How Many Times Can You Use a Derma Roller Before Replacing?


There are many products available on the market today that people can use as a treatment and protection of their face and skin.

However, the main issue is that a lot of these products are not properly tested, or they lack certificates and official permissions. Keep in mind that buying an uncertified product could lead to serious issues because you could make the condition of your skin even worse.

On the other side, there are some well-known and certified products recommended by experts that could help people with certain skin issues.

One of these products is the derma roller. The main advantages are for people with acne, oily skin, large pores, marks, wrinkles, and more. If you want to learn more about this product, check out Kiierr.

When it comes to various skincare products, the most important thing is to learn more about important details, such as how to use them, what conditions can they treat, what results can you expect, and what is the lifespan of the product.

There are different types of derma rollers as well, and you should check how often you should use them, and what is the lifespan of one derma roller.  We are going to analyze more on this topic in the following article.

Main Features


As we already mentioned, this product is great for various skin issues. You can use it as a way to reduce or cure deficiencies on your face. Before you decide to buy it, you should compare different producers and see what ingredients are in the product.

Be sure to avoid companies that are using potentially harmful chemicals or untested methods of production. When it comes to the benefit, it is a great way to improve the regeneration of your skin, the texture, and get rid of marks, dry skin, peeling marks, and more.

Learn How To Use It


Even though the process is quite simple, you should check the recommended method so you can be sure to get the most out of this product. The great thing is that it won’t require a lot of time every day to apply it to your skin.

The device is quite convenient, and you will use it to apply the mixture of ingredients on your skin by simply rolling it over your face. Also, there are additional lotions that you will have to apply after the session with a roller.

What is the Average Lifespan?


We can see that there is a wide selection of these products available today. However, it is important to know that they have different features. Before you choose the right one, it is crucial to determine the condition of your skin and desired effects. If you are not sure about that, the best solution is to contact an expert in this area, such as a dermatologist or a doctor.

The problem if you are taking it on your own is that you will either apply too much of it, which could cause some issues or less than you should, which won’t have the same effects. The layer you apply is also important.

For example, if you are adding 0.5 millimeters thick layer, there is no need to apply it more than two times per week. As the thickness goes bigger, the time should be expanded even more.

Besides the method that you choose for applying, you should know that this product also has a lifespan. Using it after the date is expired might lead to potential skin problems.

Also, the brand can be very important. If you are looking for a more affordable option, be sure that it is properly tested, and that there are satisfied users. In most cases, the lifespan of this product is less than one year.

The expiration date is not the only reason to replace the roller. There might be a product that can last for two or three years. However, the device might lose some features after only a few months. If the device is damaged, you cannot expect the same results.

Also, there is the danger that you might even harm your skin with such a roller. If you are interested in high-quality derma rollers, be sure to read more about these products and compare premium brands to find the best option for your needs.

Common Mistakes to Avoid


When you check the specs and find the best amount of ingredients that you will apply, the method used in applying can also influence the results. First of all, you should never use the device too aggressively since it will only damage your face even more.

Spread the roller over the whole face instead of focusing on one spot. This is a long-term solution and focusing only on one part of the face won’t make any results. Also, be sure to be gentle with it.

We can notice that many people are using it as a face mask, which means that they are covering the skin under the eyes as well. That is a huge mistake because this part of the skin is highly sensitive while most of these products are quite invasive.

Moreover, the cosmetics and products you are using after the session could represent a danger in combination with the derma roller. Consult with the doctor to find the safest and most beneficial solution.



Having issues with skin face can be quite troubling. People could use confidence and get stressed out because they are constantly challenged with this deficiency. The most important thing is to never try to resolve this problem on your own.

Choosing the wrong product could make the problem even worse, and the same is with the poor selection of the derma roller.

Frequent use is one of the most common issues. As we already mentioned, this is an invasive process applied to your skin. If you are applying it too often, the skin won’t have enough time to regenerate and get the minerals added through the rolling.