Top 5 Best headphones under $50 with microphone 2024

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Every modern person likes to have good sound while listening to music or doing some task and it can cost a lot of money. Also, it is a very popular equipment for communication. However, headphones don’t always have to be expensive to produce sound with high quality.  Nowadays, there are lots of them that we can find under $50 and they resulted as very convenient. You can also easily find low-priced Bluetooth headphones that are capable of delivering great audio and bass presence. Many of these great wireless headphones are featured and reviewed in MusicCritic.

Usually, people spend a lot of money because they want to have studio-level clarity of sound and other options – noise canceling, long-lasting battery, bass-rich sound, wireless, special design made for people who practice some sports…

Different users

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When we speak about users of headphones, we can divide them into three groups:

  1. Budget listeners – for those who take care of the budget and don’t want to spend a lot of money on headphones, even though they know that sound quality is not so good.
  2. Users who like to have a back-up pair of headphones, in case their headphones stop in some situation.
  3. Streamers – people who don’t think that the quality of sound and player is something important. The only thing that is important for them is to hear “something”.

Very often headphone manufacturers produce some cheap headphones especially because of the economies of scale. Even some very popular companies, for example, Sony and JVC. They do that because of the competition, so the production can be higher if the products are cheaper.

Don’t buy cheap headphones only because they look nice

A lot of people, usually teenagers, like to buy cheap earphones that look very nice and with modern design. It’s not always the best option because very often those headphones have bad quality and stop working very fast. However, some producers create modern and colorful headphones, with good quality, as well.

Buy unpopular brands

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When we want to buy new headphones, if the price is not important, then we are looking for a popular brand that we heard about before – Sony, JVC… But, nowadays, ChiFi revolution (Chinese Hifi) is very popular, with very good quality, modern design and reasonable price.

Now we will present some of the models of headphones under $50.

Over-ear: Mpow H5 Wireless

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This is one of the most popular models of wireless headphones with noise canceling. These over-ear headphones have 12-hour battery life and we can use them also during charging. Other positive things are Bluetooth, bass for bass-heavy music and reasonable price.

Gaming: Corsair HS60

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This model was produced especially for gaming. They are not wireless, so they also don’t have Bluetooth, but the quality of sound and design are great, so it’s not a mistake if you choose this option. Thanks to their 1/8” audio jack, it can be used also with mobile devices and gaming consoles, but also on the PC via USB. Another con about this model is impossible noise canceling.

On-ear: Skullcandy Grind wireless

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This model is specified by its compact metal design and a possibility to choose different colors. The first good thing about those Bluetooth headphones is two audio cables to use when the battery is empty. It can be connected with a lot of devices, for example, the PS4 and Xbox One. Another very important thing is a 15-hour battery life. They are not portable, so than can be the only negative thing.

More portable: Koss Porta Pro KTC

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These wired headphones seem to look big, but they are a very compact format and easy to carry around. It doesn’t make some uncomfortable feeling on your head, while they are ultra-light. On the other hand, they are not wireless and don’t have noise cancellation, so it can be a big minus.

Best earbuds: Anker SoundBuds Curve Wireless

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These great designed headphones are very portable and have a good carrying case that makes them non-removable from your ears. Battery life lasts for 13 hours and they charge in 1.5 hours, which is very good. Those earbuds have a bass-rich sound profile, so if you are a fan of loud music, you will enjoy every single moment.

After all these reviews, we can see that factor in price is not very important. We can easily find very good headphones with high quality and design for only $50.