5 Best DJ Controller Under 20000 In India 2024

DJ controllers are amongst the most important thing that you need to invest if you are planning to make this a career. Although there are several other things that need good investment, DJ controllers must be chosen carefully as they define your skills and efficiency to deal with the music.

So, before buying the other accessories and gadgets needed to be DJ, make sure that you have a proper good quality DJ controller for yourself.

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#1 Numark #2 Hercules #3 PIONEER
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Here we are going to talk about the DJ controllers, things you need to keep in mind while buying a perfect one for yourself, and in the end, we will have a look at the five best DJ controllers available in the country to make the things easier and more sorted out for you. So, stay tuned to know more about the DJ controllers.

Best DJ Controller For Beginners

As said, the market has numerous models and brands to choose from, and for the novice buyers, grabbing the best-in-class product may not an easy task. Here are five of the most popular DJ controllers that you can buy under 25,000. Go through these products and then choose a controller that not only suits your professional level but also is in your budget.

1. Numark Party Mix DJ Controller with Card Light Show

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For the buyers who are planning to enter the field as a hobby or just want to perform in front of the friends and in the family functions, the Numark Party mix will be an ideal buy. With a bunch of useful features and extremely well laid out interface, this is one of the easiest use DJ controller available in the Indian market for the beginners.

Key Features:

  • Easy to set up
  • Built-in soundcard
  • Professional quality dual scratch platters and slider controls

So, if these were the features you were looking for, going with the Numark Party Mix would be a perfect buy. Also, this controller would be an ideal choice for the part-time DJs who are not willing to invest too much money in their hobby but still are looking for a good quality and feature DJ controller that can help them perform without any restriction.

2. Hercules DJ Universal 4780773 Controller

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Hercules DJ controller is another brilliant choice for the buyers who were looking forward to buying an affordable yet feature-rich DJ controller for them. With the exclusive features like the pressure detecting jog wheels, built-in audio outputs and numerous others make it an ideal buy for the enthusiasts who are planning to make it a career. Also, there are points that make it a perfect value for money product in this price range.

Key Features:

  • Easy to use
  • Extremely easy to setup up and perform
  • The professional design makes it easier to upgrade to a new and professional controller with time.

3. Novation AMS-XL MIDI USB Live Controller

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If you are a music lover and want to buy a fully customizable DJ controller that can help you enhance your overall performance during the show, the Novation DJ would be an ideal buy for you. For the buyers who are looking for a customized layout and have a better understanding of the music mixing, this DJ controller will be a perfect choice.

Apart from being fully customizable and easy to use, this DJ controller has numerous other points that make it a perfect buy for the enthusiasts who love experimenting and mixing their knowledge of music with the technology to get the best results.

Key Features:

  • 24 completely rotatory panel to enhance control over the music
  • Provides software edit too
  • Efficient and compact design

4. Native Instruments 22494 DJ Controller

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For the buyers who are after a reliable, easy to use and technically advanced DJ controller, the Native DJ mixer would be an ideal choice. With the advanced touch screen panels and features that make it an ideal choice for both beginners and advanced DJs. The dual-panel controls make it a perfect mixer to enhance the quality of mixing and provide you control over music-making.

The below-listed points make the Native DJ a perfect buy for those buyers who are willing to try something exciting and new.

Key Features:

  • Compact design
  • Efficient performance
  • Advanced 7-segment displays and LED indicators

5. Pioneer DJ Jingweite Controller for Rekordbox

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IF you are a professional DJ and are looking for a controller that is compact and provides great results, the Pioneer DJ would be an ideal choice for you. In addition to having a compact size and lots of features, the build quality and usability of the DJ controller is what makes it a better option for the professionals.

Here are the best things about the Pioneer DJ that make it an ideal choice for the buyers who are after a good quality, feature-rich DJ controller for them.

Key Features:

  • No setup required
  • Includes the software to edit and save your composition
  • Efficient performance

In all, if you were planning to take DJ and music mixing as a career, the DJ controller will be a perfect choice to start building your gadget list. So, choose one from the above-listed products or go with the buyer’s guide to choose one of your personal favorite DJ controller from the market.

How to Choose a Perfect DJ Controller

As the music industry is gaining interest in the country, the number of models and brands are kept on increasing for the DJ mixers and controllers. However, there are a few things that define the fine difference of a good and the best DJ controller. In this section, we are going to talk about these points that must be kept in mind while purchasing a new and a better performer for your show.

  • Brand
  • Usability
  • List of features
  • Value for money

These four points can be extremely beneficial for you if you are purchasing the DJ controller for the first time. So, keep them in mind and find the most suitable controller for yourself that is easy to configure and has a better performance.