Online Game Market In Hungary: The Culture, Laws & Industry Trends


The online gaming industry in Hungary is currently flourishing, with a predicted increase of about 18% each year. However, many laws and regulations could potentially endanger the growth of this market. The article explores some of these issues and offers possible solutions for countries looking to regulate their industry.

Online Gaming Industry in Hungary


The online gaming industry in Hungary is proliferating, with the number of gamers increasing yearly. The culture, laws, and industry trends are all favorable for gaming companies, making Hungary an attractive investment market.

The Hungarian government has supported the gaming industry with tax incentives and a relaxed regulatory environment. It has helped to attract international companies to invest in the country. Hungary’s most popular online games are first-person shooter and multiplayer online battle arenas (MOBA).

The Hungarian gaming industry is worth an estimated $1 billion and is expected to grow even further in the coming years. Hungary is poised to become a leading European destination for online gaming, with a growing number of gamers and a favorable investment climate.

These are only a few examples of legislation that apply to Hungary’s online game market. Understanding these laws is essential for any company operating in this market.

Online Casino Games in Hungary


Most prominent Hungarian casino games sites provide a wide range of games such as poker, blackjack, and slot machine. Best Online Casinos Hungary, where many websites also promote various sorts of online sports betting and lotteries. Throughout the last two years, a growing number of Hungarian online casino firms have begun to offer casino experiences on mobile, and there are already over Twenty smartphone casinos in operation. To find the best online casinos Hungary click here.

The Culture of Gaming

Although video gaming is a relatively new phenomenon, it has profoundly impacted popular culture. Gaming culture has its language, fashion, and social norms. It is also a community becoming more open and inclusive to different people.

In Hungary, the gaming culture is still in its early stages of development. However, a few key players and influencers are already helping to shape the direction it takes. For example, Budapest-based game developer Zero Games Studios is one of the leading lights in the Hungarian gaming scene.

The company has been behind some of the most popular games in the country, such as the popular mobile game “Hungry Shark.”

Several Hungarian gamers have made a name for themselves internationally. One of the most famous is Zoltan “Zoli” Toth, considered one of the best players in the world at the real-time strategy game “StarCraft.” Toth has represented Hungary at several international gaming tournaments, and his success has helped put Hungarian gaming on the map.

As the Hungarian gaming scene continues to grow, it will be interesting to see how it develops and what kind of impact it has.

Online gaming laws and regulations in Hungary


In Hungary, online gaming is regulated by the Hungarian National Gaming Commission and the Ministry of Human Resources Development. The Commission has been tasked with monitoring and regulating online gambling in Hungary since 2011. The Commission is responsible for publishing a list of authorized gambling sites on its website, and it also reviews applications to operate new gaming sites.

The Hungarian government has declared that online gaming should be “conducted within the framework of the national legislation” and that “the player must be provided with information about the game rules.” This means that players should be informed about all aspects of a game before playing, including any special rules that might apply. When playing an online game, players should also be aware that they are subject to the laws of their home country where they reside or where they have played games previously.

If you are trying to play an online game in Hungary, you may need to verify your identification or residency before accessing your account. You can do this online through the website of the National Gaming Commission.

Why are laws and regulations required for the online gaming market?

The main purposes of these laws is to protect children from being exposed to harmful materials on the internet and to prevent fraud and money-laundering.

The law states that any website found to be violating its terms of service will be fined. The law also provides for prison sentences of up to three years for sites found guilty of violating the terms of service or committing any other crime connected with online gaming.

The laws also required to issue guidelines for online gaming companies operating in Hungary, and regulate online gambling business. Furthermore, it also allows investigation for complaints from players about online games and take any necessary action

How to legally begin an online gaming business in Hungary?


The Hungarian Gaming Act of 2000 and the 2012 amendment to the act govern online gaming in Hungary. The act requires that any person who wishes to conduct online gaming must have a license from the National Gaming Commission.

This can be obtained by submitting an application, which should include all relevant information about the applicant including financial details and a list of any online gaming websites owned or operated by the applicant. If an application is approved, it will then be forwarded to the National Gaming Commission for inspection. If no significant issues are found during this process, then it will be granted a license to operate.

The act also states that no person may establish or operate an online gaming website without a license from the National Gaming Commission unless they do so in accordance with local regulations regarding gambling products and services.

In addition, all operators of online gaming websites must register their business name with the local municipality where they are located as well as submit annual reports detailing their revenue and expenditure along with other relevant information such as how much money was raised through fundraising campaigns or donations from other sources.

Trends and Innovations in Hungarian Market


Regarding the online game market in Hungary, there are a few key trends and innovations worth noting. First, the Hungarian government has been implementing a series of reforms to make the country more attractive to foreign investors, including those in the gaming industry. It has resulted in an influx of businesses and investments into the country’s gaming sector.

Secondly, Hungary’s gaming culture is growing and evolving. A recent study found over 2 million gamers in Hungary, the majority being young adults. It leads to a demand for more sophisticated and innovative games, driving growth in the Hungarian game development industry.

Finally, several legal and regulatory factors favor Hungary’s gaming industry. For example, the country has a meager corporate tax rate and a relaxed attitude towards online gambling. These factors make Hungary an attractive destination for game developers and players.


It is evident that the online game market in Hungary is increasing and offers an excellent opportunity for businesses to tap into it. The culture, laws, and industry trends are all favorable for companies looking to enter the market, with a lot of growth potential. With the right strategy, businesses can thrive in this market; we believe it is an excellent time to enter.