How to Better Remember Things and Keep Beautiful Memories


How many times have you experienced very beautiful and emotional moments, and later realized that your memories of them have faded? The human mind, unfortunately (or fortunately), is not a perfect machine and cannot remember exactly everything that has ever happened to us. And while we are happy to successfully forget some things, we wish we could remember some moments forever – but memories do not work that way. They often do not follow our conscious desires, although they may follow those unconscious ones. However, we can still influence our memories. Below we present six activities that will help you better preserve those beautiful moments that you will want to remember throughout your life.

Keep notes in diary of beautiful things that happened to you


The written word cannot ‘escape’ you. As the old saying goes in some parts of the world – “A smart man writes, a fool remembers” – here we repeat that wisdom.
Even if you are not a person who keeps a diary on a regular basis, we suggest that you put those emotional and beautiful moments on paper so that you can return to them later and relive them. You can buy yourself a diary for beautiful moments and write in it everything that made you happy – from big things to small things, whether it is the first kiss with a boy/girl you had a crush on for a long time, a dish you tasted for the first time, a jackpot gained an online casino you have chosen from the list here, the first time your baby grabbed your finger…

Take photos of things – and not just for instagram


Today, our mobile phones are full of photos but then, when we think a little better and go through them, we realize that we rarely really capture a special moment or take photos with friends or family. We mostly keep photos of lunches and coffees, as well as selfies and photos we took to post them on Instagram but none (or just a few of them) of those photos actually save emotions and special moments. Remember how we all still have albums full of photos that we keep (that were made by our parents) and that remind us of the beautiful moments on them and start making your own virtual photo album, with photos that really mean something.

Remember emotions, not words


Words are often forgotten, although it seems to you that you will remember some of them forever. But, because of that, emotions are what are remembered. You will notice that it will often happen to you that you forget what exactly someone told you but that you remember how it made you feel. Remembered feelings remain carved deep within us and can come back to us like a boomerang, with the same intensity as when we experienced them. Therefore, spend time with people who make you feel good and then cultivate that feeling of happiness and love in yourself, and stick to it both in the moment and later in life.

Absorb sensations with all your senses


Do not just remember what you see. Try to also remember what you hear, the wind you feel on your skin, the coldness of the glass of wine you hold in your hand, the texture of the rocks on the beach you walk on. When you feel the world around you with all your senses, the memories you have left will be much more complete. You know how many times have you smelled something and said to yourself “It is such a familiar smell, where do I remember it from?” Take in all of the sensations that life has to give since they are one-of-a-kind.

Share memories to complete the picture

It often happens that each of us remembers something different from the same situation we were in. Therefore, share your memories with friends because in that way you will complete the picture of what you experienced together. Sometimes you will be completely surprised by some details of a certain event that you have completely forgotten about and which make it even more endearing and emotional.

Be present in the moment


Presence is always important. If you are constantly living in the past or thinking about a future that has not yet happened, you will miss the wonderful present that is actually the only thing that exists. Your present will become the past you think about, and every moment of the present leads you to the future – and so devote yourself to it. Why? Well, devote yourself to it and it will stay in your memory.


Life is a magnificent adventure that should be savored every day to the fullest. That does not mean you always wake up ready to seize the day, and you may need a reminder from time to time that life is a wonderful gift. We can all use a little motivation and inspiration these days via a life quote, whether it is a funny phrase from a renowned celebrity or an encouraging message from a successful business person about giving it your all. That may inspire you to begin preserving great memories…