Difference Between Facebook and LinkedIn Marketing Campaigns

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There is no limitation to social media sites’ development, and fortunately, no pandemic can stop it. This is why social media sites such as LinkedIn, Instagram, and Facebook are becoming famous. As a result, businesses are choosing social media to attract customers in every nook and corner of the world. This development we can see in Thailand and Bangkok also. Consequently, many Facebook marketing Bangkok agencies are forming and helping their clients immensely. But while choosing the platform, many get confusion between Facebook and LinkedIn. So, let us understand the difference between these two platform campaigns.

Facebook Vs. LinkedIn Marketing Campaigns


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Facebook ads will help reach almost all types of customers, and the ads are personal in nature. The main reason is the platform itself used to connect with friends and family. On the other hand, LinkedIn is used to target the audience professionally. The audience of LinkedIn is looking to network professionally, seeking to advance in a career, collaborating with similar professional people, etc. So, if you have a Facebook ads agency account and look to target other than industry leaders, Facebook is the right platform.

Type of Ads

Both LinkedIn and Facebook ads are similar since they both have lead gen options. On LinkedIn, you can see Lead Gen Forms, and on Facebook, it is Lead Ads. On both solutions, a lead capturing form is available in the ads. Usually, we’d recommend hiring experts from the AIAD agency to do these tasks for you.

Audience Targeting Options

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On both platforms, there are retargeting options. Using this one can target audiences who are similar to your specified base audience. On Facebook, you can see “Lookalike Audiences” to find people with similar interests and targets. On the LinkedIn platform “Audience Expansion” option does a similar job. So, one can utilize these options and target and retarget the audience. But Facebook has more filters to make analysis stronger.


If your budget is less and targets more audiences, Facebook is the right platform. On Facebook, the cost per click is cheaper than LinkedIn. In fact, out of four major social networking sites (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram), Facebook ads are cheaper, with a CPC of $0.51. And the highest one is LinkedIn, with a CPC of $5.61. The cost of LinkedIn is on the higher side since it generates more leads than any other social networking site.

Analytical Options

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LinkedIn Analytics is divided into three major categories. They are Updates, Followers, and Visitors. It covers the analytics, including page views, visitor demographics, number of followers, organic & acquired followers, recent updates, etc. On Facebook, you can see the analytics split into seven categories. They are Overview, Likes, Reach, Visits, Posts, Video, and people. It is clear that Facebook analytics are deeper, and it gives more insights. These analytical tools help the Facebook marketing Bangkok agencies make appropriate decisions to target or retarget and use effective strategies.

Ad Formats and Aesthetics

When it comes to presenting ads in different formats, Facebook offers more choices. You can choose from Video ads, Photo ads, Story Ads, Instant Experiences, Messenger Ads, and Carousel ads on this platform. LinkedIn also offers varieties of ad formats but compared to Facebook, the choices are limited. It offers Sponsored ads, Display Ads, Text Ads, Dynamic Ads, and Sponsored InMail. Facebook ads offer more customizable options, and you can make them more appealing.

That is why many businesses opt to choose Facebook ads marketing agency in Bangkok and try to attract customers than advertising through LinkedIn.

Which Platform Is Better for a Business? Facebook or LinkedIn?

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So, there are major differences between these two platforms, and we already know what those are. But if you are an owner of a business and in a dilemma of selecting the best platform, you must see the below things before deciding.

Number Game – What do numbers say?

Yes, you guessed it right, when it comes to the number of users, Facebook gains the upper hand. It is also not a surprise since the user group of LinkedIn is limited. On the other hand, Facebook is used by all age groups, all professions. If a person has an active internet connection and smartphone, it is hard to find them not using Facebook. Consequently, they have 2.38 billion active users around the globe. And if you compare it with the LinkedIn number, it seems too small. LinkedIn has 630 million users globally. But if you are planning to concentrate on only people interested in business, LinkedIn is the best choice.

One should not just see the number to decide the right platform. The fascinating thing is you must see the average time users spend on particular social media. On LinkedIn, people spend on an average just 17 minutes per month. But on Facebook, people spend hours and hours together. And that is not for a month in a single day! Facebook users spend an average of 35 minutes per day; this is enough to grab the attention and convert them to your customer. But people who use LinkedIn open this site only to see or do something rather than just scrolling aimlessly.

Lead Generation

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Whatever the circus one does to attract the people, if it is not generating the leads, your whole campaign’s whole objective fails. Undoubtedly, in this field, LinkedIn has a big advantage over Facebook and all other social media. LinkedIn is best for lead generation, and it is the number one social media to generate leads. According to Demand Wave’s B2B digital marketing reports, LinkedIn is gaining the number one spot in lead generation among all social networks, and Facebook finds a fourth place. So, even though people spend less time on this platform, it effectively generates more reliable leads than Facebook.


Both social media platforms are good at different things. While LinkedIn beats Facebook in the lead generation aspect, Facebook is a good way to appeal to many people at a lower cost. Hence, the decision should be made by the business owner or a digital marketing agency based on the product or service type, target audience, and of course, the budget. If you need any help with your Linkedin or Facebook marketing campaigns, please contact IBEX Media Group, an expert digital marketing agency based in Thailand now.