5 Best Home Safe Lockers in India – 2020 Buying Guide

home safe lockers

Hi Guys, after completing 35 hours of researching, we find the top five best safe lockers in India. Do you think that everything is safe in your home? Then buying the best home safe lockers is the best option for you.

If you have a locker, no worry about losing your important items such as money, gold, files, papers and other valuable items. Simply, that protect and safely to storage significant items.

Our Top Picks

#1 Godrej #2 AmazonBasics #3 Godrej 
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Generally, We have most of selected a Godrej locker because of the ideal brand in this segment of Electronic Lockers.

How To Install Safe Lock

  • First of all, you decide that place when hidden electrical wiring or water pipes are not available.
  • After the safe wall, you can perfectly mark the holes behind the wall.
  • Then with the help of a drill machine accurately install the locker.

Which point keep in mind when buying a safe locker

There are certain factors to be considered before buying Best Electronic Safes/Lockers at home:

  • Size matters, select a compact design because no one likes to require more space.
  • The safe locker should be fire and water resistance.
  • Decide your budget for a locker and check all things according to your money value.

Top 5 Best Electronic Safes/Lockers Online in India

1. Godrej Security Solutions Forte 40 Steel Safe locker

Godrej Security Solutions Forte 40 Steel Safe locker

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Godrej Forte 40 Safe Locker is the highest rated electronic safe locker and the reason is that covers multiple protected features. The cover many features like non-volatile memory, password retained even if batteries are removed, compact with attractive aesthetics, durable finish, Enhanced battery life, low battery indication, password entry can be hidden, solid steel material and interior carpet.

Design & Capacity:

Godrej Forte 40 is made from durable material in a square design. It has a 40 liters capacity. It locks able to open with a 3 to 6 digit master password for extra protection.

If you forget the password, you can open them manually so don’t worry about that. Also, it gives a facility to opening records along with the date.


Nobody opens this locker without the right password. In case if try to someone open with a wrong password this freeze automatically

Why we recommended this:

  • Biometric lock system.
  • Budget-friendly, Powder-coated finish.
  • Used solid steel material for extra protection.
  • The warranty on the product is 1 year.
  • Free demo services will be provided for Godrej Safes.
  • Programmable for up to 3-6 digit long code for safety.
  • Providing facility to check opening records around the last 100 records.
Customer Reports

Another good product from Godrej Very sturdy and safe for valuable items. Very easy to operate too. Can store multiple fingerprints too. Easily recommended.

Bharat Garg

Large enough space. Sturdy quality & finger print is the best feature. Makes fast, efficient & full proof security.


2. Godrej Security Solutions New Stilo Electronic Safe locker

Godrej Security Solutions New Stilo Electronic Safe

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This is the second-best home safe locker in India. It has a maximum 6 digit electronic password system. This stylish locker made from mild steel and overall finish with black powder-coated. The notify you when the battery level is low. The open with master keys by chance password is not remember.

When you try at least three times the wrong password then the after attempts system lock. It means is fully safe against a robber. There are 2 motorized shooting bolts for the extra safe and secure.

Design & Capacity:

Its small and compact size design anywhere to fit in your home. Its stylish and latest security design accumulated with big safety. The product dimensions are- H*W*D: 254*350*250 mm and weight is 11 kg.

LED DIsplay:

Its LED display and sleek design added a richness to your home.

Non-volatile memory:

Its non-volatile memory features never loss your recorded memory even battery is low.

Why we recommended this:

  • Low battery level indicator.
  • Mechanical override is available.
  • Opens with a 3 – 6 digit master password.
  • It comes with digital keypads with a number lock.
  • USB data retrieval using the external unit.
  • Auto-freeze after consecutive three wrong attempts.
  • Warranty: 1 year on a product.
Customer Reports
Amit Makhija

Yes, it’s a good product. Reached with proper packing and complete accessories. Installation was very easy. It’s complete value for money product. Thank you, seller and Amazon for spreading Happiness.

Huzefa Merchant

This is very hard for us to operate this locker without any guide book or any installation guidance, please available any of the above to make use of the locker.


3. Godrej E-Laptop Pro Electronic Safe locker

Godrej E-Laptop Pro Electronic home Safe locker

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The Laptop pro electronic safe locker is ensured to store laptops along with jewelry, documents, cash and other important items. Its digital locking mechanism and motorized shooting bolts. Moreover, the provides you with USB data retrieval benefits to get old data.

There is a feature mechanical override key which one helps when in case you forget your password. This is perfectly safe for all worthy equipment.

Built & Design:

The multi-band design looks safe and trendy. Inbuilt with low battery indicator when a battery is low it’s warning you. Apart from these, non-volatile memory retains the password safe even battery is dies. Its height is 200 mm and weighs 12 kg.


This Godrej locker is able to store a 17-inch laptop with other belongings. It has enough capacity to hold all your properties. Moreover, the big size locker comes in your range.

Why we recommended this:

  • Enabled to master password.
  • Password entry can be hidden.
  • Easy reset options
  • Its weight is 12 kg.
  • Stylish interior carpet protects from scratch marks.
  • 1-year manufacturer warranty.
Customer Reports

The safe is good and very easy to operate.
I went through the manual and was able to setup in 10 minutes. All the accessories (fixing bolts, batteries, warranty cards, emergency keys and manuals) were in place and didn’t had to struggle. The product is quite sturdy and heavy and the packaging was perfectly fine with proper support at the edges and corners. There were no scratches and dents which denotes proper handling during shipment.


It’s my second Locker from Godrej. It’s very good Go for it. It’s heavy and large. Have bolt holes both in the bottom and backside. It has hotel mode and Home mode

Little exploration required to change the passwords and rest.


4. AmazonBasics Security Safe locker

AmazonBasics Security home Safe locker

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Amazon Basic security safe locker has easily fitted on the wall, floor or shelf. Its product dimension is (L x W x H) 6.81 x 12.15 x 6.97 inches and door thickness is approximately 2 inches. It is wholly steel construction among with carpeted floor product to protect against injuries and other damages.

The locke equipped with 2 partitions inside the locker which helps you to keep your document and other delicate items in different places.

It comes with  2 emergency override keys. If you forgot your password this key able to open your locker safely. All over good but keep in mind, it is not safe against fire or water.

Why we recommended this:

  • Locker capacity is 28 liters.
  • Provides a reprogrammable digital access.
  • The uses four AA batteries.
  • Two key provides for emergy.
  • Adjust in floor, shelf, or wall whenever you required.
Customer Reports

Simple to operate but a bit less weighty than my previous one and as it’s not fire or waterproof I’ve had to buy a fireproof wallet for documents.

Trinkets and treats

Took a while to get it running, and started working out of the blue. My advice is to let it warm up a bit in the house after delivery, fit the batteries, and wait a few minutes. Then follow the instructions and it should light up. I got mine 2 months ago and the batteries still work.


5. Godrej Goldilocks Personal Safe Locker

Godrej Security Solutions Goldilocks Personal Locker

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Godrej Goldilocks Personal Safe Locker is easily transferred from one place to another place while traveling also. The used tough material for full of safety. It has a 2.2 Liters capacity that enough to keep personal items like keys, wallets, cheque-books, iPods, jewelry, credit cards, money and other valuables things.

The multiple usage locker looks like a purse so, it is carried with traveling. The equipped with an alarm system such that an alarm starts automatically if anyone tries to carry it away or break into it.

Its weight only 5 kg and gives a 12-month manufacturer warranty.

Why we recommended this:

  • Inbuilt with tough metal.
  • Small and compact design.
  • Travel and budget-friendly.
  • Superior soft-touch interior.
  • Safe runs by a 9V battery.
  • Great color combination.
Customer Reports
Subir Ghosh

The product is good. The only caveat (as I have noticed so far) is to be careful with the alarm. Don’t keep stuff on it after switching the alarm on. Second, I think the alarm tone itself should change. It needs to be ALARMING. The volume needs to be a bit on the higher side as well. One can easily muffle the sound with a blanket type of fabric and make a getaway. That said, it is quite a sleek gadget. Definitely worth more than what one would be paying for. It’s a bit heavy, but I guess that needs to be part of the “package” so to speak.

Abhishek Bali

Using it since November 2016. Sleek and elegant. Sits nicely in my cupboard. Useful to keep certain small-sized valuables like keys, cash, jewelry, certain documents, watches etc. The touch panel is great, feels soft, and is responsive. Velvet lining is great. Portable.

The only con I found is that it buzzes even if you close the cupboard door a bit hard.
Other than that, it’s good to have it.


  • Which locker is best for home?
  • What is the best fireproof safe for home use?
  • Will paper money burn in a fireproof safe?
  • What if we lost the safe locker key?
  • What is a safety locker?
  • Which safe locker is the cheapest?
  • What should I put in my home safe?

Check out other interesting choices on the Indian market in 2020:

Yale Standard Home Electronic Safe with Pincode Access- 8.6 litres, Black
  • Total peace of mind : The safe comes with two anti-saw locking bolts (16mm) and with steel body for protection against all attacks
  • Technical Details - Exterior dimensions: 200 x 310 x 200 mm ( LXWXH), Interior dimensions: 150 x 300 x 190 mm ( LXWXH), Net weight: 8 Kg, Volume: 16.3 litres
  • Steel construction with carpeted floor to protect against scratches and damage
  • Pre-drilled holes (fixing bolts supplied) allow permanent mounting to floors, walls, or most hard surfaces for additional security
  • Incorrect Entry Alarm feature - Inputting the incorrect code 4 times sounds an internal alarm for 3 minutes and locks out the code pad for that time. Manual override can be used during alarm
Godrej Security Solutions Goldilocks Personal Locker (White and Pink)
  • No longer waste time searching for your misplaced wallet, keys, jewellery etc and expose them to the risk of petty theft. With Goldilocks, India's first of its kind personal locker, organize and...
  • Tamper Alert: Equipped with a sensor that sets off an alarm if someone tries to carry it away or break into it ; Godrej Security Solutions, we realised that today, people carry a lot of everyday items...
  • Portable: It can easily be taken from one room to another and can even be carried with you while travelling
  • Tough Metal Build: The material used is the same as that of a full fledged safe ensuring you don't compromise on security
  • Smart Touch Panel: Superior aesthetics along with illuminated digits help you operate the locker even in the dark
Godrej Security Solutions Esquire Electronic Safe (Ivory)
  • Material type: Mild steel, Shape: Cuboidal
  • Interior carpet. Body Thickness (Wall): 1.2mm. Body Thickness (Door): 5mm
  • Motorised Shooting bolts for extra protection
  • Non-volatile memory prevents password erasure, when the battery is low
  • Low battery indicator. Password entry can be hidden
AmazonBasics Security Safe - 1.2-Cubic Feet,Black(33.98 Litres)
  • Black 34L security safe with electronic lock and 2 emergency override keys. Please remove the emergency override keys from the safe & store separately for use if you forget your passcode or if the...
  • Steel construction with carpeted floor to protect against scratches and damage
  • Safe is not fireproof or waterproof
  • 2 live-door bolts and pry-resistant concealed hinges
  • adjustable/removable interior shelf
Ozone Security Solution Safilo Bio-2 Electronic Safe (55 Litre) Black
  • Material: Steel
  • Item Dimension: 360mm x 350mm x 555mm
  • 1 year warranty provided by the manufacturer from day of purchase
  • Electronic Locking System
  • User Acess: Combination of finger print, User pincode

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