The Essentials of Naa Song Production

Due to the wide usage of the Internet and the popularity of social media and other platforms, it has never been easier for young artists to share their work with the world. What’s more, in the past, one would have to find a studio and pay for the session in order to record their song, but this isn’t the case anymore. Nowadays, you can build your own studio with some essential equipment, and in the following text, we are going to tell you what that is.

First of all, you need a computer, obviously. You can go with a laptop or a desktop one as long as it meets some requirements. It doesn’t have to be state-of-the-art but it has to have a good RAM and hard drive memory. When it comes to the former, you will need a device with at least 8GB of RAM, but if you can, you should go with 16GB or more. The latter depends on the number and the length of the compositions. You should always use the internal storage while recording, but also you should always back up all the files on the external hard drive.

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Secondly, you need a recording software i.e. Digital Audio Workstation (DAW). Via this software, you will be able to edit and mix songs together i.e. be creative and do whatever you want. You can hear some tunes on You can get this software for free, but on the other hand, some of them can cost up to a few hundred dollars. If you know little about these, our advice is to test several of them before making a purchase. In addition, you have to ensure that it is compatible with your computer since some are just available for Windows and others for MAC.

Furthermore, you have to invest in an audio interface. Not only will you use this to connect the microphone to the computer when recording, but it will also allow you to connect the headphones and listen to the recordings while editing them. In addition, it converts audio from analog to digital and vice versa so that your laptop can process it.

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If you plan on composing the music on your own, then you need a MIDI keyboard that will replace various instruments you would have to use. It possesses numerous settings and features that you can use to change the sound between different instruments. This is a great investment if you are just starting your studio recording business because you will save a lot of money you would otherwise spend on purchasing multiple instruments.

Finally, we cannot conclude this article without mentioning a microphone (and a stand for it) and headphones. There is no need to explain why you need a microphone, right? The only thing that you have to know is that there are different types of this device and the quality differs between them, so make sure to research the most popular ones because they can be a bit costly. When it comes to the headphones, you should go with the ones that guarantee a high-quality sound, and that also block all the external noise.

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To conclude, these are some pieces of song production equipment that you have to get when building your studio. As you can see, these are some basic items, which means, that with time, you can invest and add more gear to your studio.