5 Best Hiking Backpacks in India – 2024 Buying Guide

best hiking trekking bagpack

Hey Guys, Looking for the best hiking or trekking Bags in India. Here a lot of options available in the market. But, Everyone wants to buy the best one.

Nowadays most of the people desire to visit new places without backpacks is a little bit tough for hiking and traveling. Hiking bag is comfortable in trekking and makes your hands free to capture a picture. If you would like to learn more on lightweight backpacks you could also check out outdooren.com.

Our Top Picks

#1 Wildcraft #2 Quechua #3 F Gear
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Hence, Below given some of the best hiking bags in India. These lists will help you to choose the best in one from the market.

Best Hiking / Trekking Bag (Rucksack) to Buy Online in India

1. Quechua 50 L Trekking Backpacks

Quechua 50 L Trekking Backpacks

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A fashionable polyester backpack made for trekking and traveling purposes as well. This is the best brand in hiking or trekking accessories. Its a perfectly adjust in back and give your hand rest.

The 50 L rucksack is perfect to suits for 10 to 15 days hiking and traveling both. Its backpack is well designed to offer a pack of lots of items.

Quechua Trekking Backpacks is one of the best hiking backpacks in India.

Why Do We Recommend It:

  • Idol for 5’4 inches tall guy.
  • Maximum 50 L capacity.
  • 100% Polyester.
  • The quality of the material is good.
  • The bag has a 3 external and 1 internal pocket.
  • This backpack has 4 compartments.

Product Information:

  • Brand Quechua
  • Capacity 50 L
  • Material Polyester
  • Waterproof No
  • Weight 1.5 kg

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2. Wildcraft Grey and orange Rucksack

Wildcraft Grey and orange Rucksack

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Wildcraft is a simple, lightweight and easy to access rucksack. Its a comfort for men and women both. Its 45 L capacity for hiking bags has sufficient to carry your accessories.

The lightweight of the beg is an advanced feature of the beg because in a trekking time not carry to extra burden in your shoulders.

Mostly, the used outer nylon and inner polyester waterproof fabric in the beg.

Why Do We Recommend It:

  • It has water-resistant which made of Nylon material.
  • It comes in Orange color.
  • Built-in lightweight.
  • Quality and capacity are good.
  • Comfortable to carry.
  • Strengthened haul loop to take on heavier loads.

Product Information:

  • Brand Wildcraft
  • Capacity 45 L
  • Material Polyester
  • Waterproof Yes
  • Warranty 5 Year

3. Attache 1021R Climate Proof 75Ltrs Rucksack

 Attache 1021R Climate Proof 75Ltrs Rucksack

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The outdoor adventure product is totally perfect for hiking and a capacity of 75 L. In this beg comes with dual internal pockets for store your gear and a metal stay comfortably.

Also, detachable shoe parts from inside with both side mesh pockets.

It has an external and internal zipped pocket in the hood makes it easy to use. It’s sleek and lightweight design to help ease the carrying process.

The backpack is made from highly durable waterproof nylon fabric.

Why Do We Recommend It:

  • Ideal for unisex.
  • Great quality.
  • Raincover comes with bags.
  • Waist and back padded shoulders.
  • The size of the beg is 430 inches.
  • Fibre padded cushioned back for comfort.

Product Information:

  • Brand Attache
  • Capacity 75 L
  • Compartments 3
  • Closure Laced
  • Weight 1.2 Kg

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4. F Gear Orion Polyester Trekking Backpack

F Gear Orion Polyester Trekking Backpack

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The amazing backpack uses every day of our life. Which helps in use to laptop storage, college bag, trekking and traveling. This design with several pockets to easily organize the many small and big equipment while traveling.

The bag has 2 compartments, 2 pockets and 2 bottle pouches on both sides. In the two big compartment- one is a laptop and the second one is used for organizing small accessories. A rain cover does not come with them.

Its blue with black color looks shiny and catchy.

This is the best rucksack to buy online in India which was made up of Polyester material that is water-resistant.

Why Do We Recommend It:

  • Strongest and most durable.
  • Built-in laptop Sleeve.
  • Carry 46 L heavy loads comfortably.
  • Compatible with a 17.5-inch size of the laptop.
  • 2 compartments, 2 pockets, Bottle Pouches.
  • Lightweight.

Product Information:

  • Brand F Gear
  • Capacity 46 L
  • Ideal For Men
  • Waterproof Yes
  • Weight 898 Grams
  • Warranty 1 Year

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5. Pole Star ROCKY 60 Lt Royal RUCKSACK

 Pole Star ROCKY 60 Lt Royal RUCKSACK

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It is the last but not the list, This is the fifth-best hiking backpack in India. The water resistance comes in a royal blue color that gives amazing looks.

It has a lightweight, durable and 60 L capacity ideal for men and women while trekking or hiking. The rucksack is made from highly durable polyester fabric for long-lasting performance.

It is water-resistant so you can use it for boating, water sports & other activities.

Additionally, Full-zipper bags allow for easy insertion and extraction of large items at once with fewer efforts.

Why Do We Recommend It:

  • It uses water-resistant polyester fabric.
  • Adjustable shoulder straps.
  • Several types of pockets.
  • Waterproof.
  • Adjustable and breathable padded.
  • Large capacity.

Product Information:

  • Brand Pole Star
  • Capacity 60 L
  • Size in inch 68 cm
  • Design Printed
  • Ideal For Unisex
  • Closure Type Zipper
  • Weight 1200 g

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Personal Recommendation

Pole Star ROCKY 60 Lt Royal RUCKSACK

 Pole Star ROCKY 60 Lt Royal RUCKSACK

So you must know the good qualities of the top five products on the best trekking backpack in India. Still confused about choosing the right backpack you must go with my personal suggestion.

It is ultra-lightweight and durable that can be used for more than hiking, climbing, biking, and camping. Its 60 L capacity and adjustable straps are comfortable for you while trekking. The price range is lower than compared to the other four products.

Mostly Ask Questions?

Which rucksack bag to buy?

Quechua, Wildcraft, Attache, F Gear and Pole Star all brand highly available in India. You can buy Pole Star ROCKY 60 Lt Royal RUCKSACK.

What size backpack I need while traveling?

Generally, 60 to 65 L capacity is better for a boy and  50 to 55 L capacity for girls. We advise you to buy a maximum 70 L capacity of a rucksack bag. This is the perfect size for the utmost people.

How to choose the right backpack for the trek?

First of all, You consider total how much weight going to carry with them. If you are going to long trek you can prefer 70 L capacity which can carry loads from 15 to 30 kg.

A Guideline To Choose The Perfect Rucksack/Trekking Backpack 

Choosing the right trekking bags is important for any trip. It will be an essential gear which must be carried by you for hours when you go hiking in the mountains. If you choose too big, you will have to carry too much weight. If you choose too small, you cannot fit anything in.

The capacity, comfort size, and durability are some of the major factors which must be kept in mind before you buy one. You should invest a fair bit of money and research on the one that suits you best before getting one.

How to Choose The best Rucksack/ Trekking Backpack 

There is a lot of different Rucksacks available in the market today, it is recommended for you to follow this complete guide on how to choose right Rucksack/ trekking bags for a trek to decide the most suitable one for you among all available options and this guide will take you through the range of sizes and basic features to help you select the best Rucksack for you.

Hiking Backpacks usually are of 3 types, based on their capacity and duration of your treks trip

  1. For Weekend treks: These are perfect 1-3 nights travel. They are light and portable and come in size from 30-50L. These bags can have 5kg of fill. A 40L back package is a great choice for short weekend treks.
  2. Longer treks: Longer treks usually last between 3-5 nights and for the same reason you need a larger pack than ever just before described. They can easily carry the load from 8 to 15 kgs. They come in 3 sizes 40, 50 and 60L. You can readily protect 5-7 days of travel with a 60L backpack.
  3. For Extended treks: Extended treks more than a week-long. The Rucksack/ trekking bags for these treks come in various sizes like 70, 80 and 90L which can hold 15-30 kgs of a load.

What to look for in a good Rucksack/Trekking bags

1. Water Resistant Material

Always choose a backpack that is made of water-resistant material as the climate in mountains is unpredictable with a possibility of rainfall at any time. Also, ensure that your bag comes with a rain cover although it is usually complimentary. You should also ensure that the material won’t stay wet for long. Look for the material which is thick and lightweight.

2. Multiple Compartments

The best trekking begs comes in multiple compartments that can break up your stuff and belongings into small sections. This makes it easier for you to find things quickly when you need to. It helps you to save much of your time searching around your bag.

3. Size Matter

The size of a rucksack is as essential as the fit. If you are getting a rucksack with more than 70 L potential, make sure that it has internal frames. These supports spread the weight and offer assistance for your waist which consequently helps you to sustain the right position while walking.

These are some important features that you must look for in the best quality rucksack. Even after knowing what exactly to look out for while buying a rucksack, it’s not an easy task to pick one for you.

A rucksack should never lie low on the back. This would put unwanted stress on your neck and back making the journey a not-so-pleasant experience. The size of the rucksack should be such that it is appropriate for your chest height and holds your waist comfortably.

4. Lockable Zippers and Number of Zippers-

Make sure that the bag is equipped with lockable zippers for the security of your personal and useful things. While buying a hiking backpack, make sure each section is having two zippers so that you can lock your bag pushing two chains together. While you don’t worry about people who would break into your bag and steal your things but still it is vital that you lock up your bag while tripping.

5. Padding

Be careful to check the padding of the backpack. The body weight you carry in your backpack will be pushed down on your hips.  Therefore, you need To be Padded back, hip belt, and shoulder straps make it easier and give you comfort. These pads put less pressure on your shoulder. Make sure the belt is adjustable so you can tighten up in the case of extra support.

6. Contoured Back

A large size backpack makes carrying things comfortable as it markets weight equally. The same thing is applicable for contoured chairs as well. It allows a more natural pose guaranteeing no back pains. Additionally, the contoured back makes a gap between your bag and back to allow movement through and keep you a little cool.

7. Internal Frame

Today majority of backpacks come with internal frame backs which means the support frame and rods built into the backpack are hidden. There are some external frame backpacks available in the market where the rods are separated from the pack and stick out. Don’t go for one of those.

Go for an internal frame backpack. It will not only look thinner but also make moving around easier. Furthermore, internal frame backpacks are light and portable.

8. Durability, Alignment and Comfort

While trying on the backpack, check all of the features of the backpack and align it according to your body and comfort. A good backpack will last you a very long time, so you should make your best decision only after getting satisfied with all methods.

9. Fitting

Lastly, it is essential that your preferred package fits you properly. A poorly fitting rucksack can make exhaustion and even cause pain and serious damage to certain body pain after continuous use. So you should move with it if it fits correctly.


Knowing the volume of the backpack is extremely important for determining the right size, make sure you have full knowledge about the features of the product. This post on Rucksack/trekking bags buying a guide to choose the best Backpack for trek and travel will help you in picking up your new perfect travel companion to make your treks more comfortable and easy. 

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