How To Stimulate Appetite

Someone with appetite problems tends to use supplements or drugs that can help increase appetite. This loss of appetite is common among people, both workers, homemakers, to school teenagers.

Factors often cause a person’s appetite loss is caused by various factors such as general illness, fever, headaches and even digestive disorders. Not only that, but this appetite problem is also often caused by psychological factors. When a person experiences depression or stress tend to lose their appetite.

To restore this body condition, you must know how to stimulate a good appetite, so your body does not get weaker because of the lack of carbohydrates.

The best way to stimulate appetite is to take booster supplements so that the body feels hungry again. Here are some types of supplements that can help you.


Some supplements that can help are supplements rich in protein, omega three and other supporting vitamins. You can find your supplements at various drug stores or pharmacies that sell supplements legally. To better understand the content of these supplements, it’s good for us to know more deeply. Related to the range of supplements as appetite stimulants, including the following:


The formation of protein in the body is one of the essential things to maintain health and appetite, the protein itself can grow due to the role of zinc in processing nutrients into protein.

A person who experiences loss of appetite generally lacks zinc in the body. As a result, the immune system becomes weak, and it isn’t easy to focus on essential things and, ultimately, loses appetite in the body. Hence, it is crucial to maintain the intake of nutrients such as zinc to keep the body fit. And fit.

Vitamin B-1

This type of nutrition, such as vitamin B-1, plays a role in the body as a regulator of appetite and weight, someone who loses appetite and lacks vitamin B-1 nutrition has an impact on weight loss which tends to be drastic.

The importance of the content of Vitamin B-1 also plays a role in the process of burning carbohydrates into calories and energy, so if a person experiences a loss of appetite, then it is better to give this vitamin B-1 to maintain power and balance his body.

Omega-3 fatty acids

Every food consumed by humans generally has this type of Omega-3 fatty acid nutrition. Its content is essential in forming cell networks and hormones in the body. It is even stated that people who lose these nutrients due to loss of appetite will be susceptible to disease due to weakened immunity. Body.

Some types of foods that are rich in omega three are seafood, such as fish and squid, to some marine plants, such as seaweed and algae. In addition, this nutrient is also helpful in stabilizing the mind and keeping the brain fresh and clear.

Bitter herbs

“bitter”, in this case, can be interpreted as a medicine or herbal concoction with a bitter taste. Although it is unpleasant on the tongue, the bitter taste of herbal medicine can help stimulate the lost appetite. This will also be beneficial for the body in maintaining and improving digestion.

Tips and tricks to stimulate appetite

The occurrence of loss of appetite will certainly be dangerous for the body, as the body needs carbohydrate intake, which will turn into energy. Someone who loses power certainly cannot enjoy and finish the day comfortably. Feeling weak and lazy will be the following impact after losing appetite, read this.

For that, when you feel a loss of appetite, there are some tips that you can apply to restore appetite stimulation. Here we summarize tips and tricks that you can try,


As we explained earlier, someone who loses his appetite will lose energy in his body, but keep in mind that to restore your appetite, you must spend energy so that there is a stimulus from the body to increase energy by eating food.

You can burn energy by doing exercises and sports so that all the remaining energy is burned and causes a new stimulus from the body to eat foods rich in carbohydrates immediately, so your appetite will be able to return because of the urge.

Plan and prepare meals

If you experience a loss of appetite, try to realize you do not want to eat heavy foods such as rice, corn or wheat. This feeling arises due to your boredom and stress when you see heavy food, and you need to do this trick to overcome this,

  • If you are used to eating large portions three times a day, try manipulating your mind by dividing the portions so that you can eat six times a day but with the same amount three times a day.
  • Generally, adults ignore breakfast because they are late for work or do not have enough time, so they are used to not eating and not feeling hungry. But keep in mind that when you eat at the right time, like during the day, it will be more likely because your appetite is higher during the day. You can take advantage of that time.
  • Do you feel lazy to eat great food like rice or the like? You can replace it with a light snack, and it’s more helpful than not eating anything, even though you can mix a little carbohydrate snack with water so that it is enough to increase energy in the body.

Choose foods wisely

We quickly lose our appetite because we feel bored with the type of food that is always the same, so you can be wiser in choosing foods that are useful to maintain your appetite. Here are ways you can try to select the right food.

  • Add a variety of your food, and if you eat food, you can combine it with sweet or salty toppings to change the taste so your tongue doesn’t get tired of receiving it.
  • You can drink sweets, fresh milk, and coffee to make you feel more comfortable. When your heart is calm and relaxed, you can restore your appetite.

Make mealtimes more enjoyable.

The atmosphere of eating and enjoying food is a factor that often occurs to people who lose their appetite, for that the trick you can do is,

  • Create a more comfortable dining atmosphere, such as adding some decorations to your dining room, or if you are in the office, try enjoying a meal with your office mates.
  • Try eating out occasionally, choose your favourite food and invite your family or partner to enjoy eating out. This will help divert the boredom.

Advice for older or less mobile adults

Parents are more susceptible to loss of appetite. For that, some tricks can be tried,

  • Create a reminder, like a meal alarm, at certain hours.
  • If you have trouble eating out, try using technology by ordering food using an order delivery system.
  • Talk to your doctor about your problem so they can help you find the best solution.

With some of the tips and tricks above, you can try to stimulate your appetite, try various methods, divert your mind and enjoy food relaxedly. But if it’s still difficult, you can visit the nearest doctor to help you find the best solution.