Best Projector Under $500

Standard displays are not popular anymore, especially if you are a gamer, a professional in a meeting or just watching a movie. If you want to have the best entertainment experience you need a good projector. There are some very expensive projectors that can give you amazing performances, but of course, there are ones that are not so expensive while giving great performances. If your budget is around $500, look no more! On this list, you will find the best projectors under $500.

ViewSonic PA503S

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This has to be one of the best projectors under $500 on the market today. Its first big feature is maneuverability. Whether you are watching something close or far away, this DLP format projector can get the job done. It has a throw range of 3.9–43 feet! This makes it ideal for places like cramped office, a home theater, or even as an outdoor projector. You won’t have any problems seeing the image with the projector either. It features an amazingly bright 3600 lumens, which is bright enough for every surface. The most surprising quality of this bulb is its durability. Even at the brightness, these bulbs should last about 15,000 hours. While this is not the most durable bulb on the market, it is still impressive. This projector also has a lot of support like VGA, RCA, and HDMI hookups. This makes it easy for the projector to hook up to DVD or Blue-Ray players, Mac or PC сomputers, or any other device you might want pair it with.

Vivibright GP100

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This projector is relatively new on the market and it uses a combination of technologies. Instead of simply being in an LCD format, it uses LED technology to its advantage. This can be seen in two different categories. First, it’s a bright projector, which can produce 3,500 lumens. What makes this bulb special is its lifespan. It will last an astounding 30,000 hours. The VIVIBRIGHT is also great for multiple application thanks to its wide-ranging throw distance and screen size. The range of this projector is as close as 4 feet away and up to 18 feet. It’s great for indoor or smaller outdoor applications, as long as the screen isn’t too far away.  The optimal size of the screen for this projector is from 35 inches to 180 inches. The projector features VGA, RCA, and HDMI ports. With the right connections, Vividbright GP100 can run a multitude of HD resolutions, which makes it easier to find the one that is right for you. It also sports a built-in speaker which makes it easy to use on the go.

Epson VS250

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Epson has always been one of the leaders in projectors and they have proven themselves again with the VS250. It is extremely simple to set up and connect in many ways. It has a 3LCD display which can produce crystal clear images at a high brightness level of 3,200 lumens. It can also work on most resolutions, though it works best at 800×600, which is not very desirable for some movies or games. The contrast for this projector is one of its best advantages among LCD projectors. With a contrast ratio of 15000:1,  it making it easy to get crystal clarity on the darker parts of your presentation or media. This projector is also one of the most adaptable on the market which makes it perfect for large or small spaces, or anything in between.

ViewSonic PJD5155

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This projector which operates in a DLP format has a nice wide range considering its throw distance. This feature makes it ideal to use outdoors, indoors or in any other situations you might find yourself in.  It also sports a nice screen size range. The variety of screen size it can be used varies from 83 inches up to 207 inches. It has a maximum Lumens of 3,300, but it has  short bulb life. It can also work in multiple resolutions, with the highest being 1080P. This one is a great choice for watching high definition movies, playing games, and giving crisp, clear presentations. If you get the contrast set up nicely, you will be able to watch everything you want with a crystal clear image on a great projector that cost just around $500.