7 Reasons Why Online Coding Platforms Are Getting So Much Attention 2024

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The field of technology is vast as new technologies enter the market every day. There are lots of technocrats, in different fields, who offer the best of their idea to make the routine life of people easy. If India is considered in this field, it has supported the field vastly with the help of the people who are simply master in various fields of the industry. There is hardly any segment left where an Indian does not play a pivotal role whether it is the development of a technology or organization in this field. Since a few decades, this vision is gaining more and more significance in the market. India is doing wonders in the Information and Technology (IT) sector. Some of the southern cities like Hyderabad, Bangalore, and Chennai are leading the chart and Bangalore is even also known as the silicon city of India. IT industry is generating employment like no other sectors. Most of the Engineers, Science graduates and people from other fields as well are keen to work in IT, and this makes the competition even tougher more than ever.

If you are preparing for an IT job, it is always recommended to use the online coding platform to familiarize yourself with the actual test. The emergence of online coding platforms has revolutionized the entire industry. First, you must understand pen and paper coding and coding and passing cases are entirely different. Here you required to run the code in the latter stage of the coding test.

Most of the multinational companies are using online coding platforms in their recruitment process. As it is a service-based industry, the cost is significantly lower, and the low cost is the key to success and making it a real value for money product. Even small and medium scale companies can afford the online coding test. And shortly, all the IT companies will conduct their tests on online platforms. Here are the seven reasons why all the recruiter should opt for online coding, If you are interested more about coding, visit intellipaat.com for Machine Learning Online Course.

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  1. A better candidate experience

The candidate experience is the biggest plus point in online platforms. The interface is easy to use. Every minute detail is there on the website. The tests are auto-evaluated after completion of the tests so candidates need not be worried about the result. The rich media support, including images, videos, flash, etc. gives the candidate an advantage to understand the question and perform their best in the coding test. Here’s an interesting post if you would like to know how to work with freelance software developers.

  1. Diversity of question types

To evaluate the true potential of the candidate, the recruiter required to use a variety of question types. The online coding platform has questions from diverse topics and in different forms that include:

  • Multiple-choice questions.
  • Case studies.
  • Coding simulator for the coding test.
  • Subjective writing.
  • Diagram based question.
  • Spreadsheet question.
  • Fill in the blanks, etc.

The vast question bank on the website will be enough for most, but it can be customized according to the need of the organization.

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  1. Anti-cheating solution

In an online coding test, like ones available on mettl.com the biggest loophole was cheating. But technology has a solution for everything. Artificial Intelligence (AI) powered anti-cheating solution is 95 percent accurate in predicting cheating and ensures a fair evaluation. They use methods like:

  • Facial recognition.
  • Multiple people detection.
  • Device detection.
  • Detect distraction level.

They are using the technology and innovation for the betterment of students, which is indeed praiseworthy.

  1. Data security

In the recent past, it has seen that offline question papers of some reputed companies have leaked online. To prevent these incidents, online coding platforms are giving a full proof data security system. Here everything, right from the candidate data to the question bank, is protected in an encrypted cloud service. The end to end encryption ensures privacy and protects from data leaks.

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  1. Analytical and feedback report

The website creates a custom report and deeply analyze the performance of the candidate, which makes it easy for the organization to decide on the candidate. It also shares the same report to the candidate, which shows the area of improvement and marks secured in the coding test. The candidate can submit their feedback form and can give their recommendation. This makes the process even more transparent.

  1. Saves time and money

In the last decade, most of the engineering employees of the organization were busy in filtering out the deserving ones for the future assessment. It demands a huge effort to carry out the evaluation process for such a huge crowd. The evolution of online coding platforms makes their job quite easier. The auto evaluation process helps to reduce the workload in a significant manner. It helps the organization to avoid the crowd, during college campus placement. Now companies can identify the best programmer in the college by an online test and call them for future tests and formalities. As a result, the employees, who were working on the evaluation process extensively, can take some rest and the company can utilize them in other tasks. As a result, this new process is ultimately saving time and money for the company.

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  1. Solves the logistic problem

Traveling to a new city with the question paper and other required documents with the whole team requires a lot of effort. But due to the online coding platform, this particular problem has resolved to a great extent. Now, after completion of the online test, only the interviewing officer comes to the campus to take a personal interview. It solves the logistic problem for the company. Most of the online coding platforms require no setups, no download, and installation. You can access the platforms from any computer lab in the college and complete your coding test.

A word for the students

Online coding platforms are the future. If anyone studying his graduation and aspires to become a coder, then start practicing in online platforms. There are various sites available in the market, which can able to help you even from the beginning level. You need to understand pen-paper coding is different from online coding and will not help in your test. Practice-practice-practice is the key to success. Start your preparation from today; success is waiting for you.