5 Things You Need To Know About Tattoo Removal

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According to the latest data, there are more and more people who want to decorate their body with a tattoo, but on the other hand, there are more and more people who want to remove it from their body.

This is probably because we are prone to making hasty decisions about what we are going to wear on our bodies for the rest of our lives. We love the idea and think it is something that will always define us. However, things change over time…

If you have been thinking about removal, here are 5 things you need to know before actually doing it.

1. A complete removal is difficult to be achieved

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We will not go into the reasons why someone would remove a tattoo, but we can only say that we have good news for those who want to remove tattoos – because with the help of today’s technology and treatment it is very possible to do it effectively.

Although 100% tattoo removal is not possible, it is possible to remove it in a way that is no longer visible to people looking at it. The reason why a complete removal is impossible is that some additives and impurities in the pigment make it difficult to be removed 100%.

2. Laser techniques are the most effective

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Until the advent of lasers, various methods were used that gave poor results with numerous consequences such as large scars with infections or loss of pigment at the site of the tattoo. Luckily, today the whole process is simplified with lasers.

No special preparation is required before treatment. The treatment is neither painful nor uncomfortable. At the end of the treatment, ice is kept for only 10 to 30 minutes. The interval between treatments is 45-60 days.

The number of treatments however cannot be known exactly because each tattoo and individual’s skin is special. After the treatment, it is necessary to apply the prescribed cream with antibiotic cream for 5 to 7 days.

Avoiding water and sweating for a few days is necessary. It is also advisable to use a band-aid or gauze for a few days to preserve the treated part. But, more about how this removal works can be found on https://removery.com/tattoo-removal/how-tattoo-removal-works/ .

3. The first results can be seen after a month

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The question that interests every person is when are the treatment results seen? After the treatment, the tattoo turns white and leaves less damage to the skin surface that heals in 3-7 days.

After that, it takes some time for your own defense cells to remove the tattoo pigment which is usually seen after 30 days. After this period, the results are getting better due to more successful pigment removal.

4. Some are removed easier than others

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Even though in different colors, many people think ink used is created more or less the same way, but when the time comes to remove it, they find out there’s a huge difference. You’ll be surprised to know some colors are easier to be removed than others.

Those from the end of the spectrum like blue are shifted with more success, as opposed to shades like orange or red. It’s not that they cannot be removed, it’s just that the process might last a bit longer than expected.

In the case of some tattoos, depending on the color, more treatments are needed. The shading effects that are used for emphasis in tattooing are easier to remove. Also, newer tattoos are harder to remove, as a tattoo on darker skin. Namely, lighter people are the best candidates for removal because they are the least likely to change skin color after treatment.

So, maybe it’s smart to think about colors before actually getting tattooed. You never know when you may get tired of it.

5. It’s not as painful as it sounds

Getting tattooed can be very painful, and no wonder people think removal will be the same. The good news for those reading this article – it’s not that painful. Although, you may experience a slight burning on the skin afterward, nothing that can’t be survived. The reason for this is that they don’t go that deep. Tattoos are pretty superficial.

So, if you want to avoid going through the removal process, read what we have written below

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There are three most important things to consider before getting a tattoo…

  1. The artist… Today, tattooing is a big trend, and a good tattoo has become a luxury. If you want to get it in a prestigious studio, done by a known artist, you have to set aside a fair amount of money, which is understandable because it is something that you will have permanently on your body and it will be like a piece of art done by a known artist. Hence the importance of choosing a good studio and design that will suit you.
  2. A place… The skin loses elasticity over time – we can gain weight or lose weight with age, and all this affects the appearance of our tattoos. Tattooing in the abdomen is not recommended for women who are planning a pregnancy because the skin can expand and relax, which will completely change the shape and design of the tattoo. The chosen tattoo is best placed on a part of the skin that will not transform excessively over the years, such as the upper arm, wrist, foot, or back.
  3. A motif…The most important thing is what to tattoo. Choose a motif that is created for you. It doesn’t necessarily have to have any meaning, although most people, especially with the first tattoo, decide on something that conveys a certain message to them. It is enough that it is something that is beautiful to you and that will not be a problem for you when showing it. Make sure the motif is not too small as it can fade and overflow with age.

Fear of removing should not by any chance discourage you from getting tattooed. Now you know the process isn’t such a big deal, ad even if you change your mind about it, you’ll have a sign of times on your skin.