7 Best Wallets For Men in India – Leather Slim Wallets 2024

best wallets for men in India

A wallet is an essential part of men because of that reflect men personality & living standard. When you are going to date and paying the bill from cash or card that time you take out the wallet everyone notices you. If your wallet is not good to take out the out you feel very shy.

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Everybody wants to found a spacious, stylish and durable wallet so carefully keep the important item in the pocket such as money, credit card, driving licenses and etc…While you go to buy a wallet look at some features like material, multiple compartments, size of the wallet, zipper, and brand.

Titan Brown Men’s Wallet

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Titan is a brand which is highly famous for stylish and smart collections. How about owning a super stylish wallet in brown shade from Titan?? Yes, The elegant design from Titan makes it the first choice when it comes to the best wallets for men in India. These wallets are made from 100 % original leather. It gives a modern, stylish, sophisticated look to the men.

  • Highly trendable and stylish.
  • Slim design fit into every pocket.
  • Matte and smooth finish.
  • Used durable leather material.
  • Currency compartment along card compartments.

The wallet makes perfect gift choice too, it has ample space to accommodate plastic money, coins, currency, important ID proofs and transparent ID pockets to store pictures. The coin pocket comes with a zipper so that you don’t lose it. These wallets are highly durable and long lasting.

HORNBULL Brown Men’s Wallet

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Looking for an elegant and sophisticated wallet for yourself?? HornBull is a reliable choice. The leather wallet is extremely soft and durable. The wallet is made with 100% genuine leather and has enough compartment to accommodate multiple debit cards, debit cards, cards, and coins. Since the wallet is made from pure leather, it matches well with both formal as well as casual outfits. Makes an ideal gift choice during anniversaries, birthday and even for festivals.

  • Soft, smooth leather material.
  • 3 credit card slot & one coin holder.
  • RFID blocking technology.
  • Extra thickness comfort to carry anywhere.

The wallets from HornBull are made with genuine leather hence there is zero chances of fading of color and wearing out the stitches.

WildHorn Blue Men’s Wallet

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The wallet from WildHorn is crafted specially with high-quality pure leather, the stitches are tough. It gives a smart and elegant look. The WidlHorn wallets are designed by skilled professionals and are beautifully crafted. The leather used is buffalo and natural colors are used to get the perfect finishing. It is the perfect accessory which completes the look and gives you an overall sophisticated outlook.

  • Separate pocket for sim card.
  • Zipper closure for safety.
  • Touch a luxurious look.
  • Made from genuine leather.
  • Multiple compartments.

Since the wallet makes use of only pure leather, it gets more beautiful and attractive with time. The wallet is stylish and free from any circle or uneven cuts, everything is machine cut.

Urban Forest Kevin Green Leather Wallet for Men

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This is the best brand in the market which is famous for uber-rich collections, if you are looking for a classy wallet, the Urban forest is the best choice. The matt finish makes it the first choice and gives a sophisticated look. The ingenious designs are beyond excellence, the finishing is neat and the organization compartment has enough space to accommodate essential cards, plastic money, and cash.

  • Absolutely perfect for gift purpose.
  • Unique design and color.
  • Spacious compartment.
  • Robust and durable design.
  • 3 transparent windows to ID proof.

The compact size and classy design make it the first choice for formal dresses. The wallet is feather light, super soft and highly durable for regular use.

AM LEATHER Brown Men’s Wallet

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AM leather is another great choice if you are looking for a chick and durable leather wallet for the men in your family. The smart black color is well finished and the leather gives a decent look. The wallet is made from genuine leather and comes with an additional gift box.

  • Pocket friendly.
  • Excellent durability.
  • Look classy with a formal design.
  • Super lightweight and elegant design.
  • Billfold wallet and smart stitched work.

The wallet’s height is 9 centimeter and the width is 20 millimeter a compact yet sturdy choice. The overall weight is just 109 grams and the fabric is super soft. The flap closure helps in easy usage. The inner fabric is made with polyester and the outer fabric is wear resistant.

URBAN FOREST Tobacco Men’s Wallet

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This elegant wallet from Urban Forest is also highly in demand, all thanks to the sophisticated look. The design is robust and the ideal gift option for all the men. The wallet is the best choice for keeping all the essential under one pack. It can accommodate 7-8 plastic money i.e credit card and debit card, 2 separate slots for currency, 1 clear pocket to accommodate PAN card, driving clients and one-coin pocket.

  • Spacious enough.
  • Most demandable wallet.
  • Everyone likes this color.
  • It offers vegetable tanned leather.
  • One transparent pocket for driving license.

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The wallet is compact and spacious at the same time. You can easily organize all the currency with a single Urban Forest wallet. The leather used is genuine and gives a vintage look.

Contacts Brown Leather Men’s Blocking Wallet

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The wallet is specially designed as per the digital world. You can securely keep your money in this wallet, it blocks the RFID scanners and totally restricts unauthorized users to get a sneak peek to your ID cards and even debit cards. The wallet is made with genuine leather and gives a masculine and contemporary look.

  • Used nop Notch genuine leather.
  • Convenient space for stuff.
  • RFID blocking mechanism.
  • Easily storing all your essentials.
  • Effortlessly carrying anywhere.
  • Double zipper with double stitched.

The stitching is tough so you don’t need to worry about the wearing out. The overall look is slim since the wallet is extremely light weighted. The products are handmade and crafted by skilled professionals. Every single point is double stacked and offers a high level of durability.