Can Blockchain Exist Without Bitcoin?


Many business enthusiasts have argued about the evidence of blockchain without cryptocurrency, and many of them have concluded that it can exist. Blockchain is not exclusive to only the crypto world. It has its individuality. You might have heard about blockchain just because of the cryptocurrency or, to be more specific, individually because of bitcoin.

Blockchain helps in record-keeping that is accurate, secure, and fast. The record is divided into different pieces known as ‘blocks’ stored in innumerable places. Certain people might not be familiar with the commendable applications with no crypto requirement. If you are not familiar with it, you have come to the right place.

Are There Any Applications Of Blockchain Without Cryptocurrency?


Many investors do not know the true potential of blockchain. Because of this, they are unaware that blockchain is so advantageous in numerous ways, which can even make it more accessible for you to step into the blockchain world. Some of the prominent applications include:

Online privacy:


Nowadays, online privacy has become indispensable, and nobody can disagree that online trading and surfing also involve risks. The blockchain here becomes so helpful, hypothetically speaking, when you surf or search anything you want, there are high chances that the particular website will use your data to provide you with specific ads and information about their offerings. Even the service providers also have a record of all your data. This data can be used not only for rendering information but for nefarious purposes also.

There are Blockchains in development that help you be completely anonymous and browse your internet without any worries. The whole process is a little tricky to understand. Still, in simple terms, the reasoning would be that your data is handled on a decentralized network instead of any certain organization that has the accessibility to it.

To know more about your data privacy, you should know that your data is spread in the form of a block and is scattered into pieces across the network. Only that person who has the decryption key will have access to it; if the key is secured, your data is forever secured. This is how the blockchain helps keep your data private.

Storing personal data:


Some documents are so important for you that you don’t want to place them, particularly in any physical form, as there are high chances they can get used wrongly  or even get misplaced. Blockchain has turned to become an astounding technology for storing personal information.

Many people trust the blockchain for storing their valuable documents, and the technology relies on particular private key that are solely in the access of the consumer. This acquires the users’ trust as they don’t require passwords or usernames to store their personal information. It makes it easier and highly safe for the consumer as passwords can easily get hacked and if you have a key, you are the only one who has access to that particular data.

People trust blockchain because of its zero-knowledge data storage, encryption keys, and decentralized ledger.  These factors make blockchain one of the most secure methods for storing valuable data online. Personal information is used in so many official works and if they will not be stored in a safe place there are high chances that you can lose them and this you will never want and here blockchain will help you out.

Supply chains:


Blockchain has an enormous impact on supply chains. Blockchain has an amazing record of all the transactions; you can get to the start point of every transaction or trading in the past. The world is becoming highly digital, and we can’t deny that sometimes we come into the point of dilemma where we are clueless about tracing the resources about certain trading, and going all the way back to the source is almost like finding a needle from the haystack.

The supply chain gives visibility and clarity to the supply chain so that the journey, starting from the root source to the last stop, blockchain offers the exact information that might hold a different value for you. It gives accountability and helps track all the information and resources that can help you.

Can Blockchain Succeed Without Bitcoin?


Blockchain is an astonishing technology that gives transparency, accountability, immutability, and many more. Bitcoin is just like a part of it, and bitcoin holds its individuality.

But mostly, people know blockchain only because of its link with bitcoin. Many aspects make it a credible platform for storing data, securing privacy, and more. Many people use blockchain for the respective applications provided by it.

Blockchain can succeed without bitcoin, but bitcoin cannot succeed without blockchain as its pillar is solely the blockchain. It is responsible for spreading the information in the blocks form and decentralized, making bitcoin a safe cryptocurrency. In the future, blockchain might climb higher steps of success if it will work in the same way it is doing now.

The beginners always thrive for a platform that can perfectly secure their documents and help them keep their data and information private so that they should not get in anyone’s access except for them. As the blockchain is one of the most secure platforms for it, more people are searching for it, which is how the blockchain is achieving success every day.

The Takeaway:

Blockchain is an extensive network and technology which precisely records transactions between two parties. With numerous digital codes, it helps to give the best privacy to your documents, and the transactions also help prevent money laundering and other practices. It is futuristic and works to protect the user and ensure a safe environment for anyone.

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