8 Best Water Pump Motor For Home Use In India 2024

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A water pump is a very useful tool which is a must in today’s motor city as well as rural parts. A water pump is nothing but a hydraulic machine which is helpful to increase the water flow. It helps to pump both hot and cold water efficiently.

Our Top Picks

#1 Kirloskar #2 Crompton #3 Lakshmi
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It is highly in demand for various agricultural tasks and also in residential and commercial spaces. It helps in draining water from the basement and fills the water tankers, pools and also tubs. Water pumps are a must for agricultural irrigation and low sprinkling on lawns.

1. Kirloskar 0.5 Hp Self Priming Water Pump

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If you are searching for a high performing water pump, Kirloskar 0.5 Hp Ultra Self Priming Water Pump is the best choice. It is made with high-quality aluminum, hence you don’t need to worry about rusting and weight of the water pump. It is very easy to install and promises heavy-duty during low groundwater.

The overall dimension of Kirloskar 0.5 Hp Ultra Self Priming Water Pump is 24*22*16 cm, the head size is between 6-24 meters.  The water pump gives excellent performance and you are assured to receive high capacity of 1800-400 LPH. The overall power rating is 0.5 HP only.

2. Lakshmi 0.5 HP Self Priming Mono

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This is the highly trusted water motor pump for regular domestic use, it is primarily made with metal. The life of Lakshmi 0.5 HP Self Priming Mono Block Water Pump is high and the performance is excellent.

The head size ranges between 6-26 meters and it has a capacity of 33-6 l/pm. The best part about Lakshmi 0.5 HP Self Priming Mono Block Water Pump is that it supports a voltage range of up to 240 volts in one single phase. 

The motor body is made with extruded aluminum and the motor body is made of carbon-ceramic. This water motor pump is absolutely value for money.

3. Kirloskar Ultra Monoblock Pump 1 HP

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The Kirloskar Ultra Monoblock Pump is one reliable choice if you are searching for a durable water motor pump for domestic use. The primary material is aluminum, you get to choose from different colors. The dimension of Kirloskar Ultra Monoblock Pump is 23.5*21*15 cm, a safe choice for apartments as well as individual villas.

The overall rating is 1 HP and the voltage range can go up till 220 volts.  When it comes to performance, Kirloskar Ultra Monoblock Pump tops the chart. It supports capacity range between 3100 to 500 LPH. This is the first preference if you are looking for a high-performance water motor pump in a budget.

4. Crompton Mini Sapphire II Surface

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Crompton is a household name when it comes to high-quality electronic equipment. The Crompton  0.5HP is a highly durable and perfect choice when it comes to domestic usage. It is easy to install and use. The genuine product from Crompton is highly helpful in managing the water without harming the motor quality. 

The material used in Crompton 0.5HP is high-quality aluminum which is light weighted, there is no iron hence you don’t need to worry about rusting of motors and blocking.  Post-sales customer service of Crompton is also good.

5. MXVOLT 0.5 HP Pressure Pump

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When it comes to high durability self-priming pump, MXVOLT is a trustworthy name. It is perfect for regular as well as domestic use. The high-quality motor has a long life and guarantees excellent performance. MXVOLT 0.5 HP Pump is a good option for the regular purpose, it is easy to install and effective when it comes to usage. 

The water pump is designed in such a way that it controls the voltage fluctuation without harming the inner motor. The voltage range can go up to 220-240 voltage. With MXVOLT 0.5 HP Pump you can easily handle the single phase.

6. Sameer I-Flo Water Pump 1Hp

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Sameer is a budding brand when it comes to water motor pump, the motor life is excellent. This water motor guarantees high performance and durability. The material used to built Sameer I-Flo Water Pump 1Hp is metal, no worries about rusting or wearing off of units when the motor ages.

The 1 HP motor has a long life and it follows smart motor technology.  The motor shuts down when there is overheating. The brass forged used assures heavy-duty and stretches the lifting capacity when needed.

The overhead ranges between 100-120 feet. Sameer I-Flo Water Pump 1Hp makes use of an inbuilt thermal overload protector to safeguard the motor in case of overheating.

7. Flora original Copper RO Booster Pump

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If you are in an area where water pressure is too low, Flora Original Copper RO Booster Pump  Pump is the ideal choice. A great choice for domestic as well as regular usage.

The copper body makes it a durable choice and the overall motor life is also high. The Flora original Copper RO Booster Pump Pump comes with an additional set of pump connectors. They are highly compatible with topwater purifying brands like Kent, Aquafresh, Aquagurad, etc.

The highly durable water motor offers 100% compatibility to leading water purifying brands when it comes to speed and water pressure.  High quality and affordable choice.

How To Select The Right Water Pump For Home?

While buying a water pump you need to consider various things. Majorly water pumps are measured in GPM, it is the discharge caption. You also need to consider the vertical suction lift and the head lift before finalizing one.


The rate of GPM Discharge capacity determines the speed of water flows, it starts from the source to the final point. The water speed is measured in gallons each minute. It helps to determine the performance of the water motor pump.

Head Lift

The maximum head lift is mandatory to determine the total height from the source to an endpoint which is also the drainage point. It helps to determine how far the water can move.

Vertical Suction Lift

It determines the vertical distance from the source to the motor pump. It is just to check if you are using the water pump to fill the basement or any pond.

Different Type of Water Motor Pumps

Based on the needs you can select the best water pump for your residence or commercial purpose.

1. Clear Water Pumps

These types of motor pumps are helpful to drain the hot tub and water ponds. It can also be used for lawn sprinkling and garden areas. These types of water pumps are helpful to clear waters free from clouds of dust and debris. The overall handling capacity is maximum .25 inches.

2. Trash Water Pumps

The trash pumps help to pass solids of a maximum of 2 inches. It is best for commercial as well as agricultural purposes. It works best for irrigation and draining small pumps for construction purposes.

3. Semi-Solid Motor Pumps

It works similarly to the clear water pump but they can handle the small solids too. It has the capacity to go up to .75 inches from .25 inches. They work best for small pools.

4. High-Pressure Water Pumps

These types of water motor pumps are designed specially to offer higher pressure when the volume is too low. A great choice for agriculture and farming. These motor pumps can sprinkle the water too long distances.

Things To Know Before Buying Water Pump

  1. Look for the discharge outlets and installation procedure.
  2. Opt for the pump motor with has multiple connections options.
  3. High performing and lightweight aluminum are easy to hand and move during the pumping.
  4. The pumps with ceramic seals usually have a long life and great performance.