How to Play Overwatch Like a Pro – Tips & Tricks 2024


Overwatch is an incredibly popular game and a lot of gamers try their best to become better and better. If you want to get good at Overwatch, your best bet is to invest time in learning and practicing. That being said, there are a few quick changes and improvements you can make to start playing like a pro. We’ll be looking at some pro tips and tricks in this post and we hope they will help you!

Hero Selection


There are 32 playable characters in the game and you have a lot of choices. Each of them has a fascinating backstory, personality and abilities, so you take your time and choose what best suits you. If you want to get good at Overwatch, first pick a pool of heroes. Here, you’ll want to choose at least one hero from each class: DPS, Tank, and Support. These will be your flex mains – practice playing these heroes and get to an acceptable level with them.


Flexing is the ability to play the roles that your team needs. If the parts of DPS and Tank are taken, a flex player will take the Support hero they have practiced with no supports. This can mean the difference between victory and defeat. Practice each of your flex picks a lot. Ideally, have a backup for each, which will provide a larger array of team comps. If you are not familiar with these abilities, there are a lot of guides and overviews online.

Choosing A Main

Once you’ve gotten good on your flex heroes, pick one of the 6 to become your main – your go-to hero. This will be the hero you play the most and will be the best at playing. During your practice with your base flex picks, be aware of who you enjoy the most and who’s playstyle comes naturally to you. Use this information to pick a main.

After picking your leading, practice with them lots. Learn the ins and outs of their kit, good combos, etc. Getting right on a hero can separate you from other lesser players.

When in competitive games, or more challenging games, try to play your best. But, if that’s not possible, make sure you’re decent with another of your flex picks.

Further, learn the counters to your flex picks and who each of your flex picks counters. Use this knowledge to ‘flex’ during gameplay, adapting to the current situation.


To play Overwatch like a pro, you’ll need to learn the game. Learn every nook and cranny of each map – do this on solo play. Learn who counters who, know who is best on what map. Learn game mechanics and incredible strategies for each game mode.

Dedicating time to learning – and not necessarily playing – will make your gameplay much better.

Reflection and Analysis

Pro Overwatch players – as with most pro players in any game – record their gameplay and watch it back. They observe and analyze each of their games and see where they could improve. They look for changes they could have made, better things to make, how to position better, etc.

Even if you watch just one game out of 5, you’ll seriously level up your abilities. Viewing your gameplay from an external, objective perspective will make it easier to break down and understand. You’ll be able to critique with ease and then use that advice in future games.


When in-game, try to focus on yourself and not your teammates (unless you’re playing support). Focus on your own gameplay and playing to the best of your ability.

At the same time, don’t neglect communication. Keep positive communication throughout the game. This will keep your team in a good mood and boost morale, helping everyone perform better. This makes the win more likely.

Also, make sure to ping when your ultimate is ready and make appropriate callouts, such as enemy location and enemy cooldowns.

Competitive Play


Before entering competitive play, be sure to learn everything you need to know about Overwatch Ranking System and how does it work. Then do some warming up. Enter the practice range, play a few normals, and get in the zone. Doing so will allow you to reach your peak state faster, meaning you’ll play better and are more likely to win your games.

If you’re losing and getting stressed – if you’re on tilt – take a break! Do not continue to play. Otherwise, you’ll cause yourself unnecessary harm and make it less likely for both yourself and your team to win.

General Quick Tips


To finish off, here are some quick tips that you can use today to get better at Overwatch.

    • Turn on the colorblind mode in the Overwatch settings. This will make it easier for you to see enemies and will make allies more visible.
    • While in settings, enable allied health bars. This allows you to know who the enemy will be targeting and who needs healing.
    • Enable spatial audio, and if you can afford it, get decent headphones. Doing so will help you to immerse yourself in the game. You’ll be better able to react to gameplay and enemies with greater accuracy.
  • Run the game on fullscreen mode, rather than windowed or borderless. The game will run smoother and quicker. This alone will boost your gameplay ability, if ever so slightly.

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