How To Get A Medical QiGong Certificate – 2024 Guide


Whenever people are under stress, it reflects on their minds and body. Also, the body begins developing the signs that focus on a stressed individual. The body might experience pain and swelling in some body parts. Various ways help in stress reduction that tends to develop in different body parts. That’s when the concept of QiGong comes into the picture.

The first thing that you need clarity on is its pronunciation. It would help if you did not go with the usual spelling pronunciation. The real pronunciation is ‘chi gong.’ There are high chances that you are not aware of the meaning of this term. It is an ancient Chinese practice that has been popular for the last 4000 years. Initially, it was a part of the traditional Chinese medication process. The process involves using various exercises to optimize energy in various body parts, including the mind, body, and inner spirit.

Kinds Of Treatments And Availability Across Platforms


It is an interesting treatment that provides much-needed relaxation to the body. There are various kinds of QiGong certifications present. You can think of enrolling yourself for such a program online and offline. The best ones that are available online are as follows:

  • Holden QiGong
  • Zhineng QiGong
  • White Tiger QiGong
  • Qi Revolution
  • Yoga Farm Ithaca

Various online platforms can help you with the QiGong course for practitioners through which they can help others experience the benefits of such a treatment. The treatment helps in calming the mind. Also, people experiencing stress tend to have better sleep and stress reduction. Also, it stimulates better energy in people and facilitates healing.

Hence, as a practitioner, if you are considering undergoing the training for this certification, you should cater to some factors like the following:

  • Your flexibility is based on the hours you can dedicate to online learning this course.
  • Whether you need to abandon your work, prior professional commitments or other roles signed up earlier.

How To Get A Medical QiGong Certificate In 2024


Recent changes in various spheres of life have introduced the possibility of undergoing such certifications online and offline. If you cannot enroll for an offline course, choosing the online mode is a qualitative option. Hence, the availability is seamless on both platforms. However, the difficulty portion can be high if you choose the online mode. It is because the QiGong certification is difficult to read from a book that does not have any illustrations.

You will have an edge if you get through the illustration and videos. They can show you the right way of practicing. Then, you can begin the practice routine at home under proper guidance and ensure that you follow the instructions.

The biggest advantage is that you can see the videos at a speed that is comfortable with your learning and understanding capacity. Also, if you have missed anything, you can replay it to catch it at the needed spot. These things might not be possible when you choose to do the certification in the offline mode.

So, it would help if you researched the platforms that offer these courses. If you complete the certification through the online mode, you will get the same information as shared in the offline classes, if not more. You can access the ebooks, course material, and audio and visual files. Also, you can opt for live streaming for a classroom-like experience. In addition, there are webinars for various discussions that will help you open your mental horizons.

The QiGong practitioners are of different kinds, and you can choose to complete your certification as any of the following:

  • Clinical Practitioner

They will need a minimum of 2 years of experience in the clinical field. Further, the requirement includes 500 documented hours of formal QiGong training. Three hundred fifty hours should be didactic, but out of these, 200 hours should specifically be dedicated to QiGong. One hundred hours of QiGong certification can be contact or contactless massage manipulations, emission, prescriptive exercises, or any other suitable combination. Also, you need to pass an interview with the Application Review Committee and have a valid liability insurance policy.

  • Senior Clinical Practitioner

The senior level is one step ahead and requires a decade of clinical experience. The person should undergo 1500 hours of formal training; out of these, 500 hours should belong to didactic and 350 hours to specific QiGong training. One hundred hours should be dedicated to the treatment. The insurance policy liability requirements and interview clearance clause remain the same.

  • Integrated Practitioner

Three hundred fifty hours of dedicated formal training for QiGong is a must in this one, followed by personal experience in training. The minimum period for personal experience is five years. Also, the person should have professional practice experience in QiGong integration of at least two years.

Time For The QiGong Certification To End


Mastering QiGong certification is not a single-day story. It takes years to get the visioned results. Hence, if you wish to master this certification, the best way is to gain experience and undergo training with the help of a master. The primary step includes learning the functional theories with the help of your instructor. You should ensure that the ideas include discussions about the belief of breathing motion that has been passed from one generation to another.

Once you get a hand on these, it creates a strong foundation and enhances your ability to understand the reason behind specific movements and activities. After understanding the causes, the practitioners can skillfully use them in meditative activities for people suffering from stress affecting their minds and body.

However, the certification learning is incomplete until you have the basics and alternatives related to Chinese medicine. For example, pressure points and their massage is an important thing that relaxes various body parts. The certification will help study the points, how they massage them, and the technique that should be used to help the patient.


You should practice static QiGong, which will help you achieve physical and mental strength. Also, you should have a broad approach while rendering the learning that can help you focus on different people. Also, it would help if you tried to practice and figure out various steps of enlightenment and healing that can benefit different people. Once you are confident about learning your requirements, you will ace your learning and put your best foot forward.