefits of your new app. You probably lack the knowledge and skills of software development, which means you need to hire the services of professionals. Mobile app development is one of the fastest-growing industries right now and there is no end in sight for how big it can become.

Numerous large, medium, and small companies exist, as well as independent freelance workers. It is up to you to find the best one you can with your resources and based on what you need. Remember that competition is fierce however and that experience matters in this line of work more than in certain others.

Saving Money on App Development

As the person in charge of your business and most of its operations, it is your job to pay attention to every little thing that can help your cause. Of course, one of the biggest things you can ever do to help is cut the costs of certain aspects of your business.

With mobile app development, it is possible to drastically lower the costs but only if you know exactly what you are doing. In the following sections we talk about how you can do that effectively while still having a good end product and not compromising it.

Hire the Right Professional


Evaluating the prices of multiple app developers is the first step in paying less for this service. There are many professionals out there who are trying to attract more clients to through their doors with lower prices.

If your business does not have the IT capabilities to do this whole task in-office, which would be the cheapest option of course, you will need to devote time to looking for an affordable yet skillful team.

The main advantage of hiring experts is the contract, since you will know upfront what the total cost is going to come down to. Once you shake on it, you can focus on other things as they start building the app. The agreed payment will not change and there will be no surprise costs along the way. Learn more by checking out

Simple Features Are Often Enough


The simpler the app you want developed, the less you will pay for the service. It is as easy as that. The good news is that you hardly need an overly complicated app most of the time. Not every type of application for every type of industry requires high-end features that use a lot of computing power.

Actually, users appreciate when apps are lighter, when they require little space on the phone and when they do not drain the battery. If you have it customized enough and stripped of anything that you do not need, it will be a cheap app to make.

Forget camera integration, various locking mechanisms, and all of the fancy and flashy elements that larger apps have. They need it because they have numerous thing to offer. Be to the point and keep things simple if you want to have an app that will save you some money.

Hybrid Apps Are Amazing

If you want to attract the widest customer base possible, you will have to think about different platforms. Building separate applications for iOS and Android for example is too expensive and it takes time and other resources.

Since both platforms have hundreds of millions of users and passionate fans among them, none must be excluded. But instead of ordering two separate apps, a better solution would be to have a hybrid app that can work on multiple platforms as it is, in its one form.

To be able to do this, the app needs to be developed in CSS, JavaScript, and HTML. If this sounds like a website, that is because it is a similar process. The apps themselves are similar to websites but they look like apps.

Now, it should be mentioned than a hybrid app is generally not cheaper than a single native app. However, it is cheaper by around 30-40% than having two native apps, one for each platform.

Use Simple Content


An app is not an app without content to engage the users. Since we already established the fact that yours needs to be simple, you must also use simple and light content on the app. Its systems will not be able to handle heavy media nor a lot of different things at once.

This is why you need to be to the point, have questions answered before the clients can ask them, and offer them all of the info concisely and clearly. A few tabs are enough, one for photos, one for news, and one for contact info/about us.

If you visualize and think of the app as an extension of our website or physical store and a place where the clients can familiarize with your business in their own time, it will always be affordable and save you some money.