Ipad Air 2 32GB Price in India 2024

    Img source: apple.com

    If you want to buy a tablet an Ipad is one of the best choices if not the best. It depends on what do you need a tablet, do you want to play with it, use it for entertainment, or you need it for work.

    Ipad Air 2 is a great choice, whether you want to use it for work or for entertainment. The screen is 9.7 inches and it runs on iOS v4.x operating system. This system is responsible for opening games and apps very quickly and running them smoothly.

    Ipad Air 2 has a Dual-core, 1 GHz, Cortex A9 processor with 512 BG of RAM, that means that you experience with this tablet will be more than great.

    The best part about this tablet is its battery, it has a 6930 mAh battery. With this battery, you will never have to worry if you charged your tablet or not.

    Ipad Air 2 has a 1.2 mp front camera, and 12 mp rear camera.

    And the best price you will find in India for this tablet is around 27,000 Rupees. That is a reasonable price for a tablet this good. If you decide to invest in a good tablet, do consider this one, you will not be disappointed.