Discord Bots – Explained

If you happen to use the internet a lot or play a lot of PC games, then Discord is the app for you. What Skype used to be for a lot of people back in the day, you could now consider this Skype for gamers. Discord is here to help gamers communicate and organize by using private servers where you text and voice-chat with other gamers.

You can use Discord on basically any platform you want, be it on your phone, desktop as an app or in a browser. Discord has become more and more popular over recent years, it now has more than 90 million registered users. For instance, if you are trying to get your group of friends together and play PUBG, or you want to reach out to your Minecraft server and all its players or maybe you just want to hang out in the lobby with a smaller group of friends, then Discord is definitely for you.

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Discord is much better than other VoIP services, like Skype for example. So what makes it better you might wonder? In general if you just want to talk with a small group of friends then Skype would do just fine, but Discord has some advantages over skype, like letting you use it in a browser without even downloading it, you change each person’s microphone volume and it gives a better overall experience as far as the usage of internet latency goes, which is important for online video games and when talking to people who are located on the other side of the world.

Another advantage it has is that it recognizes the games you are playing and friends can join you with the click of a button. Whenever someone talks while in-game you can see who exactly is talking because of an overlay.

Discord Bots

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What we mentioned so far is just the beginning, what really sets discord apart from Skype and others alike are bots. Most of the things people use to manage private servers and different fun tools you can use in Discord are actually third-party programs called bots. You can find a list of official bots endorsed by Discord on their website.

You can also find a lot of other bots that are not as official that can do much, much more. One bot like that is https://probot.io/. That is a multi-purpose bot that lets you do all kinds of things. It gives you anti-raid protection, you can program the bot to respond to any trigger words and you can have specifically designed welcomes for new people on the server.