6 Ways You Can Improve Your IQ with Techonology

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Technology is evolving every single day. If you are following the latest news from different technological fields, you can see the new inventions can be too beneficial for our lives in different ways. They can make us feel more comfortable, solve some of the time-consuming tasks, etc. The question is – can technology make us smarter?

You will hear many people saying that the newest technological innovations are making people dumb. However, their way of thinking is too wrong. Technology is there to be our biggest assistance and allow us to focus on some more relevant tasks. You have probably noticed that different irrelevant details do not allow you to focus on the main tasks that you want to complete.

On the other hand, technology also allows you to improve your IQ. Unfortunately, not many people will use the options that are available to them to complete that. We mostly spend our time online on social media, listening to music, watching tv shows, etc. Of course, there are all excellent sources of entertainment, and we should all use them to relax.

However, if your goal is to improve your IQ, then we have some good tips you should follow. In this article, we will highlight all the ways technology can boost your IQ. So, let’s get started!

1. Before That, Why Don’t You Check Your IQ Online?

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People have different opinions about themselves. Some people believe they are not intelligent enough. That is the reason why they would never accept to do an IQ test because they are afraid they would get disappointed. On the other hand, others believe they are incredibly intelligent. These individuals are often confident, and they do not have the problem of doing an IQ test.

Well, it doesn’t matter what type of person you exactly are. It would be good for you to find out how high your IQ is. IQ changes if you know how to change it and we will share some tips with you later. However, doing an IQ test will show you where exactly you are and whether you need to change something in your life or simply continue with the same way of living. If that seems like a good idea to you, you can check out websites like https://iq-global-test.com/

Anyway, after we made things clear, let’s move to the main point. Let’s find out together how technology can exactly help you improve your IQ.

2. You Can Start By Playing Chess Online

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Do you think chess would remain popular for centuries with no good reason? People are playing it because it develops problem-solving skills. Despite that, it also improves the focus and concentration of every individual that actively enjoys this type of game.

Of course, if you have a friend who would like to play this game with you, you can play it offline as well. However, we are sure you won’t manage to find another player too often. Because of that, you can play it with random people online and improve your IQ in that way.

3. Attend Language Courses

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Believe it or not, different studies confirm learning new languages can help you improve your IQ. For instance, let’s say that your native language is English and you decided to use Mandarin. These two languages are completely different, and you will need to solve different groups of rules and standards that have been completely unfamiliar to you.

The ways you will learn a new language can be different. Logically, the first one is to attend an online language course. However, you can also use different apps and platforms where you can improve the basics of different languages. In the end, modern technology allows you to connect with people from all over the world. Speaking in a foreign language requires full attention and creativity, especially if you are a beginner. You will also try to remember different words as well as accents which will make your memory improve.

4. Why Don’t You Take Guitar Classes?

We just mentioned guitar as an example. There are many online courses where you can learn how to play a musical instrument, like the piano. Regardless of what instrument you play, DIYS.com claims you may increase your IQ by 10% after six months. And if you’re wondering when to start piano lessons, this will depend on you or the child since every learner is different. The good thing is that this type of activity is not just entertaining; according to different researches, it supports the improvement of IQ. This study that the University of Zurich worked on confirmed the same results were visible among grownups and children as well.

5. Find a Group of People to Meditate with

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The entire world has become digital for a well-known reason that we won’t mention here. People are not only working from home; we now enjoy different activities over Zoom, Google Meet, and other communication channels. One of the things you could do is to find a group of people you will meditate with.

Meditation is good for many reasons including the growth of IQ. People use it to reduce the levels of stress they deal with daily. Logically, bad psychological health reduces IQ. More precisely, it reduces our confidence, problem-solving skills, attention, etc. That is the reason why meditation can improve the deep cognitive processing of your brain.

Don’t worry, you will not have to spend a lot of time on this activity. It will be enough to meditate for around 20 minutes with others. Plus, you may meet new people that have the same passion as you.

6. Play Memory Games

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No one says the improvement of IQ has to be boring and monotonous. It can be quite entertaining if you find the right method to do it. One of the ways to improve your IQ is by playing memory games.

So, which games are the best ones? You can, for instance, solve cross-word and jigsaw puzzles online. Despite that, if you want to improve your concentration, you can also try out games that require card matching. Finally, sudoku is also one of the games that people use for the same purpose. So, pick the one that seems the most interesting to you.

Final Thought

Instead of chatting with friends on social media every single day, you should use technology in a lot smarter way. You will manage to boost your confidence, problem-solving skills, memory, attention, and other relevant factors that directly influence IQ. As you see, it does not have to be boring.