5 Best Egg Boiler In India – 2024 Buying Guide

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Morning hours are crazy rush hours at a time it is an actually difficult task to perfectly cook the eggs. Cooking perfect eggs should be critical tasks in the kitchen. Sometimes it is overcooked and west your time and egg. If you want to perfectly boil the eggs every time then you can buy an egg boiler. Also, The electric egg cooker solves that problem.

Our Top Picks

#1 Kent  #2 Inalsa  #3 Russell 
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The electric egg boiler boils the egg without west vitamins and minerals. Egg boilers are saved your time in the kitchen and also use a tour in the hotel room. If you are an egg lover then sure you want to buy an egg boiler, Right?  Don’t worry, Egg Boilers available right here.

Choose from the best one in the below-given list of Top 5 Best egg boiler in India for the true egg enthusiasts!

Best Egg Boiler Online in India – Reviews & Buying Guide

1. Russell Hobbs REG300 Egg Cooker

russell hobbs reg300 egg cooker

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This egg boiler cooker has the ability to cook 7 eggs at the same time in just a few minutes. Its a fully automatic so, you do not need to fully inception.

If you want to boil the soft egg then you can be added a 40 ml water or for hard to 50 ml water. A measuring cup is included in the package so, no worry about the measures.

It has automatic power-off when the egg is cooked the stops automatically.

Key Features:

  • Its a fully automatic.
  • Boils the eggs very well without a creak.
  • Convenient to use.
  • Only need a 40-50 ml water to boil the egg.
  • Its a bit expensive but the material is too good.

Product Information:

  • Brand Russell
  • Colour White
  • Eggs Capacity 7
  • Power Consumed 300 W
  • Warranty 2 Year

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2. Kent Egg Boiler 360-Watt


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This Kent Egg Boiler is cute in appearance for boiling and you can choose to make soft-, medium- or hard-boiled eggs in these 3 different modes. Which type of boil the egg that based on the water added in the boiler. The device is ideal for your homes, hostels as well as hotel rooms.

Mostly, They will be done in a minimum of 8-10 minutes just one-touch operation. The Electric egg boiler will turn off automatically when the eggs are perfect boiled. 

Furthermore, Egg boiler has been formulated with a transparent cover for properly visible inside without an open lid.

Why Do We Recommend This:

  • Very simple way to operate.
  • Boiled 7 Eggs at once.
  • Stainless steel body and flat heating plate.
  • Overheating Protection for advanced safety.
  • 3 different modes – hard, medium and soft.

Product Information:

  • Brand Kent
  • Colour Silver Grey
  • Eggs Capacity 7
  • Power Consumed 360 W
  • Warranty 1 Year

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3. Goodway Electric Egg Boiler


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Next on our list is a model from Goodway. It is able to steam five eggs quickly with exactness and without jiffy. It looks too good in white with an orange color combination. This egg poacher heater boils eggs in just 7 minutes and saves your time.

Its automatic cut off function switches off the device automatically when you’re done the cooking. Its sleek design and trendy color expand your kitchen beauty.

The egg boiler comes with a measuring cup that helps in measuring accurate water levels to cook your eggs perfect level.

Key Features:

  • Save your cooking time.
  • Extremely lightweight.
  • A buzzer system is available.
  • Multi-functional egg shelf design.
  • The single one-touch button does not need to set mode.

Product Information:

  • Brand Goodway
  • Colour White, Orange
  • Eggs Capacity 5
  • Power Consumed 200 W
  • Warranty 6 Months

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4. Inalsa Oggi 360-Watt Egg Boiler


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This aluminum and stainless steel egg boiler is perfect if you need to cook eggs every day. Its adorable design and sturdy material perfect match to your routine life. The well-designed appliance is totally user-friendly.

Its stylish design with affordable price range inspires you gifting to someone special like your family and friends or any in your family relationships.

Apart from that, this egg boiler cooks up to 7 eggs at one time with consuming low power. The formulated with removable egg tray for easy cleaning.

Key Features: 

  • Made up of aluminum.
  • Boil the egg super fast.
  • Saves a lot of energy.
  • Stainless steel lid with a water measuring cup.
  • Auto shuts off/on with indicator light.

Product Information:

  • Brand Inalsa
  • Colour Black
  • Eggs Capacity 7
  • Power Consumed 360 W
  • Warranty 1 Year

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5. HSR 1 Ltr 7 Egg-Electric Egg Boiler


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The newly launched HSR Electric Egg Cooker made of high quality and has a 1 ltr water capacity. This egg poacher prepares eggs quickly with less energy. It will be cooking delicious and holding their nutritive standards.

The boiler cover is transparent so that you may check the cooking process without open the lid. While boiling the egg in the boiler you can add water according to the measuring pot.

This model comes in multicolor. In the boiler, Also you can use the pot for steam for any other purposes.

Why Do We Recommend This:

  • Also saves electricity cooker.
  • Perfectly boils 7 eggs at once.
  • It is safe to use and sturdy.
  • The measuring cup comes with an egg cooker.
  • Three colors available- Pink, white and yellow.

Product Information:

  • Brand HSR
  • Colour Multicolour
  • Eggs Capacity 7
  • Power Consumed 350 W
  • Warranty N/A

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Personal Recommendation

Inalsa Oggi 360-Watt Egg Boiler


Since we analyze a top-five Egg boiler in India. Someone now difficult to choose the best egg boiler then we suggest this product.
The Inalsa Oggi 360-Watt Egg Boiler is very good because its study design give long life. This comes with a one year warranty period. It has built with several useful features.

Best Egg Boiler Brands

 #  Russell

 #  Kent

 #  Goodway

#   Inalsa

#   HSR

Frequently Asked Questions:

How do I clean my egg boiler?

First of all, unplug your egg boiler and after safely remove the poach try and clean the moistened fabric and then wash the lid in the water.

Which is the best egg boiler?

Inalsa is a very good brand in that Inalsa Oggi 360-Watt Egg Boiler is the best egg boiler in India.

How many eggs enough to make per person?

If you are cooking an egg usually 2 eggs enough for each person.

Best Egg Boiler In India- Buying Guide

An egg is one of the most consumed food items in India. Whether you are a veggie or non-veggie egg is consumed by all. One of the most popular ways of egg that are eaten in India is a boiled egg.  Boiling an egg may seem to be an easy process.

However, it can be a chore boiling eggs because it can be difficult to get that perfect hard-boiled or a soft boiled egg every time. This is where an electric egg boiler comes in to save the day.

Factors To Consider Before Buying the best Egg Boiler in India

There are a lot of egg boilers these days each having different features. Egg boilers have some key aspects which must be looked at before purchasing them so that you buy the right egg boiler for your daily needs. Make sure to learn about these factors in an ideal way. Otherwise, you will end up facing disappointment or spending money on a worthless products. So, those essential factors are-

  1. Check Egg Boiler Capacity

The capacity of an egg boiler can be of most importance because you may find the need to cook more eggs, the purpose of an egg boiler is to make the job of boiling eggs easy hence it is better to have more egg space in an egg boiler if it has little capacity, then you have to spend extra time steaming additional eggs.

  1. Check Egg Boiler Time

Another important factor to buy an egg boiler will be the time taken to boil eggs. Generally, egg boilers are taken very little time to boil the eggs than the traditional way used to boil the eggs. Most of the egg boilers boil the eggs under 7 mins.

  1.  Check Egg Boiler Power Consumption

The most important thing that you should look at while buying one of the best egg boilers in India, is its power. Check out how much power is needed to run an egg boiler. From 200-300 watts is the ideal power consumption for egg boilers, Power consumption should be as low as possible because extra power usage or high power usage will make the use of egg boilers itself unrelated. This is not that vital aspect to check but you can have a look at it.

  1. Different Methods Of Boiling/Cooking Eggs

Eggs can be boiled in varying types like hard-boiled and soft boiled eggs. In some egg boilers, you can even poach eggs as well. These different kinds of boiling eggs can be useful and fulfill the preferences of different people.

  1. Check Egg Boiler Quality

Another important factor that users need to consider is the quality of the product. With the rising demand of the egg boiler, it is challenging to best products for several potential folks. Try to check out reviews of the product and learn about its pros and cons effortlessly. In some cases, many people end up spending money on useless items. So, in order to get over these complications, try to attain information related to the item and obtain success.

  1. Check Egg Boiler Price

The cost of the product another important factor. There are many sellers in the market, which try to sell a low-cost product at a high price. It is also best for people to know about a desirable product without making too much effort. Do not make a hurry towards the worthless or low-priced product. All you need to do is search for some items and buy one according to it.

Moreover, online sites like Amazon offer a big discount than a store. The site has 30 days return policy as well. So if you want to save your money you can go for Amazon to shop the best egg boilers in India at the lowest price.

  1. Check Egg Boiler Reputed Brand

There are several companies present in the market, which offer different types of egg boiler. Due to this, many people feel difficult while making a purchase. So, it is suggested that to collect adequate information from the manufacturers before purchasing. It is the more sensible choice available for customers to choose the best product. Most importantly, a reputed brand refers to a company that provides outstanding service and other valuable things. Therefore, choose one and meet your specifications without creating too much attempt.

  1. Check Customer Egg Boiler Reviews

Always check customer reviews of higher rating online shopping sites. These customers have actually used that product so no one can tell you better than them. You should check negative feedback to find out what is not functioning out, the latest reviews for more clear information.

  1. Check Egg Boiler Warranty

Well, it depends on the brand, price and other things, which will help to know about the warranty of the product. The egg boiler is available in a wide range and each and every item offers different warranty time. It is better to select one with an extra warranty time period. This is the best method to enhance the success rate of using an appliance with ease.

  1. Check Egg Boiler Colors Options

Check out all the available color options for egg boilers and take the best one which you like the most. You can choose colors like red, yellow, etc so that your product will look fresh all the time.

Now, most of the people choose an egg boiler which is easily available in the markets as well as online sites. Each of them comes with its own set of unique features and capabilities. Based on the design and the product, this machine can also make poached eggs as well as even omelets.  

All come in all sizes and price ranges depending upon your choice, the utility of the egg boiler. It is one of the easiest to use power equipment which can be put to use for steaming an egg. The quantities of water in the boiler determine the quality of the egg as to whether it will be soft boiled, medium boiled or hard-boiled.

Well, in order to purchase the best egg boiler in India, just read the above guidelines, get over your hassles with ease.

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