OG Kush As A CBD Hemp Flower Strain

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The cannabis plant is quite a versatile one with many useable as well as beneficial characteristics. There are several things that are derived from it including food, fabric, Jewelry, rope, and many more. The most prevalent and significant use of cannabis and marijuana though is for its medicinal purpose through the use of cannabidiol which many people prefer to call CBD.

CBD is one of the hundreds of ingredients that can be got from the cannabis plant and it can be used as a cure to a large number of sicknesses and diseases. Another very popular cannabinoid that can be present in hemp is THC. Other useful compounds that are found in this plant are omega fatty acids, essential oils, terpenes, and flavonoids.

Although CBD can be hauled out from most fragments of the hemp plant such as the leaves, trunk, branch, and kernels, it is primarily extracted from the flowers. This is where there is the highest concentration of the substance.

Cannabidiol can only be derived from the female flower. The male sort only provides pollens that are used in pollinating the female plant for reproductive purposes only.

The female flower on the other hand secretes resins and cannabinoids when it has reached full bloom which can then be sorted out and made into different products. Rather than extracting the cannabidiol content though, from the flower, it can be used directly by making it into cigarettes, vapes, rolls, or used as concentrates in edibles.

Cultivating Hemp Strains

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Marijuana and cannabis can be raised in several ways and the outcome of this is what is named a strain. The two most widespread and important cannabinoids it contains are CBD and THC and they are always the focus of attention when it comes to cultivation.

The best types are those with higher amounts of CBD and less THC content. This is because THC has psychoactive properties that make a cannabis user high while CBD does not. It is therefore possible to develop hemp to have no THC at all if it is so desired. In the US, the allowable legal limit of THC in any cannabidiol variant or product is 0.3%. Any increase in this automatically becomes illegal.

For this reason, cultivators strive to ensure that their plant has more CBD contents than THC and this is what determines the quality of a strain.

OG Kush As A Hemp Flower Strain

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OG Kush is one of the many quality cannabidiol strains available. It contains a high level of CBD; up to 18% and with very little traces of THC. Its flowers have a dark green color with swirls of orange and white trichomes surrounding it. OG Kush contains several cannabinoids which asides from CBD are THCV, CBG, CBC, CBDV, and more. This is what sets it apart and makes it quite popular.

When it comes to its flavor and tastes, OG Kush has a woodsy ad lemony aroma and comes with a note of citrus and an inviting taste that leaves the user savoring and wanting for more. Within a couple of minutes, you will start to feel its wonderful, uplifting and calming effects.

Cannabis flowers like OG Kush can be crushed and smoked when rolled as a joint, it can be smoked via pipes, bongs as well as vapes. You can make oils or put this flower in edibles before eating if you so wish too. The choice is yours as long as you are enjoying it and getting the necessary benefits present therein.

Aroma and Appearance

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This sort of cannabis has many unique features like a much bigger size of leaves and notes of red and orange on them. Also, it has additives like pepper and other herbs that provide this sort with such a unique smell that can clear your sinuses. Since it looks massive when compared to other similar sorts, it is easily recognizable, and there is no chance to get scammed when you are looking to buy it.

The Effects of Kush

When you are smoking this sort, you will notice that the intense aroma will last for a long time and won’t get reduced after several winds. However, if you are a beginner, pay attention to the amount that you intake with one smoke since it is very heavy and can fill out the whole lungs. The experience when you are releasing the smoke from the lungs is phenomenal like no other sort of cannabis. This type of marijuana is great when you have a company, and you will feel satisfied without the side-effects where people might embarrass themselves when getting high.

Cultivation Challenges

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The main reason why there is a high probability that you won’t be able to find this sort in any store is the difficult process of cultivation that requires a lot of experience. People who are growing cannabis needs several years of experience until they can successfully grow the Kush plant. It demands special needs and ambient, which means that you should avoid planting it in your backyard. However, if you manage to create proper conditions, you can grow it in your home and wait for around two or three months for it to attain maturity. Moreover, you should learn more about the cultivation process to become able to avoid issues related to potential sickness caused by mildew, mold, lack of light, water, low temperature, and more.

Where Can You Get OG Kush Hemp Flower?

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Caution is the keyword when purchasing CBD products such as OG Kush. You can visit Cheefbotanicals to know more about getting a trusted source else you run the risk of buying a poor quality product or one with a higher than normal THC content.

Ensure to carry out proper research of the company to be sure that you are getting it from the right source. Gauge their responses when you contact them and also read reviews about them. You should ensure that the product they are offering is organic and natural.

You can also request the certificate of analysis of the strain. This will give you all the information you need to know about it.


Hemp flowers are one of the best ways to enjoy taking cannabidiol. There are many if its strains available but those with the best quality that will provide you with the greatest benefits are those with high levels of CBD. OG Kush is one of these. Be careful to buy from a trusted source so that you are certain that you are getting the best.

The most important about Kush is to determine the right amount of it when you are smoking. While taking low doses won’t make any effects, the problem might occur if you take too much of it. For example, you might experience increased euphoria and nervousness since you can’t control your emotions. Therefore, if you are a beginner, be sure to ask some experts for advice about the right amount of Kush per joint.

As we can see, it is especially advised for veterans to enjoy this plant since it is very relaxing and can help people who have issues with anxiety, PTSD, depression, and more. Nevertheless, choose OG Kush only from well-known plants with years of experience because this plant requires precise care and many people have struggled to grow it to the final stage with success.

When it comes to benefits, it shares most of them as any other sort, but it is unique for its stronger taste, unique smell, and color. Keep in mind that it is very strong and energizing, unlike many other plants that cause people to be more relaxed. That is the main reason why this sort is excellent for small gatherings with your friends.