Top 4 Best Eyebrow Shaper in India – How to Shape Guide 2024

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Defining your eyebrows has never been really thought of a way to define a face. Facial contour will create an uplifted and slimmer face when done the right way, but a well-lined eyebrow will instantly frame the face and make it woken up without it being noticed. Yes, I do understand that not everyone has beautifully and naturally shaped eyebrows. Why else should you be reading this, right? Let’s start with cleaning them off stray hairs.

I do suggest shaving for eyebrows as they grow fast and you would be too busy that they’d look like mustache after the 2nd day. Two to three minutes of pain is nothing for the best looking brows you ever had. Here are some amazing tool to pluck and shape your eyebrow at home see how kool it sounds, you will feel more kool after using it 

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To keep a natural look, do not attempt to shade on the inner brows. Instead, outline with the slightest of hands towards the outer brow and very lightly elongate them if they seem short. Note that this is just around 2 three dots of the tip of your liner and should never be longer than your eye outline. Apply your gut feel or basic instinct to find the right shape, if it feels awkward or that your brows seem to be not your own, retry!

After shaping your Eyebrow it’s now time to makeover them and here many great makeup accessories for you. For a beginner, the quickest resolve is to line with a pencil or retractable eyebrow liner let alone eyeliners. Practice makes perfect, so if you are really set to do make-up, practice, practice, practice! Thin eyebrows are a thing of the nineties; what is in trend now, if you haven’t noticed, are thick eyebrows. I have nothing against the trend but I began this topic on the premise that we are finished with a natural brow. I suggest that we keep it simple and meet halfway between the past and the present, define an eyebrow according to your natural outline.

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Now, assuming that you have clean eyebrows and are shaped perfectly but are either too thin due to cleaning or are a little way out of your league, it is safe to begin lining them. Especially if you do add foundation to your daily make-up routine, the eyebrows tend to be washed out during the process. It is best to draw on them at least lightly to bring the contour back in your face. Also, if you are expecting to take pictures, do not skip the eyebrow for you would look creepy in pictures. Reminder: please know your skin tone and hair color very well as this may clash with the eyebrow shade you choose. Visit the nearest make-up counters for the help of you find it difficult. To avoid the sharpie look, keep in mind that eyebrows are meant to be a shade lighter than your hair color. The three different products you may use depending on your expertise and risk-taking abilities are eyebrow pencil (sharpened or retractable), eyebrow gel and eyebrow powders.

The major difference I see for a retractable or sharpened eyebrow pencil is the convenience. Other than that, I can’t think of any significant difference that would affect each’s performance. Also, eyeliners may work quite well like that of an eyebrow liner when taken with the lightest of hands. The brand I believe would matter. However, the price range should not be one of your worries since there are a lot of drug store make-up lines that do actually work, if not comparable or even better than the high-end liners.

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 This is eyeliner but may also be used as an eyebrow liner. It says on the label that this has shone, I personally have not found it shiny to avoid using it on my eyebrows. If this is too much of a risk, do not use shiny liners, use those without shimmer or matte ones to keep it natural and others from staring at your brows. The best choice of liners should depend on the color, longevity and matte effect. Consider these before by swatching them in stores even on the back of your hands only and notice how they would stay put within the day.

Eyebrow gel is the easiest to handle I believe so especially for those who just want a bit of definition and already have a general outline. For those with the lightest of brows but have a good shape in them alone, I strongly suggest eyebrow gels. In contrast to eyeliner gel, this one has a mascara wand but have a lighter color. The formula is quite similar to mascaras but lighter shades made for specific brows make it a separate make-up product. Too bad, it would be nice if your brows were dark enough that you could get away with mascara being an eyebrow gel. It’s okay, that’s why we have drugstore make-up. Application is a no-brainer, just dab on the hairs (not the skin, please) to complete the outline of your eyebrow. Once again, concentrate on the outer areas. If there are uneven areas, try filling in with the same color of eyebrow pencil. Here is liquid Eye Liner if you are not comfortable with gel eyeliner.

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If you have noticed, we are playing with the difference in consistency only. One is quite solid (pencil), another is quite liquid thin (gel) and the last one is in powder form. Eyebrow powders are great for the beginner to the expert. This is also easy to handle and erase if you make mistakes outlining it. It will take as much time like the above mentioned but will need to be checked once in a while since the longevity may not be as strong as the other two. Re-application may be needed within the day. Or a sealer may be used to keep the pigment in place.

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The next step is optional. Concealers are not only used to cover imperfections but also to define those which need defining. If you find that the eyebrow products do not satisfy your need for definition, you may opt to put concealer on the upper and lower areas of the brow. Blend the concealer to keep it natural looking.