Top 5 Major Websites Which Accepts Bitcoin as Payment 2024

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Digital currencies are a really big thing for the last couple of years, more exactly the last decade. As you probably know some large companies accepted Bitcoin as their payment method. Not only that, digital currencies will surely become a part of some significant financial systems. However, until a few years ago cryptocurrencies weren’t used for services and goods. 

Thankfully, this changed recently. Offline and online businesses started accepting bitcoin as their payment method. This was made possible because of the need to make the payments secure, convenient, and faster than before. If you are into the world of digital currencies you know that these methods can be done anonymously and with utmost security. Some of the digital currency communities were developed over time. If you are interested in this topic visit BitcoinTrader2.

You can be sure that there are no borders or barriers that can limit the use of digital currencies, or Bitcoin, in this case. It is important to point out that several other cryptocurrencies were adopted as well as Dash, Ripple’s XRP, and Bitcoin Cash. So, you see that accepting cryptocurrencies into a different way of payments is a really big thing in recent times. 

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Despite the major financial systems in the world and their thoughts that digital currencies are not a good thing because of the many features that they are carrying with them. This is an opinion that deterred many potential users from starting to use them as a payment method. As you probably know, some of the major websites started accepting Bitcoin as their payment method. So, we are going to present you with the list of 5 major websites that accept Bitcoin as a payment method.

Websites that Accept Bitcoin

Without further ado, let us present you with this list of ours.

1. Microsoft

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You should know that one of the biggest companies in the world, Microsoft accepted Bitcoin as their payment method. Also, their website is accepting Bitcoin for the Xbox subscription. The famous company paved the way how major companies should accept digital currencies.

2. KFC Canada

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Probably the biggest fast-food company in the world started accepting Bitcoin as their payment method in the last couple of years. More specifically, if you are don’t mind paying for a bucket of fried chicken wings with BTC, then you should visit KFC restaurants that are located in Canada. Last year they started accepting this digital currency as a legit payment method and we think that this collaboration is successful.

3. Overstock

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The next on our list is a retailer online store that can offer you literally anything. Overstock can provide you with all from shoes, jewelry, beauty products, and furniture. This is the first company in Ohio that used digital currency to pay their corporate tax.

4. Wikipedia

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The most popular open-source website on the internet, Wikipedia, accepts Bitcoin cash and Bitcoin for donations. Bitcoin cash was accepted in January this year.

5. Shopify

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The last on our list Shopify. This online store management uses Bitcoin as its payment method from 2013. Over time, more than 75,000 merchants started using this cryptocurrency because of this famous website.