About Us

With an improved search and browse, you can easily find exactly what you’re looking for.  Homejournal.in provides smart, genuine solutions to everyday challenges, combining the great service of a homejournal website with the latest, active quality of the Web.

Homejournal.in has been successful in developing and promoting an impressive, easy-to-use website to fulfil the buying needs of food home & kitchen appliances. We are sharing design tips and buying guides on our design channel, awesome DIY tasks by fellow creators and readers on the DIY Directory to our customers. Get to know our staff by checking out our blog for latest guidelines, new product information, and more!

Home journal.in is for people interested in turning home, cooking, inspiration into action. Our aim is to provide precise, credible, efficient, interesting, and balanced information on the internet for our customers. Our article material is produced individually and without impact by any advertiser or commercial promoter. Online material is described as text, articles, images, design, video, blogs, user-generated content, and links.

Our Business

Our company considers that high quality of products and services can be raised through an inspiration. The main focus is on offering excellent, high-quality information as well as product reviews on home and kitchen appliances to our users. We place special prominence on the high standard of high quality and keen perfection.  We have compiled precise appliance information into convenient, online home & kitchen appliance buying guides so you have all the information and facts you need in one place to make the best decision for you.

We use highly competent, qualified product user who enable us to provide satisfied product reviews of delivering the top quality and the best types of equipment to the end users.

Our Strength

  •    Offering Top quality appliance reviews and buying guides is our main motto
  •    Impressive and Useful home and kitchen appliance product buying guidelines.
  •    Using the latest and constant technology for R & D of our Products.
  •    Innovative and innovative sourcing techniques.
  •    Enough Spares available for all our product range
  •    Quality is our major strength

Who we are

We are pioneer importing and distributing of all types, Kitchen appliances like Induction cookwares, cooktops, cooking appliances and other home appliances. We have the wide range of information for women as well as families. We provide products as per the customer’s specified requirement and demand in their own specific brand.

At jaxtr.com, all the information is right at your fingertips. Our products through our highly popular manufacturing partner’s from all around the world according to our specified quality and feature required in the Indian market and other countries demand.