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Helmets are all set to become a compulsory accessory for all the two-wheeler riders in India over the next few months to come. If you haven’t bought one yet, or want to change yours, we have compiled the list of the best helmet under 500 to 1000 by reputed manufacturers.

By the scheme of things, it looks as if in the coming month helmets are going to be mandatory for all two-wheeler users.

10 Best Helmet Brands & Helmet in India 

All over India, if u haven’t bought a helmet yet and looking for a change then we listed you with the top ten helmet brands which are most desirable and convenient for you, and they are coming under 500 to 1000 rupees in India, and also made by the reputed manufacturers.

If you have a 200cc bike that would like to request you to wear your helmet because using a helmet can avoid many accidents.

1. Autofy O2 Front Open Helmet

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O2 Front Open Helmet is known to provide the best quality helmet to all riders and guarantees safety and protection during the trips. It has rock-solid ABS outer shell to provide impact resistance and extreme durability and toughness.

It has a compact design to ensure providing a comfortable ride and it is snug fit and lightweight. It is an open Helmet and thus easy to remove and wear it. It is available in black color only.

2. JMD Grand Open Face Helmet 

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JMD Grand Open Face Helmet is known to offer stylish, affordable, ISI approved and lightweight helmets. The helmets in this range are open-face to provide a decent fit and come in a durable finish.

It has an extended chin area which means it can protect the rider from first face falls. The helmet comes with a removable top visor along with a glass clear visor. It has a very good quick release chinstrap.

The greatest advantage of this helmet is, it is suitable for summer as well as for the winter season, a helmet can be flip-up during summer and flip-down during winter. So that it offers a wide range of productivity.

3. Target Indian Half Face Helmets 

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It is the first and one of the best half-faced helmets from Target. It has a sizeable visor and is lightweight and stylish too.

It is made with advanced technology to provide uncompromised safety and comfort fit. It is stylish has a sizeable visor light in weight and made up of the latest technologies with no compromise in comfort and it is for both male and female use.

Target Indian Half Face Helmets comes with numerous feature such as an optical correct scratch-resistant visor, and provide a ventilation system for improved rider comfort.

4. Studds Chrome Economy Full Face Helmet

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If you are searching for a full-face quality helmet under 1000, we recommend Studds Chrome Economy Full Face Helmet to you. It is made of a high-impact special grade of thermoplastic. It has an appealing unpainted outer shell with a special texture. Hence, it is quite easy to maintain.

It has features, such as scratch-resistant, optically correct polycarbonate visor, quick-release chinstrap system and dynamic ventilation system to enhance airflow. It has an attractive unpainted outer shell, which has a special texture also possesses a quick release chinstrap mechanism. study chrome offers effective reliability and persistence, thus quite suitable for adult men riders.

Watch a review of the Studds Chrome Economy Helmet in the following video:

5. Vega Crux Flip-up Helmet


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It is another open-faced helmet designed for bikers for street use. It is built with shock-absorbent materials to ensure the safety of the rider and to maintain a light profile.

It features a scratch-proof visor offering UV protection. It has an open-faced helmet design for street use only and built using quality shock absorption material that improves rider safety IT always maintaining a lightweight profile and comes with a scratch-resistant and UV protection as well

6. Steelbird SBA-1 Free Live Matt 

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It is a full-face, lightweight, stylish, and ISI marked helmet by Steelbird. The brand is known to offer helmets with great fit and sturdiness.

It is supposed to be a full-face helmet and open with a front section this means that it can be used for both full face and half face purposes. The inner and the outer portion of this helmet are designed in such a way so that it always facilitates riders comfort and its benefit.

Steelbird manufactures various types of a helmet that are most reliable and efficient and it always lasts long, it is a scratch-free helmet.

7. Royal Enfield Open Face Helmet


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It is made of  Single unit fiberglass shell which has superior impact absorption properties, the force of an impact at any point is distributed across a large surface area. The Royal Enfield logo is the best part of this helmet.

It is engineered for great and uncompromised safety and comfort. Some of the amazing features are a scratch-resistant visor, vents for airflow and a calm chin-strap lock.  Special features are its ergonomically shaped sun peak made from durable ABS (acrylonitrile-butadiene-styrene)

8. Studds Marshall Open Face Helmet

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These are stylish, top seller cruise helmets manufactured by Studds. It provides visor quality and great interiors.

It comes in various designer graphics. It is a very stylish and comprehensive helmet that one can be used for both flips up and flip down the purpose so that it always facilitates for the need of a rider. It is made up of very hard and stiff iron, which is very strong and durable and even after the accident, it provides safety to the rider.

So that this Studds Marshall turns out to be a safety protected helmet for the survival of the rider.

9.Vega Off-Road Motocross Helmet 

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Complement it with a glittering leather jacket which seems staple for the riders. Get yourself a Vega Off-Road Motocross Helmet if safety is your major concern.

This headgear is just designed for you. It features an ABS outer shell, scratch-resistant visor, and chin strap to provide complete air circulation. Its weight is 1.20 Kilograms.

In the following video, you will see why off-road helmets, such as Vega Motocross, are different from street helmets.

10.Vega Cliff CLF-LK-L Full Face Helmet

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It is the stylish and top seller cruise helmet that comes with built-in tinted shades and a full exterior visor. It is also advertised on TV commercials of Hero. It comes with removable interiors and a great snug fit design. It has an outermost shell designed for the utmost safety and is manufactured using high-quality impact resistance.

These helmets protect us from the upcoming disaster. It has a silicon hard coat for protection and scratches.

Before buying any of these models, it is important to pick the right size. Take a look at this chart and find out how to properly measure your head size.

head sizes chart

Take a look at these awesome models from the same price range, available on Amazon:

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