Is the Hyundai Tucson a Good Car in 2024

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Hyundai has a history of producing some excellent automobiles in various models and generation releases in previous and recent years.

One of the latest models added to the list of super SUVs under the Hyundai model is the Tucson compact. The Vehicle comes with a variety of engine capacities for its enthusiasts to choose from.

The various engine sizes have different power capacities they offer at each given time. The most prominent Hyundai Tucson engine sizes include the 2.0-liter engine that offers approximately 164 horsepower.

The other engine available for this Hyundai Tucson model is a 2.4-liter engine fitted with four cylinders. This engine provides an optimal power output of approximately 181 horsepower spread across the four wheels of this model.

When it comes to fuel consumption and efficiency as a whole, Hyundai Tucson is immensely influential in fuel management compared to various models under the same SUV category.

Its cargo handling is also efficient, and it has a relatively large cargo space that can occupy your luggage comfortably. In terms of handling and steering, Hyundai Tucson has a stable and agreeable steering system.

Consequently, this model comes with other additional driver assistance compartments that make it a top pick-up vehicle. Click here for more comparative reviews of the Hyundai Tucson over other SUVs.

Transmission, Engine, and Hyundai Tucson Performance

As mentioned above, Hyundai Tucson comes with two engine options that give its power this model has. The two engines, 2.0 liters’ engine, and the 2.4-liter engine come with four cylinders. Similarly, both engines, when operated under the automatic transmission, have a six-speed gearbox clutch. But surprisingly, the 2.0-liter engine, unlike the expectations from many, offers optimal performance compared to other engines of the same capacity.

The upgraded 2.4-liter engine released recently gets expected to offer Hyundai Tucson an improved performance. Some of the anticipated benefits from the improved engine include a super acceleration performance than its predecessor 2.0 liters’ engine.

Though Hyundai Tucson gets not ranked as a sporty car, the model has super handling capabilities, and its steering and suspension features are topnotch. Tucson offs smooth rides on various terrains. Under a smooth city road or on a highway, Tucson offered one of the smoothest and redefined rides you can ever wish for. When tested on rough terrain,

Hyundai Tucson comes with suspension soaks that can withstand any harsh bumpy ride with quite an ease.

Hyundai Tucson Fuel consumption

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Hyundai Tucson is ranked relatively high when it comes to fuel consumption due to its two four-cylinder engine varieties available in the market. Tucson reaches approximately23 mpg while cruising in a smooth city ride, and it can achieve approximately 28 mpg while riding on a highway. The above ratings rank Hyundai Tucson among the most fuel-efficient SUVs as categorized by the EPA.

Interior Design, comfortability, and Cargo handling

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Hyundai Tucson comes with one of the comfiest cabinets equipped with almost all controls set at a place that is easily accessible to the occupants. The interior of this model is primarily black, only for the beige upholstery. The seating of this model is cloth coated in a standard setup, but they can get customized to leather seats.

The fabric coating inside the Hyundai Tucson is stain resistant, and it’s said to be odor repellent. Consequently, Hyundai Tucson has reduced static with this particular fabric compared to other types of material used in decorating the interior of a car.

Connectivity and Hyundai Tucson Infotainment

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As a passenger or occupant with this model, you can rest assured that you will enjoy full entertainment based on the infotainment system already installed in the car. The Vehicle comes with a state-of-the-art 7.0-inch touch screen. Consequently, the system has already been installed and configured to use Apple CarPlay and Android Auto capabilities.

When it comes to Hyundai Tucson’s ultimate and Limited trims, the models come with an 8.0-inch touch screen infotainment system integrated with an in-dash driver navigation system.

Safety, security, and Driver assistance capabilities

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Ona area where Hyundai Tucson beats the rest of its competitors is when it comes to the safety ratings for this model. The Insurance Institute for Safety Highway Safety and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, two bodies mandated to ensure safety ratings for vehicles, has ranked Hyundai Tucson relatively high in safety standards.

Some of the features that make Tucson rank relatively high in safety rating include the driver assistance features, including the most profound automated emergency braking system. Similarly, this Hyundai model comes with an already installed lane-keeping sensor, allowing drivers to stick to their lanes while driving. Other extra features add security features either for the car occupants and those other motorists using the road. Adaptive and stable cruising and suspension control are pretty essential when it comes to safety standards for this Vehicle.

Easier maneuverability

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One aspect that makes Hyundai Tucson a good car is its small size—making it one of the most accessible SUVs that can compete in the market competitively compared to the other models that get ranked under the same category as this automobile. If one happens to be the type that doesn’t like big SUVs but enjoys a relatively larger room for shopping, Hyundai Tucson is the best bet for such capabilities. The Vehicle comes with parking assistance, and such additional features usually make this SUV highly suitable for a family car.

Among the many Hyundai generation releases, Tucson ranks proportionately for city dwellers due to its easier maneuverability and smooth city rides.

Hyundai Tucson Warranty

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Hyundai as a vehicle manufacturer, is well known to offer some of the best and excellent warranty service for its models they produce. The Warranty provided by the insurers on this model has raised the market’s status and confidence with Hyundai Tucson.

On average, the insurers offer approximately five years or a 60,000 miles’ insurance service coverage. Hyundai Tucson comes with a 10-year warranty or a 100,000 miles of powertrain coverage when it comes to powertrain.

Such strong warranty coverage associated with Hyundai Tucson is one of the most vital selling points for this model leading to the highest uptake as a favorite pick-up SUV.