Are Newsletters Overrated?

Newsletters are part of the broader email marketing that, despite what people say, is still around and fighting strong. A clear example of a newsletter is the weekly email you get regarding prices at your favorite online store. It usually has information related to prices, such as which items are on sale, what’s new in stock, etc. The nature of newsletters is to increase your overall ROI. But similar to most types of marketing, newsletter marketing is all about doing it the right way.

Contrary to popular beliefs, newsletters aren’t meant to drive 100% RIO. People are aware of this and it usually leads to questioning the efficiency of newsletter marketing. In this article, we are going to answer a very good question: Are newsletters overrated?

Newsletters Support Most Marketing Campaigns

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Online marketing campaigns, on their own, have very little ROI. Email has around 122% ROI, social media has around 29% ROI, and paid searches somewhere around the 25% region. The reason why email is right at the top it’s because people sign up for it. No one signs up for your paid social media ads, they simply pop up on people’s newsfeeds. Chances are, only 1 in 5 people will open your paid advertisement, which isn’t a bad thing. But people that sign up to your mailing list will definitely open the mail you sent them.

So, where do newsletters come in? Well, we mentioned that newsletters aren’t full proof; they won’t bring you a 100% ROI. Most of the websites that you set up an account with will usually send you a newsletter once per week or once per month. Do you open them? Some do, some don’t, and that’s why the RIO for newsletter marketing isn’t 100%.

However, according to, response rates increase when you combine newsletters with other marketing campaigns. When combined with social media platforms, the ROI of newsletter marketing increases to 118%.

To summarize, combining a newsletter with your marketing campaigns and promotions will increase the RIO.

Newsletters Help Turn Visitors Into Customers

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In most cases, people will purchase a product when they are ready, not when you’re selling them the product. People have their own buying habits, but money plays the biggest role in whether or not they will purchase something from you.

But when in this situation, it’s about closing people sooner and turning them into customers. You could do this by forcing it down people’s throats, but this is very disruptive for your business, so you need another solution.

The solution comes in the form of newsletters. By simply combining a newsletter with your email marketing campaign, you can close more deals and turn people on your mailing list into customers. However, you have to have a strategy. Simply sending a newsletter to your mailing list will not solve the problem. Sure, it might have some success, but the best way to approach this would be to come up with a solid strategy.

For example, you could personalize the newsletter to better suit a specific sub-group of your mailing list. But the best way to do this is to eliminate the “time to purchase” factor. Remember at the start, we mentioned that people will buy when they are ready. So give them something that will be exclusive to them, when they are ready.

To summarize, newsletters aren’t overrated, if you play your card right.