Truth About Why Slots Are So Addictive


Are you absolutely hooked and can’t get enough of your favourite slot game? You’re not alone, there are millions of people visiting online casinos every day, and most of them, about 80% are there to play pokies.

In fact, there are reasons behind this and the more you understand them, the less likely you’ll be to go overboard. So, keep this in mind the next time you visit and you may find yourself having a better time without feeling any desperation.



You may have noticed that the biggest demographic of slots players happens to be the older generation. That may be because slots evoke a feeling of nostalgia, as the first casino game that many people tried the first time they entered a casino.

Moreover, many of the most popular slot games have been around for decades. So, people simply feel more comfortable with the familiarity. Rather than figuring out how to play a revolutionary new game that they may not understand and fearing that they’ll make a costly mistake.

Those Enticing Jackpots

The sheer size of the progressive jackpots is enough to keep even the most disciplined person a little hooked on trying. For instance, if nothing else about a game will keep you engaging with it for hours on end, then the idea that you can become rich any second is going to do it.

There’s a reason that progressives get the most play than any other slot type. This is because every time a user spins the reels, the prize goes up slightly. This happens even faster when playing online, because you’ll come across games that are linked to casinos welcoming millions of players. This also means more competition, but this is logic most people won’t focus on when they are staring at the possibility of winning millions of dollars at any given moment.

The Actual Gameplay

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The slots of today are very different from the first few to come into existence. Developers are getting extremely creative with the features and how they present the game. Therefore, you can expect better gameplay, and more opportunities for bonuses to come up, so you want to keep playing for longer.

This is all fine, since it means you enjoy the time you spend on playing the game, and why shouldn’t you. After all, casinos are meant to be fun and lighthearted and not just about risk and reward. However, it does make walking away from an unlucky streak a little bit harder. If you find yourself in this situation, remember that you can usually play the game for free online. But don’t feel too bad if you end up hitting a huge jackpot in free mode, because it’s not like you risk anything in the first place.

Progressing and Immersive Storylines

Visit and online casino and you’ll find a good selection of video slots, or immersive slots. These are fun to play because instead of staring at the same screen the whole time, the story actually progresses as you play. So, you can actually keep up and have an interest in the game that is beyond the bonuses, features and reels.

This can be a lot of fun to play, regardless of whether there’s money involved or not. In fact, so much so, that you may find yourself at the same game for hours without even realizing it.

The Idea of a Near Win


Casinos are pretty transparent about how slot games work and with what basis the game will payout. For example, the result of every spin is always random, because casinos are under the obligation to use a software to ensure that. This is actually good news for players, because it means neither the casino, or scammers can trick or manipulate games to pay out and steal from honest users.

Still, many people believe that certain combinations come up in patterns and that if they get 3 matching symbols and needed a fourth then it’s bound to happen soon. When in fact, there is no such thing as an almost, or “near win”. In slots, it’s either the combination you need comes up or it doesn’t. Since the game follows absolutely no pattern in how wins happen whatsoever.

The Illusion of Control

Casino employees observing the slot section have had some pretty interesting things to say about their experiences. They have seen all kind of things done by hopeful players who feel that they have figured out exactly what they need to do to win the game they’re playing.

When in reality, the only control you really have in a slot game is how many lines to activate and credits to play.

As you have seen in the previous point, any idea of control you may have about the outcome of your spin is purely an illusion. There’s nothing you can do to make those little icons show up when and where you need them to in order to win.

If this is you, and you can’t shake the desire to feel in control of the game, then what you need to do is try a different game. One where skill and strategy can combine, along with lucky so that you can feel proud when you win. For example, blackjack, poker, and even roulette which is essentially also a game of luck. These offer the opportunity to practice so that control is no longer an illusion.



Players who did end up winning once or twice under certain circumstances will swear they have a lucky item that made it happen. Slots players are a very superstitious bunch. Which is why casino employees have witnessed people bringing in certain items or perform certain actions before a spin.

Most of the time, these superstitions are harmless and can make playing the game even more fun which is a plus. However, if you’re not careful, being overly superstitious might have you spinning the reels of the same game long after you should have given up.