Top 10 Best Gaming Mouse under 1000 in india 2024

Top 5 Best Gaming Mouse under 1000 in India

Hey, Guy’s looking for best Gaming Mouse under 1000 rs? My research will show you some best gaming mouse in the Indian market. There are various types of the mouse comes and fill your need. but you can choose based on buttons placement. depends on your style.

Check DPS(dots-per-inch) It’s a key part of the mouse. High DPS generate more efficiency and flexibility. Check it’s wired or wireless.

Also, check the optical pen mouse at

Here, You can find some best gaming mouse under 1000 rs in India.

Our Top Picks

#1 Logitech #2 Dragonwar #3 MFTEK
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Dragonwar Blue Sensor Gaming Mouse


  • RGB lighting for an enhanced gaming experience
  • Resolution options including 800, 1600, 2400, and 3200 dpi
  • Adjustable sensitivity
  • Long robust wire
  • Ideal grip for big hands

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If you are a professional gaming enthusiast looking for a gaming mouse with an ergonomic design, Dragonwar Blue Sensor Gaming Mouse is a good option. It gives you excellent control with its 7 control buttons. You can also the gaming action of your choice as the buttons are programmable.

You can create your custom profiles. With a mouse cable length of 1.8 meters, it is suitable for all kinds of surface.

It has an in-store memory of 512k which can be used by the macro function in various computers. It offers reliable transmission integrity with its gold-plated USB connector and interface.

Redragon Centrophorus Wired Gaming Mouse

  • Adjustable weight tuning set with 8 x 2.4g weights
  • 5 programmable buttons with onboard memory profiles
  • Advanced optical sensor with 3200 DPI
  • 3600 FPS fast gaming engine

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Redragon Centrophorus Wired Gaming Mouse is a classy product with good quality features and high durability. It feels comfortable during long gaming sessions because of its smooth ergonomic layout. It has a 4-level adjustable DPI sensor offering up to 15G acceleration and fast speed. It offers ultra-fine control with its durable Teflon feet and contoured design.

It features 5 control buttons that are programmable and have individual memory profiles. It has a weight tuning set with 8 removable lead weights. It gives an engaging experience with different LED colour options. It has good quality Omron micro buttons which help avoid misclicks.

Night Hawk FPS Gaming Mouse

  • 8 programmable keys with easy customization
  • Adjustable DPI & settings
  • High durability with great comfort
  • RGB lighting for the atmospheric gaming experience
  • High accuracy and precision

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If you are looking for a gaming mouse with an accurate and adjustable DPI, Night Hawk FPS Gaming Mouse offers you a great choice.

It has optimized precision and a comfortable grip for hands of all shapes and sizes. It comes with a 3200 DPI optical sensor offering great onscreen movement speed and high performance.
With 8 programmable buttons,

it provides great customization and high durability up to 5 million clicks. Its colourful RGB backlight gives an enhanced gaming experience to the users. It has a flawless ergonomic design and offers great speed with a quick response rate of 8 milliseconds.

Live Tech Advance Sensor Vulcan Programmable Gaming Mouse

  • 1.8-meter durable braided cable
  • A lightweight body weighing 159 grams
  • Adjustable RGB lighting
  • Advanced 2750 DPI sensor
  • High-grade matte finish
  • Programmable macro keys

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Live Tech Advance Sensor Vulcan Programmable Gaming Mouse can be a good addition to your gaming system if you are a gaming enthusiast.

It is designed in a stylish & compact way offering great comfort for the fingers while gaming. Its customizable RGB lighting gives it an enhanced look, especially if you love gaming in a low light environment.
It comes with programmable macro keys that can be set up easily as per your gaming requirements.

It gets a classy look with a high-grade matt finish. It offers a seamless experience while gaming due to its advanced 2750 DPI sensor.

TeckNet Raptor Gaming Mouse

  • 2000 DPI optical Tru-wave sensor
  • Customizable DPI settings
  • Ergonomic design for great comfort
  • Fibre-knit cable with magnetic ring
  • Gold-plated USB connector
  • 40g additional weight

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With a Tru-wave sensor, TeckNet Raptor Gaming Mouse is a 6D optical gaming mouse for an ultimate gaming experience. It offers great precision in cursor control where you can adjust the DPI settings between 600, 1200 and 2000 DPI. It has an integrated optical gaming sensor with a frame rate of 4000 frames per second.

Its black & red colour along with LED lighting gives it an advanced look. It offers great comfort and precision with its elegant design smooth-gliding underside. It provides great control over the cursor and an optimized experience of gaming. It has a high-quality gold-plated USB connector.

Pictek Wired Optical Gaming Mouse

  • 5 adjustable DPI levels
  • Ergonomic design
  • A lifetime of up to 10 million clicks
  • 7 colours LED backlight
  • 1.4-meter long braided nylon cable
  • 7 programmable buttons

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If you are a professional gamer searching for a highly durable mouse for extensive use, Pictek Wired Optical Gaming Mouse can be an ideal choice. It has a durability of up to 10 million clicks. It comes with an anti-static braided nylon cable. It offers great connectivity with its USB interface. It has 5 adjustable DPI levels ranging from 1000 DPI to 5000 DPI.

It consists of 7 control buttons that provide adjustable sensitivity and efficient productivity. It comes with a 7 colour LED light giving an atmospheric gaming experience. Its claw grip design offers great comfort and avoids stress on fingers.

MFTEK Gaming Mouse

  • Adjustable resolution with 4 DPI levels
  • A comfortable non-skid scroll wheel
  • 7 buttons for efficient control
  • High-grade USB braided wire
  • Ultra-quiet with low friction

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For an enhanced experience while gaming, MFTEK Gaming Mouse is one of the best gaming mouses under 1000 India. It supports all the major operating systems like Windows 7/8/10, Linux, and Mac OS. It contains 6 buttons for efficient control. It fits perfectly into hands of all sizes with its ergonomic design. It has adjustable DPI settings with 4 levels of 800, 1600, 2400, and 3200 DPI.

It comes with 7 different colours of LED lighting which adds a stylish look to your gaming set up. It offers high speed and good connectivity with its 150 cm long USB cable.

Cosmic Byte Dark Matter Gaming Keyboard and Mouse Combo

  • 19 calibrated anti-ghost keys
  • 12 shortcut keys to multimedia applications
  • USB interface with great connectivity and support
  • Great comfort for the fingers
  • High accuracy cursor control

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If you are looking to buy a keyboard as well as a mouse for gaming purpose, Cosmic Byte Dark Matter Gaming Keyboard and Mouse Combo is a good deal for you. It has an ergonomic design with a backlit keyboard for an exciting gaming experience.

The mouse comes with 4 DPI transmission levels. The keyboard has a high-quality membrane and offers precise and quiet keystrokes. Its anti-ghosting customizable keys and backlighting give it an advanced look with great functionality. It has 3 different LED lights that you can adjust according to the kind of gaming atmosphere you wish to create.

Logitech G102 Optical Gaming Mouse

  • Adjustable 200-6000 DPI sensor
  • High tracking speed & accuracy
  • Great durability & comfort
  • Quick on-screen response
  • Onboard memory
  • Advanced button tensioning
  • Programmable RGB lighting

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If you are looking for a high-quality gaming mouse, Logitech G102 Optical Gaming Mouse can be the right product for you. With an adjustable optical sensor having DPI levels ranging from 200 DPI to 6000 DPI, it has a classic design. It comes with 6 programmable buttons. It has a tension button system for efficient functionality.

It offers excellent USB connectivity with its 2-meter long cable and a polling rate of 1000 Hz. You can easily customize the LED lighting for an ideal gaming atmosphere. It is known as the subsequent direct model of the renowned Logitech G1.

Dragonwar Leviathan ELE-G1 Gaming Laser Mouse

  • 5 programmable control buttons
  • Suitable for almost every surface
  • 1-year warranty by the manufacturer
  • Ergonomic design for comfortable use
  • 1.8-meter long braided fibre cable

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Dragonwar Leviathan ELE-G1 Gaming Laser Mouse is an elegant and stylish product that adds class to your gaming setup. It comes with 5 programmable control buttons. It has a highly durable 1.8-meter long braided fiber cable. It suits perfectly with all kinds of surfaces.

Its ergonomic design provides good comfort for the hand while using it. It has a special laser sensor and adjustable DPI levels. It comes with a warranty of 1 year, applicable for manufacturing defects. It has a compact size and a very lightweight of 99.8 grams. The black colour gives it a classy finish.

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