6 Best Live Online Betting Sportsbooks In The World

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Betting on sports events represents one of the most popular models of gambling. There are two most important factors to consider when you want to gamble on sports.

The first is to implement the proper strategy that can increase your chances to win, and prevent you from losing a lot of money, along with the second factor, which is related to the proper selection of betting sites.

The biggest advantage of sports betting when compared to other models of gambling is that you can have much better chances to win if you pay more attention to analyses, stats, and predictions. You should be aware of various factors like the current form of the team, head-to-head score, potential injuries, weather conditions, and the importance of the following game.

Also, the great thing is that you can combine different sports, which allows you to find the best pairs, especially if you are focused only on clear favorites. Also, you can search for potential surprises, but it is never a good option to invest more money here.

Another great solution is to bet on margins and point spreads. When it comes to the proper strategy, the first rule is to determine the budget. That will help you to create some limits and to have a clear strategy about the winnings that you will chase.

For example, you can start with $50, and play five tickets where each one of them can award you $30. That is a triple profit if you win all of them, and chances are great that you will at least get back the investment. However, you will need to focus on the proper selection of games. The best solution is to combine a couple of favorites on each ticket.

Furthermore, the selection of a website can be very important as well. The competition in this area is huge these days, with numerous websites available. You should pay special attention to the security of some sites since you will need to provide personal information and credit card details. Also, you should read more about promotions since most of these sites will offer some great deals when you create a profile there.

In most cases, you will get free credit to bet, which is always at least double the amount of your first payment. You can choose several websites as well, and use these benefits. However, it is important to determine the best sites available in your area before that. Here are some of the best online sportsbooks in the world.

1. Bet 365

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This website is especially good if you are interested in higher flexibility since there are many sports available, Also, the user interface is amazing, and it will be quite simple for you to find the following games in different sports.

The interesting part is that you can gamble on eSports as well. When it comes to promotions, you will get $30 when you register without any additional terms. Moreover, the advantage of betting on this site is that you will find a great selection of odds for each game. If you want to read more about this sportsbook, visit this site.

2. Book Maker

Two promo deals make this site very interesting. The first one is that you will get $10 for free without any additional terms. Another one is a free credit that you will get after placing funds on the account.

You can get free funds even after sharing a link with some of your friends and they accept to register as well. The selection of games is excellent, and you can even bet on live events.

3. My Bookie

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If you are interested in a website where you can enjoy more than just sports betting, this is an excellent solution. They offer a variety of casino games along with an excellent selection of events where you can choose from various odds.

The advantage is that you will get free credit as well. Also, we have to mention that you can use a great mobile app for this platform along with the website, which is a great way to stay up to date with the most recent events and never miss any of them.

4. Intertops

Source: superbettingsites.com

This is one of the rare sites where you can bet on UFC. They have a focus on this sport, and you will receive $50 if you want to bet on the fights. There are some bonuses for the margin betting as well.

This bookie is known for being active on the market for decades. Therefore, you can expect fair deals from them. If the reviews and satisfaction of other players represent an important factor when you are choosing a betting site, this might be your first option.

5. Bet Any Sports

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As the name suggests, the main feature of this site is a great selection of different sports. Also, the great advantage is that you can expect money on your account during the same day after you win. That is especially beneficial for those interested in betting on live events. Besides that, you can try your luck at some casino games as well.

6. Monkey Knife Fight

Source: dailyfantasyfight.com

People interested in betting on fantasy points should read more about Monkey Knife Fight. It is one of the rare websites available in many areas of the US. The benefit is that you will find various news related to the stats of players that can help you to make the right choice when combining them for the following game week.


These are the best websites when looked at globally. However, there is a chance that some of them are not available in your country. Therefore, you should focus on research of betting sites in your area. The key is to get the most benefits when you create a profile. As you can see, most of them are offering some great deals. You can always create a profile at several sites and play on all of them by simply redirecting the same amount of money.