How can you build your AI C­hatbot

I am sure that most of you have interacted with a chatbot by now on Instagram, Facebook Messenger or any other chat platform. Chatbots have been adopted by thousands of companies and recently are becoming much more and more popular. There are two concepts that everyone confuses while understanding a bot platform, and that commonly made misunderstanding is between publishing platform and development platform.

A bot publishing platform is a medium in which users can use it to access the chatbot. It is more like Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook, etc which provide a platform through which you can publish posts that would be visible to your friends or everyone else.

A chatbot development platform, on the other hand, is an application or a tool through which you can create a chatbot. We have a lot of different chatbot development platforms like Chatfuel, WotNot, Botsify and many others which help you to create a bot. We will talk more about them later on. Chatbot platforms help you by letting you add a lot more functionality to your bot by creating machine learning capabilities, API integration, a flow, etc.

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These chatbot platforms are very simple and really easy to understand to make a bot, by implementing an intuitive drag and drop interface. With this, anyone who does not have any experience or technical knowledge can make a bot. We hope that we cleared up the difference between these two.

So if you are thinking about building your own bot, here are some of the best chatbot platforms you could use.

If you need to customer service to your newly built chatbot, check out


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Anyone without any knowledge of coding can create their own bot on Facebook’s Messenger using only Chatfuel. It can provide you with features like adding content cards and then sharing it to your followers automatically, let users request info and interact with your bot with simple buttons.


Botsify is also a very popular chatbot platform using a drag and drop template to create bots for Facebook Messenger. It has features like Easy integrations via plugins, machine learning, and analytics integration and Smart AI. Although AI integration and Machine learning might be tougher for people who do not have any technical knowledge, it has a drag and drop template which can make the process more simple.

Flow XO

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This is the only bot platform that provides over 100 integrations. It is pretty easy to use and has a visual editor. With a lot of pre-built templates at your disposal, you will be able to have a quick start which will help you save a lot of time. Although, it is limited to e a certain number of conversations, upon which you will have to make a subscription for further uses.

Beep Boop

Beep Boop is a great platform that allows users to focus on building great bots. This platform is more focused on providing the easiest, best and most obvious place to run Slack bots.

You would first need to set up your code using Github, then input it into the Beep Boop platform so you can link it with your Slack application or Facebook Messenger.