A Beginner’s Introduction to Choosing a Web Hosting Company 2024

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If you want to own a website, you’ll need three things, and one of them is web hosting. Today we’re going to focus entirely on that, so if you want to learn more about web hosting, what is it and how it works, feel free to continue reading until the end. Without any ado, let’s take a look.

What is web hosting?

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Any computer with large storage space, also called a server, has the role of storing all information about a person’s website, and this is usually called a web host. Just like you have a storage room in which you store your clothes and other useful things, in a web host, you store digital files such as Images, Videos, and HTML.

Web Hosting companies often more than just storage space, but if you’re only interested in that, you can choose a plan that only includes storage and nothing else. However, here are some of the other things that a web hosting company can offer you.

  • Domain Registration (You can buy and manage your domain from the same company that will host your website.)
  • Website Builder (Most companies offer their website building tools which are much easier to use than coding your website, so no matter if you’re tech-savvy or not, you will be able to drag-n-drop all day long.)
  • Email Hosting (You can send professional e-mails from your domain by using their e-mail hosting service, so if that’s what you want, feel free to include it in your plan.)
  • Basic support service (If you think that you might need support with anything, include this in your plan, and whenever you have a problem, their team will be available for help.)

How to identify a high-quality web hosting company?

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Before you choose a hosting provider for your project, take a look at this Hosting.Review article. It covers the best web hosting services in the market. Actually, as they are mentioning, there are a few things what separates a good web hosting company from a bad one, and here are some of them.

  • Their ability to keep your website up for as much as they can. Quality web hosting companies ensure approximately 99% of uptime for your website.
  • The speed of their servers needs to be quite fast, and although the optimization of your website is still a factor, if their servers are slow and sluggish, you’ll be using visitors and overall traffic. Feel free to check this if you want to learn more.

All of these things are something that separates a high-quality web hosting company from a bad one, so if you’re currently in the process of choosing one, make sure that you make the right decision by ensuring the company provides all of the previously mentioned things. It is worth choosing a reliable host like Verpex, so you avoid any hosting issues in the long run.

Security is also a big factor, and you should never go with companies that are known to have frequent security breaches or server attacks, simply because you wouldn’t like your website information to get stolen or leaked.

Top-Tier Web Hosting companies provide high-security methods that will ensure nobody gets to mess with your things, and they also offer protection against less-serious attacks such as Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) and other things of that nature. If security is important to you, and it should be, make sure that you pick a company that offers more than a few layers of protection.