13 Best Portable Propane Generators in 2024

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There is no doubt that conventional gasoline generators are the preferred choice for a portable generator when it comes to affordability. However, propane generators are a much better option if you think about aspects such as fuel availability, environmental impact and lower maintenance costs. It can also be stored for prolonged periods because of its limitless shelf-life. We can’t say the same for gasoline. Check them out and see which is the best portable propane generator for your needs.

1. Champion 3800-Watt

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This model comes with bi-fuel capability, this feature allows you choose between propane and gas- giving it an edge. When running on gasoline, the unit produces up to 4750 starting watts and 3800 running watts, and when fed with propane, it delivers up to 4275 starting watts and 3420 running watts. Because it’s powered by a highly reliable Champion engine (rated 224cc), you can trust it to produce sufficient power for all your household activities.

2. Duromax XP4850EH Generator

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Other than its fast, reliable start (like in all the other generators), this model also allows you to switch from gasoline to propane in a matter of seconds. Has a an incredibly powerful 210cc Horsepower air-cooled 4-stroke engine. As you already know, an engine bearing such specifications tends to out sufficient power for executing nearly all your household and outdoor camping activities.

3. DuroMax XP5500EH 5,500 Watt 7.5 HP Portable Electric Start Dual Fuel Gas

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This generator features a 7.5 hp OHV engine that is air cooled. The engine is capable of cranking out power between 4500-5500 watts. The generator has two 20-amp and 120 volt outlets for household use that you can use for powering your appliances and last, but not least, this generator features a steel cage with isolated motor mounts to ensure it is smooth and quiet.

4. Pulsar Products PG7750B Dual-Fuel Generator

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This Pulsar Propane Generator gives 7.750W surge power while it runs on gasoline and provides 6.250W while it runs on continuous power. This machine has everything that you need including a meter of the runtime as well as digital power. The amazing part is that you don’t even need to switch off the generator for switching from gas to propane because it contains toggle switches.

5. Westinghouse WGen3600DF

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The Westinghouse generator was rated 3.600W on gasoline that has surge power of maximum 4.650W. It has two power outlets of standard AC but also includes an outlet of RV-ready 30-amp along with a DC port for the battery to get charged. It is also called the best portable generator
and you definitely need one in your home.

6. Firman H03652

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Firman H03652 gives output 4.550W, and on gasoline, 3.650W. The generator includes an outlet of 30-amp RV-ready but doesn’t have any DC port to use so that you can charge a battery. With the 20-pound tank, the generator can provide power for up to 15 hours .

7. Champion 3400-Watt Dual Fuel Portable Inverter Generator (100263)

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The 3400-Watt Champion has extremely quiet operation not too noisy. This makes it the perfect LP generator for your next project, tailgating, RVs, power backup for your home, and so on. Bringing this generator to life is extremely easy, thanks to the electric start w / 3 position ignition switch.

8. DuroMax XP12000 eh Dual Fuel Portable Generator

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The DuroMax XP12000 portable propane generator named as ‘Beast”, it can power up every home appliance, a technology that comforts you and much more. The 457cc installed engine on the DuroMax OHV comfortably feeds every power panel. With this portable generator, you can use the maximum power of 12000W.

9. WGCT5300 (Best Tri-Fuel Generator)

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Like all the other generators, this generator also includes four AC outlets. While running on propane, the performance doesn’t get weak at all. Instead, it produces the surge power to 5.300W, and the continuous power remains 4.800W.

10. Sportsman GEN4000DF, 3500 Running Watts/4000 Starting Watts

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Like all the other high-end models, this Sportsman product runs for an extended period of time – up to 10 hours on a full propane tank- making it a reliable power backup for homes, business, jobsites, etc. With 3500 rated watts and 4000 peak watts, you’ll agree that this is a powerful low price generator that will handle all your home power needs. It comes equipped with four 120-volt outlets, a 12 volt DC outlet for battery charging, and a single 120V RV outlet means its capable of handling just anything you need.

11. Firman Hybrid Series H03651 3650/4550 Watt Dual Fuel

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The Firman Hybrid Watt Dual Fuel Generator is the surest bet for those looking for a small propane generator. While running on propane, it produces 4100 watts. These figures show how powerful this compact generator really is, and rest assured that it will more than meet all your home electricity needs.

12. Generac-6000

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Generac-6000 is another generator that is much loved and quite in demand. This propane generator has two standard outlets which are at 120v and a twist lock outlet of 120 / 140v which enables you to rotate through appliances, heating and lighting. Can go up to 12 hours if used at 50% operation.

13. Generac-6001

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This is one of the best portable propane generators you will get on the market. This generator features a starting power of 7000 watts that protects it from a surge, it also features 5500 watts that offer continuous running power. This, however, is not the only thing that makes it stand out, it also has a unique and user friendly design which you will surely adore.


Propane generators are reliable, efficient, affordable, durable and definitely worth the investment. They will save you a lot of power related problems and will help you solve emergency black outs within minutes. Calculate your wattage needs, determine your budget, list down your most preferred features, and choose a model from our propane generator reviews that fits you.